Every moment and day I wake up from my sleepless nights, I remember and hear the tears and agony of our mothers who were detained since on the 17th August 2018 for exercising their fundamental rights to freedom. I hear their cries and pains from a far, the speak to me countless time on how they Nigeria government and the British government is subjugating their children and them. They cried bitterly for the expired contraption (Nigeria) for caging them from only protesting and demanding for the whereabouts of their great son and liberator Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. On daily basis, they lay curses to Nigeria and her creator for maltreating them in their conditions. I hear them say, son, do you know many of us are menstruating on the floor?  My son what is our crime? Don't we have right to demand for the whereabouts of our beloved son and parents who went missing after Nigeria military invaded his home on the 14 September 2017. After their invasion, we haven't heard from our beloved son Nnamdi Kanu and his parent. Do you suggest we keep mute and watch our gallant and brave son who shook the Nigeria foundation with the gospel truth from Radio Biafra London (RBL) before his illegal detention on the 14 October 2015? No! our son can't be hidden in such a manner, we love his courage and strength to liberate us from this unholy marriage the evil British oligarchy merged us together with uncultured race. Those Fulani's herdsmen terrorist marauding themselves as cow rearers are indeed terrorist. My son do you know we can't go to the farm any longer because of fear of this terrorist in uniform? Uniform men are rubbing us on board day light, Boko Haram are on rampage against us. No this uncultured race cannot leave with us, we are fed up with this unholy marriage. We want the total dismantling of this unholy marriage (Nigeria), "TO YOUR TENT OH! NIGERIANS".
Our brutality and molestation have made us to totally believe that the Nigerian government and her puppets in our land don't mean well for us and our children. The only people to be trusted and followed wholeheartedly are the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Deputized by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor. They mean good for us, they are fighting hard for our release, note; those 16 women released on the 23rd August 2018, is not enough. About 114 of us were arrested on the 17th August 2018, must be released unconditionally because we deserve freedom. Bia (come) son, do everything at your arsenal to make sure we all leave this dungeon and also make sure that IPOB do everything at their arsenal to destroy this useless Godforsaken Country Nigeria. It is a crime against humanity.

 However; Son! do you know we have aged mothers of about 65 years and above with us who were also molested, brutalized, humiliated, subjugated and detained in Owerri Prison with us, many of our women are pregnant and many are nursing mothers. Do you know they starved us the way they did during the 1967-1970 bitter civil war? My son, we can't eat here, the prison is very dirty and our health conditions is becoming worsen on daily basis. Son, Nigeria government wants to kill us all, we must be free because everyone deserve freedom. Son, never give up because we are going to restore Biafra this time. For molesting us and exposing us to this dangerous environment. "WE HEREBY CURSE NIGERIA FOREVER" nothing good shall come of her again until we restore the Kingdom of Chukwu Okike on earth (Biafra). Son! our freedom is very close.

 And lastly son, we hold ‘Ofor na Ogu’ (Truth, Innocence, Justice) against the Nigeria government and her collaborators because they will never win this fight they have embarked upon. Tell the world, our tears and agony in Nigeria Prison Custody, we have disowned Nigeria. BIAFRA is what we all need. No going back until freedom is achieved. Goodbye Son.

I woke up with tears, I remember their agony and pains, it kept reminding me to fight and destroy this unholy marriage with my bomb (pen). This uncultured race destroying our ancestral homeland will not go unpunished.

 However, whether order came from above or it came from below that raped the fundamental human rights of these 114 great women, it is truistic that the handler of Nigerian criminal administration system - ranging from police to prison officials are quack and phoney. The killings of over 1,000 innocent IPOB youths since 2015 by the Nigerian government are not enough but to resort to arresting, torturing, and detaining our mother's. Oh Yes! I see a beautiful democracy in the repugnant giant of Africa. What a mess! what a crime against humanity.

Notwithstanding, Umuchineke (IPOB); great peaceful people of Biafra, we should remember we won the most peaceful Freedom Fighter in the world even after Mohammed Buhari and her cohorts proscribed and labelled us terrorist. I am using force to restore the kingdom of God on earth (BIAFRA). The more they use force and other flagitious behaviour against us, the more they draw the restoration of Biafra closer and formidably great.

Lastly, Miyetti Allah is there claiming responsibility for all terrorist herdsmen attacks, and even threaten to force Saraki (The senate President of Nigeria) out of office should he refuse to resign, and Mohammed Buhari Air Force, Navy, Soldiers, Police, SARS, DSS and the rest never arrested nor condemn them, but Biafrans who simply want a peaceful environment for their businesses. May Chukwu Okike visit every evil doer in this useless contraption (Nigeria) iseee (Amen).


Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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