By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

It beats my imagination how the world powers get involved in this global conspiracy to exterminate Africans, especially the Indigenous nationalities cramped together in the contraption called Nigeria. Africans are yet to see the meaningful presence of the world powers, United Nations, European Union, international non-governmental organizations, etc. The names mentioned above directly or indirectly mastermind the genocide in Africa, especially in Nigeria. Their previous and current actions have proven that they never wanted peace in Africa to achieve their selfish aims of making Africa their cash cow. 

A few months ago, all European and American governments advised their citizens against travelling to NIGERIA because it is unsafe. The action shows that they are fully aware of what is happening in Nigeria. Still, they refuse to save poor blacks because they are not human. The world knows that the whole security chiefs in Nigeria are Fulanis and that they are the architect of the widespread genocides in Nigeria. Millions of petitions with facts and figures have been sent to the organizations mentioned earlier. Still, they ended up giving the tyrant presidents awards.

An example is the kidnapping and torturing of the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya for eight days. Yet, Uhuru Kenyatta was given an award in the UK. Despite the worldwide protest by IPOB and others against NIGERIA and Uhuru Kenyatta, still, Buhari Administration is bagging awards till today. It means unity and peace of Africa is not the business of the United Nations and others.

Let's delve into DSP Mohammed Shehu's interview and use it as a case study to analyze and show the world how they are systematically killing Africa and her dreams. During the Zamfara state PRO's interview, he said that the bandits brought the letter to the police headquarters. The security apparatus has become a court bailiff to convey a terrorist group's letter to the citizens. The letter ordered a peaceful religious group to shut down their worship centres against the freedom of belief, which is constitutional in Nigeria. The police made to enforce the law are doing the bidding of terrorists. The Simple question is, someone brought the letter to the almighty police headquarters, why wasn't he arrested? All departments in police are located at the headquarters. Still, the letter was delivered to the bandits' bailiff (NIGERIA police). From the look of things, the security sector is still working according to the instructions in the letter.

Christians and Indigenous people are dying in large numbers and buried in mass; the world pretends to see nothing and does nothing. Journalists, human rights organizations and international justice groups come across these cases with hard facts. Instead, they use covid-19 as a banner to pour cold water on the cases. The synergy between the Nigerian security apparatus and terrorists is responsible for the continued killings in Nigeria today. Another observation in Zamfara police PRO, DSP Mohammed Shehu's speech is, "police and DSS are seriously searching for the bandits' hideouts and will soon unravel them". The question is, are they not the same bandit who brought the letter to police headquarters? 

The interview has shown that the terrorists, not the Nigerian government, are completely controlling the remote. The terrorist is on top of the game, and they own NIGERIA. A few months back, Nigeria APC Fulani government negotiated with TERRORISTs nicknamed bandits. Sheikh Gumi, who represented bandits, tabled loads of conditions to end the unlawful and senseless killings, which the NIGERIAN government agreed. The government fulfilled their part of the agreement, but buoyed by the fund they received, bandits accelerated their pogrom. 


I believe few powerful voices can turn things around and get the world's attention either by pity or human rights. The 99% of Africa tyrants genocidal activities and human rights abuses are intentionally swept under the carpet. The people made to protect the lives and rights of the poor and weak honour dictators and encourage them to kill more. Individuals will fully understand that the Fulani relationship with corrupt foreign and international bodies is demonic.

In Biafra, we stand.

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