About us

We are Biafran journalists that are passionate about freedom, and fanatical about freedom for Biafra. We are sworn enemies of Nigeria and everything it represents; as well as everything that represents it. For as long as Nigeria keeps Biafraland within its borders, we are determined to continue to fight it until it crumbles. Anything that will destroy Nigeria is of interest to us. Biafran journalists abhor Nigeria and all its structures and instruments of oppression. We know Nigeria to be a lie and a fraud. It is founded on lies and sustained by lies. Its structures are fraudulent just as all its institutions of governance are deceitful. We are charged to expose the lie that is Nigeria, and to shoot down all other lies that it breeds.Any day Nigeria pulls out of Biafraland, we might wish it well; but for as long as it remains recalcitrant in letting Biafra free, it is a subject for destruction. In The Telegraph, we do not pretend; our goal is to destroy Nigeria.The Biafra Telegraph is our platform; no retreat, no surrender is our watchword.

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