By Ajuzieogu Bernard (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

There is a saying that Power belongs to the people. The whole world has seen that Biafrans have risen. They will never fail again to fight for what they believe in, what they Cherish and fight that their Children yet unborn may be free from slavery, just like other good Countries of the world.


The Biafran people have determined to be free from Nigeria. Today Nigeria is known for Terrorism which is what the Fulani in Nigeria specialize in. In Nigeria, you have Killer Herdsmen and other Terror groups made up of the Fulani. The Nigerian Government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, is protecting these Terrorists, Ignoring their Terror activities. When Innocent Civilians protest against the Government, they will be shot to death as they did to END SARS Protesters. As they used to do to Biafrans, they will also be shot to death and put into prisons in the North to die when they protest for their rights.


IPOB has Pushed Fulani led Government of Nigeria and few paid Politicians to a Corner in Owerri. Sit at home was declared by IPOB to Protest against President Buhari's Visit to Owerri, IMO State on 9th September 2021. The whole Biafra land sat at home in Compliance with IPOB's directives. The 100% compliance to the order shows that Power belongs to the people, not a few paid Politicians or Selfish Governors that don't have the people's interest at heart. This Compliance in all the States of Biafra land shows that Biafrans have rejected Nigeria because Nigeria is heading nowhere.


The Supreme Court administrator in Imo state and his host president Muhammadu Buhari's mask wearer were disgraced. Despite spending more than seven hundred million Naira (N700,000,000) to rent a crowd, there was nobody to board the buses hired by Hope Uzodimma. What happened in Biafra land on 9th September 2021 shows that Biafrans' consciousness has been awakened, and Biafrans have their eyes on the ball.

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