By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)

Edited by Nkechi Onuoha.

Motherland is an Indigenous land from which someone originates—a native land that, as long as one exists on earth, will always refer to. There is a saying, "As you make your bed, so you will lie on it". If you make your house comfortable, you will relax and enjoy it. If it is the other way round, you will suffer it.

So you must put your house in order and have a peaceful home. There are things a house needs to be in order; when I mention house here, I am referring to the Land. It requires proper management and the necessary amenities to survive, such as good roads, schools, hospitals, electricity, industries, employment opportunities, seaports, airports, and security, to mention but a few. Any motherland without the amenities mentioned above ought not to exist. Good government is essential in the Land.


Why are Africans travelling to Europe, America, Asia, and so on for Education, health care, and employment opportunities? It is because of good government. Would it be an abomination if we had a Nation in Africa where Americans/Europeans would travel for such things? Hence, the agitation for the Biafra Nation. If Biafra is restored, history will be made in Africa. 


In Nigeria, there are Lagos, Calabar, Onne, and Port Harcourt Sea Ports. For many years, only Lagos sea port has been functioning, and because of that, it has become so congested. To decongest it, they managed to put Onne Sea Port in order.

Now that the Onne seaport is in order, people should start using it without hesitation. Common sense should tell us that the seaport's functioning will generate enough revenue for the area; not only that, job opportunities will be created. Also, it will save costs. More than 80% of importers in Nigeria will use the seaport because the area is the final destination of the imported goods.


Again, using the Onne Seaport will attract development and investors, improving the standard of living of the people in that area and the motherland as a whole. It has many benefits. It will lead to economic growth and stability and reduce the cost of goods and services. Using the seaport will reduce high and multiple taxes, bottlenecks, and extortion from security agents from Lagos to the East will become history. There will be little or no logistics. 

Without all these factors, the price of imported goods would be affordable because all those negative factors add to the cost of goods. Onne seaport is situated in the Eastern part of Nigeria called Biafra the Mother Land. 


Biafrans are Nigeria's major importers; they are advised to boost the seaport by patronizing their own. If the seaport thrives, their businesses will thrive as well. If they are chased out, they will run back home. Nobody will chase them away from their Land. Remember, there is no place like home.

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