Written by Ifeoma Okeke (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam 

 A lot of Taboo has happened and is still going on in this Contraption called Nigeria. It is not new to the eyes, ears, or mouth because our eyes and ears have seen and heard evil in Nigeria. Even our mouths have spoken against this undesirable and inhuman activity, which the Nigerian government and their agents RRS (Rapid Response Squad) have jointly initiated in this country. As a mother, my heart is pained. It bleeds each time I pass through some junctions in Aba Abia State, for example, Obioha Road by Ibadan, Obioha by Ngwa Road, Asa Road, Mosque Road, etc. 


If you see what these RRS officers do to the youths, you will understand that there is no justice in this country. The RRS officers block roads early in the morning, around 6 am to catch early risers, and they will keep harassing and extorting innocent citizens till when they have their fill. They no longer collect only money from motorists and tricycle drivers. In addition, they now check and harass the youths by searching them and going through their phones just to extort money from them. They carry some youths to an unknown destination from where many might not return. 


Some time ago, while I was passing through those RRS officers' illegal checkpoint, I saw some boys inside their Hilux van and two other guys beside the road whose smart phones were being checked by the RRS officers. One of the guys was bold enough to tell them that they do not have right to search his phone without a search warrant. Fracas ensued, the situation at that moment was so charged because the guy insisted on his right of privacy. The commotion attracted passersby, the officers shot in the air, jumped into their van, and zoomed off with the boys in the van. 


A young man narrated how the RRS officers harassed and abducted them. The man told us how the officers took them to their dungeon, which was a faraway place inside a bush where a series of deep pits were filled with human carcasses and skeletons. If one declines to empty his account to them when asked, they will shoot and push the victim into the pit to avoid any stress of carrying the corpse. The man said, “I did not know how I immediately emptied my account to them after I watched the RRS men shoot and push people inside the pit just because of money; they wasted people's lives for nothing. That act saved my life, he said. I have heard too many stories about these evil and heartless men. Just to extort money from the youths, they are ready to kill, and Waste lives. 


Please, my people, if there is any hope for our youths, it is hinged on our understanding of what is happening. These men are working to reduce the population of the BIAFRAN youths. I cannot stop imagining how helpless those boys inside the RRS Hilux van were. Who knows if their family members were aware of this? Who knows if they later came home safe? The *INDIGENOUS* *PEOPLE* *OF* *BIAFRA*(IPOB) And our *Principal* *Officers* should find ways of stopping these atrocities going on. No one knows who would be the next or whose child would be the next victim. 


Looking at these men of the underworld who call themselves Nigerian police/RRS, I believe they must be the SARS that metamorphosed into this present RRS because they are the old wine in a new bottle doing the same evil job.


In conclusion, I can categorically say that the RAPID RESPONSE SQUAD (RRS) was brought to BIAFRAN land to reduce the population of the BIAFRAN youths and to continue the evil works of the former SPECIAL ANTI-ROBBERY SQUAD (SARS).

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