■ Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 26, Aug 2018
A Mother is the goddess of all creations known to man, that is why Igbo speaking Biafrans will always name their daughter "Nneka" meaning " mother is supreme ", in every organization their is always a supreme leader, and the highest God has made women the supreme creation of all living things including man.
In Ala_Igbo we respect our women so much even more than the men because they are the source of our existence, this is the reason, you hardly see a right-thinking Igbo blooded man raising his hand on any woman, in our tradition, it's a taboo to molest or torture any woman. Our forefathers and traditional rulers of those days treated our mother's and women like Queen's and princess, they never allow any harm to befall them neither do they allow any stranger to molest their women, they are always ready to fight with the last drop of their blood in making sure their women are protected, because they believe that their women are their pride.
Not until the war of 1967 in which Hausa_Fulani's raped our women and pillaged our land's, leaving us with bastards children that look more like them than us such as Rochas Okoroawusa and it likes, and today these bastards are the ones ruling us as political leader's and traditional ruler's their by causing havoc in our land. It is obvious that some people don't know our tradition as a people neither do they respect and regard our women as goddess of creation, they know very well that they don't belong here that why they are parading themselves as Son's of Ala_Igbo, in other to destroy our rich tradition and pillaged our land into a place where the right of our women will be triumph upon, am urging well-meaning traditional ruler's to stand up against this agents of destruction and Ashtray known as Ohaneze Ndi_goof and ibo_political groups of stupidity
Ohaneze Ndi_goof, Igbo political leader's and every traditional ruler's in Igbo land should be ashamed of themselves for shying away from evil, it's too saddening and painful that Ohaneze Ndi_Ashtray and Igbo political leader's who claimed to be representing Ndi_ibo can allow an uncircumcised Governor of Imo state Mallam Okoroawusa to committee abomination in their land by illegal detaining our women, what a shame that in the face of intimidation and atrocities against our women Ohaneze Ndi_goof and Igbo political leader's are hiding under their bed's, our women who took the bull by the horn in other to liberate you Ashtray was arrested and detained,not even a mere word from you get to them in consolation to their pain's,neither was any action was taken by you Ashtray to ensure they were released, Ohaneze Ndi_goof and Igbo political elites have shown that they are nothing but Ashtray Ndi_goof who have lost their senses of reasoning.

Ohaneze Ndi_goof and Igbo political elites of stupidity must know that the illegal detention of our women by APC led government can only happen in Igbo land, such rubbish cannot happen in northern or western part of Nigeria hell and heaven will strike that day,it's only in Igbo land that our political elites and traditional rulers are busy defiling our tradition and selling our collective interest to their Hausa_Fulani's master's, but one thing must surely happen at the end the tradition which they are defiling will destroy them and the land will open up and swallow them all,the should continue keeping quite while Hausa_Fulani's terrorises our land and rape our women, just because they are not their biological mother, sister, daughter or wife,I have nothing to say but this present Igbo leader's and traditional rulers is nothing but a disgrace to humanity.
The issue here is not that our women aged 30_80 years among them were breastfeeding mother's, pregnant women went on peaceful demonstration in Imo state, to ask APC led government the whereabouts of their son Nnamdi Kanu and his parents which is their fundamental human rights enshrined under Nigerian constitution,neither was it about the maiming and inhumane treatment of our women, but the problem here is the deaf and dump, blindness and inaction of our political elites and Ohaneze Ndi_Ashtray goof over illegal detention of our women by one bastard called Mallam Rochas Okoroawua.
The illegal detention of our women by mallam Rochas Okorooawusa is an insult to Igbo political leaders and Ohaneze Ndi Ashtray goof if at all they have shame, in fact they should start covering their faces with Ashtray for allowing a bastard to spit on their faces before their women, an infidel defile your tradition by arresting your women and kept them inside a small cage called prison instead of you men to react you are busy in one corner smoking weed into your Ashtray, what a shame and disgrace to Ohaneze Ndi_ Ashtray goof and Igbo political elites of stupidity

In conclusion, I wish to crave the indulgence of well-meaning indigenous of Ala_Igbo who have humanity at heart, to rise up where ever they are let smoke this Ashtray out from our land together with their political elites of stupidity, and also demand the whereabouts of our son Nnamdi Kanu and his parents. Finally, all hands must be on desk to chase the monster known as Mallam Rochas Okoroawusa out from our land to where he belongs, and also support the restoration of Biafra.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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