BIAFRA Why is all generations that fought and saw Biafran war with Nigeria 1967-1970 hesitant in doing the needful about their security, one expected rebellion shortly after the war if the government of Mr Gowon then were not keeping to their promise of 

(1) no victor no vanquished (2) Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reunification etc. (3) why did they allow not protest the indigenization decree which edged out Biafrans from recovering their industries ceased by the Nigerian government in the guise of chasing the white man away thus allowing Nigerians to own, manage and direct the part of industrialization in Nigeria. Why did they not protest against the 20 pounds given to them irrespective of the millions of pounds any Biafran have in his/her bank account?. One of the answers to the above questions found in the statement made by the former Nigerian minister of health an Igbo Biafran by name ABC Nwosu. A reporter confronted him in one of the zoos called Nigeria newspaper with the following question: SIR, WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE I MEAN THE IGBOS IN GOVERNMENT ARE BUSY FIGHTING YOURSELVES, BLOCKING ONE ANOTHER'S PARTS JUST TO BE NOTICED OR RECOGNIZED BY THE HAUSA/FULANI CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT SINCE THE CIVIL WAR ENDED? His answers are shocking as the surprising question itself, and he said quote: IF OTHERS DID NOT LOOK FOR THE INTEREST OF OUR PEOPLE WHY SHOULD I BE THE THE TO DO IT. He went further and referred to the powerful connection of Immanuel Iwuanyanwu, Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, Dr Alex Ekwueme, Commodore Ndubuisi Kanu, Commodore Ebutu Ukiwe and Commodore Alison Madueke, etc. The reporter went further and asked but the swing that the Igbo's are SORRY SIGHTS IN ABUJA DID IT NOT TOUCH OR TROUBLE YOUR HEART? ABC Nwosu answers no go area and no more questions and thanks for coming, stretched his hands and gave the brown envelope to the zoo Nigeria reporter and left. It might be interesting to know that statistics shows that those who died of gunshots and starvation during the crises in Biafraland are less than those who died as a Nigeria in the post-war era. The British may have contracted Nigeria together, supported Nigeria during the war, they may have used Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba conspirators to achieve their economic desires but the harm done by the Igbo Biafrans, Ijaw Biafrans, Ogoni Biafrans, Itsekiri Biafrans, Akwa Ibom Biafrans, etc., to themselves are more than that harm done to them by the combined enemy forces of Britain, Russia, all the Islamic Arab nations, Hausa/Fulani and the Yoruba did. Today, the new generation of Biafrans led including my humble self-led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is poised to make history in the world Guinness book of record by being the only generation that forced the entire world to obey the voice of reason without a gun shot or shedding of innocent blood in their quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. The same post-war general of Biafrans, who contributed to the death and destruction of Biafra land and people, are now bent in repeating the same thing against old eastern Nigeria now known and called Biafra. Since Adolf Hitler of our time the murderous Islamic jihadist and haters of Biafra Mohamadu Buhari came to power in 2015 the Hausa/Fulani Islamic northern Nigeria came out openly stamp their collective decisions to destroy the indigenous people of Biafra and take over our land and resources. ABC Nwosu and his generation are still alive; few have died but those alive still behave as if Biafra should remain as they are to please the almighty conquerors. We the new generations of Biafra known and called the INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA IPOB knows that any man or woman who object, resist, blocks, hinders and delays the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is our ENEMY NUMBER ONE INSIDE NOR OUTSIDE BIAFRALAND. Radio Biafra revealed about the gathering storm, the stockpiling of arms by THE Islamic northern Nigeria in Biafraland, using federal government instruments to achieve that, today, arms is being discovered inside the SATANIC ISLAMIC MOSQUES BUILT IN THE HEART OF BIAFRA, death becomes closer than it was in 1967-1970. Therefore, we have declared that the zoo called Nigeria have ceased to exist and that any obstacles on our way must be dealt with, the latest discovering of huge catchy of arms brought by the enemy state, should give the post-war era Biafrans signal of what await all of us if something is not done urgently and what is it? DESTROY EVERY ISLAMIC STRUCTURES AND Mosque THROUGHOUT BIAFRALAND. It is becoming too late to do do, those of us who have one connection or the other or those who lives abroad should forget homeland if Islam is not rooted up now in our land.

by Benjamin Kish.
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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  1. What about the igbos in Biafra that are Muslims? Don't they have right of worship?

    1. We will take care of them when Biafra is restored. However, as few as less than one hundred Biafrans who say they are Muslims will not bring the whole of Biafran Christians to open our door for people whose god is blood tasty. Such religion will not be allowed in Biafraland. The only religion that will have freedom of worship i a religion that recognize love, respect for life and properties of other, repect for the rule of civil law, and kindness towards a fellow human being. If they do not assure us that their own Islam is about these principles, I swear they will never have freedom of worship in Biafraland.

  2. This Biafra people are likely mad. You said Yoruba are your enemy, you people should go and let the country divide, we also cannot suffer because we also have oil and many to survive.

  3. What stupid right are we talking about here to compare the right to human life, the dignity of human blood that is been slaughtered. ..
    Have a critical look at that lady's head that was chopped off in Kano and say something if she was your mother. ....

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