By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited by Nkechi Onuoha

It's no longer a story that criminal sit-at-home in the Southeast is gradually becoming a norm or tradition which has become a thorn in the flesh of all Igbo Biafrans in Biafra land. This notorious sit-at-home in the Southeast has systematically turned Igbo land into a battleground. 


Compromised Igbo politicians and their paid agents, in collaboration with killer thugs like Ebubeagu militia, Asari Dokubo boys, autopilot fake ESN, and Nigeria's murderous securities agencies, indiscriminately massacre innocent citizens. Destruction of properties, rape, kidnapping & snatching of cars have become the order of the day. According to an Igbo proverb, "To know the number of ants around you, drop a cube of sugar, ants within will assemble around the sugar". 


The authentic sit-at-home ordered by the DOS as a civil disobedience tool to fight for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader, was hijacked by infiltrators who used the sit-at-home as a cover to commit numerous atrocities.

In collaboration with her Kenyan counterpart, the Nigerian government kidnapped, tortured and unlawfully renditioned the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria. On 29 June, they presented him to court as a trophy without informing his lawyer. The backlash they got from within Nigeria and worldwide against the international crime of extraordinary rendition shocked them. On subsequent court dates, they did not bring the IPOB leader to court nor allowed anybody to visit him, including his lawyers. 


Out of necessity and pressure from Biafrans, who have become agitated, on 6 August 2021, the IPOB Directorate of State (DOS) announced a sit-at-home to force the Nigerian government to bring Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to court. The first sit-at-home was a massive success with 100% compliance. Biafrans happily sat at home in solidarity with their leader and IPOB leadership and looked forward to the following Monday.

According to first-hand information, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu instructed the leadership and Biafrans to stop the sit-at-home, which the leadership immediately obeyed and announced the cancellation of the sit-at-home. The cancellation by IPOB leadership gave the infiltrator-in-chief and his handlers in the DSS the opportunity they had been waiting for. They seized the opportunity with little time.


The Ekperima started raining insults and unfounded accusations on the DOS, who knew nothing about the unfortunate kidnap of the IPOB leader. The real face of the demon and sabotaging character of infiltrators surfaced in the name of Biafra agitation. The self-acclaimed prime minister of Biafra in exile/CEO of autopilot company raised his ugly head. 


He wants to lead the movement to hijack and truncate the struggle under the tutelage and guidance of the Nigerian DSS. The Nigerian government bought him space in Nigerian media, which always portrayed him as the one who took over from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Since then, the leadership has experienced countless attacks from the evil self-acclaimed #Mazi Nnamdi Kanu disciple.


 All genuine and reasonable IPOB members adhered to the instructions from the leadership in obedience to our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. But those engineered by Simon Ekpa and his cohorts choose to fight the DOS for obeying the leader. They accused the leadership without facts and evidence. Even in one of his Facebook broadcasts, Simon Ekpa said, "Biafra is dead". Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has, through his lawyers, issued countless cautions to Simon Ekpa to stop sit-at-home to no avail. The leadership has regularly reprimanded the autopilot boss, yet Simon Ekpa paid deaf ears to those censures.


Then, the mystery open letter of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the DSS dungeon, which contains only 50 words, changed and calmed the atmosphere. The letter made Simon Ekpa and his followers orphans. The letter that separated the faithful from unfaithful, the letter that once reminded the entire world that autopilot and Simon Ekpa are not part of IPOB and finally, the letter that practically declared criminal sit-at-home invalid. The 50 words letter brought the confusionist to his knees. Yes, barrister Ejimakor suspiciously delayed and craftily reduced the power of the letter, yet the information and message were loud and clear.

In Biafra, we stand.

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