By Ama Chukwugoziem (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

Motherhood can be placed in two boxes, a good mother and a bad mother. Here are some qualities of a good mother while the opposite is that of an evil mother.

(I) She is a good role model.

(ii) Respectful.

(iii) Supportive and Encouraging

(iv) Caring and accommodating.

(v) Patient.

(vi) Forgiven

(vii) She is a good listener.

(viii) A mother encourages and accepts her children as they are, etc.

Now, why are countries or nations referred to as a mother? She plays a mother's role, sheltering and caring for her citizens as a mother does to her children.


Actions speak louder than words, youths or adolescents need strong role models to emulate their behaviour and values to develop. The role model sets high standards for herself and treat others with kindness and respect. Is Nigeria a role model and respectful to her citizens? Capital NO.


 After many frustrating efforts studying in the university for years, a Nigerian graduate cannot support himself because there is no job. Companies are shutting down because the Nigerian environment is not conducive for business. Foreign investors are relocating to neighbouring countries, causing capital flight from Nigeria. Unemployment is at a record high. After roaming the streets for years, the Nigerian graduate takes up tricycle (Keke na Pepe) or motorcycle riding. Is it not ridiculous? 

How is Nigeria supportive of her children as a mother? Young adolescents need support as they struggle to chart their path in life. They need encouragement to develop interests and personal characteristics. If Nigeria is a mother, she will fall into the box of a bad mother, a cannibalistic mother who eats her children. The world should kill this cannibalistic mother to save her children for a better tomorrow.



Medical facilities are in bad shape, and there is no proper Health care in Nigeria. A quote from 'The Tell Nigeria's independent magazine', of 14th February 2000, page 42, titled "The killing fluid" reads. "In some clinics in Ogun state, patients are dying inexplicably. Some batches of contaminated intravenous fluid are fingered as the cause of death". Can a mother kill or allow her children to die? But Nigeria manufactured this intravenous fluid which contained 'pyrogens', a substance considered inimical to human health. Complaints abound from the public that the existing hospitals had become death homes. 


Further on the infrastructure, in Nigeria, education is in shambles. Teachers are owed years of salary arrears, and strike is the order of the day. Undergraduates spend six years to finish a four-year course if they are lucky. School buildings are neglected and left to rot that pupils study under leaking roofs. The quality of education suffers so much under this neglect by the government. The teachers do not care anymore as they try their hands on other things to feed their families, and students are left on their own. This leads to half-baked graduates, contributing to the country's poor state. 


The roads in Nigeria are death traps. A journey of one hour can take one day or more due to the poor state of the roads. Accidents are daily, and deaths on the roads are the highest in Africa.


Security is another challenge Nigerian citizens are facing. Boko Haram, a state-sponsored terrorist group, is causing so many problems in northeastern Nigeria. Their foot soldiers, the Fulani herdsmen under the guise of cattle rearing, are maiming, raping women and innocent young girls, and kidnapping people in the south and middle belt. A mother who shelters and cares. The critical question is if Nigeria is not sponsoring them, why hasn't she arrested them with her might. What A mother!


There is crystal Methamphetamine, known as "Mkpuru Mmiri' in the Igbo Language. This crystal narcotic hallucinogen drug has rendered many youths useless. The synthetic drug was developed by the wicked mother Nigerian government and brought into the southeast to carry out a dangerous suicidal mission on the innocent Biafran youths. "The Rex Saturday newspaper" of 11th December 2021, page 6, ascertained this drug (crystal methamphetamine) comes from the northern part of Nigeria. Here is a cannibalistic mother that kills her children. 


The Nigerian political elites sponsor cultism in Nigeria for political purposes. They assemble youths, arm them and use them as political thugs to kill their opponents. Once they win the election, they will abandon these armed and jobless youths. These vulnerable youths will turn to cultists or criminals and terrorise the communities. The biggest problem here is that the boys will be out of control because the politician cannot rein them in. Instead, they will protect them from the law for fear of being exposed. So these boys will be "Above the law".


Nigeria is a cannibalistic mother who eats her children. The world should hasten to kill this cannibal to save her children for a better tomorrow.

Self-determination is not a crime.

The restoration of Biafra is our last hope.

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