Enugu Onitsha express road, is the major road that leads to many States in east such as Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross River, River state, Abia and Imo state.

The shortest route to ply while traveling or coming back from Lagos, Abuja, all the trucks that transport goods to and from to the above-mentioned States apply the road.

The popular 9th mile water tanker suppliers have no other preferable road to apply but the same road.

Very funny enough that for the past five years the same road that serves as the only eye that is owning the head has been abandoned to the worst deplorable state by the Enugu state government and the federal government of Nigeria.
The same road that the formal governor of Enugu state Barr. Sullivan Chime apply to his home at UDI, it is the same road the incumbent governor of Enugu state Chief Dr. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi AKA Gburugburu plies to his NSUKKA home.

Many companies that generate millions of naira to the account of Enugu state government are located at this same 9th mile, where the road cut across and companies that generate billions of naira to the account of Federal government of Nigeria are located at the same 9th mile. 

The largest brewery company in Africa is located at the same 9th mile, talking about the gigantic Nigeria brewery PLC.

Record shows that not a month has come and gone without the occurrence of a fatal accident that will claim lives and property worth millions on the same axis of the road.

The road according to the harmonization of roads in the contraption of Nigeria federation ought to be constructed by the federal government of Nigeria, but nothing has been done about it, thereby claiming the lives of the innocent citizens of Biafrans and their goods worth millions frequently.

On the abandonment of the road by the federal government of Nigeria, the Enugu state government ought to have given the attention to the road, because it is of a great need to the entire people of Biafra particularly the indigenes of Enugu state.

In the month of April and August 2018 alone, about twenty different accident occurred along the road and two trucks of Dangote fully loaded cement was among, a truck loaded with watermelon equally ran into potholes and fell inside the bush, not even a bag of the cement or one of the watermelons was recovered. on frequent bases, trucks of loaded Nigeria brewery drinks set for delivery involves in accidents as a result of the bad condition of the road and not a single bottle will be recovered, A tank loaded with crude oil fall and spilled off still on same road between the interval of April and August, 2018. 

You will hardly pass through the road without seeing one or two broke down trucks or vehicle either in the middle of the same road or manage to be packed by the roadside. This is a significant of a failed government.

Still on the above space of time, a fatal accident that claimed the lives of the entire family of seven persons including father, mother and children occurred at the same road, what a sad and pathetic story.

Not minding the downhill road deplorable conditions, trucks, buses and other private cars struggle over one lane, because the other lane has damaged beyond management.

Many daily road users especially the truck drivers and water tanker suppliers within and outside Enugu state, that ply the route which has no option than to manage the road are calling on the government of concerned for quick intervention on the deplorable conditioned road as to save lives and property.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media
(Abakaliki province)

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