May 28 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

Biafran community of Okpuala in Imo Biafraland was under severe siege by Fulani Naval officers from Navy School of logistics Owerrinta in Abia. The reliable source who spoke to Imo Media team narrated what led to the military strike from Navy on civilian community. "It all started last two weeks when Dangote truck came with truck load of people from North to drop in our community. We asked the driver while did he think he can dump people from North in our community? Those with him started asking why the community will query them on their planned desire to settle in the community. Argument ensued and the youths of the community mobilised and the invaders sighting our youths, ran directionlessly into the bushes. It never took long time that we saw the Navy officers who came and calmed the situation". He stated.

On the event of 25th which claimed lives of four Okpuala youths, he stated; "after the incident of last two weeks, we got intels that the Navy commander of Owerrinta Navy School of logistics was not happy with our expelling of those brought by Dangote truck in our land. We never took it seriously as we felt what might be his interest in the whole issue. So yesterday night, (25th), one of us whose mother died was on his way to deposit the late mum remains in a mortuary at Okpuala junction, the three Fulani naval officers with Hilux stopped him and asked him where he was going to, he showed them his dead mother's body which he was at mortuary gate to deposit. Surprisingly, the started shooting the dead body and designed the vehicle with bullet holes. The community youths came out hearing what was happening, three youths were killed and their bodies whisked away. It took call on our house of representative brother who called the commander for the bodies to be released. In fact, the commander said that the Navy boys were under command in their actions".

Imo media team visited the hospital and Okpuala to access development, those with bullet wounds are still battling with their lives while the dead youths are deposited in a morgue. This is happening barely few hours to the south east governors meeting on security as rate of Fulani cum ISIL soldier’s infiltration of Biafraland with military coverage is alarming.

The commander in charge of Owerrinta Navy School of logistics went to federal medical centre Owerri on 25th to pay for the hospital bills of those with bullet wounds and mortuary bills of the killed ones having been working hand in hand with Honourable Tochi Okereke (member representing Ngor Okpuala state constituency). Unfortunately, one of them with bullet wounds died yesterday in FMC making the total number of killed youths to 3. The names of killed youths are:

So far, the honourable member who is member of Okereke family is under pressure by the Navy and the governor to kill the information of the incident from flying high. He is now working on his kinsmen to allow the Navy settle the family.

Written by:
Ozoemena Onwubiko
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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