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■ 30, MAY 2020

Good evening beautiful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the surface of this very planet, with time now standing at precisely 7:05 pm in the blessed land of Biafra I welcome each and every one of you. Regardless of where you are listening to us from because we cover the entire surface of this very planet with this Gospel of redemption, this Gospel of hope, this Gospel of renewal, this Gospel of the reunification of all the children of light in the blessed land of Biafra.

Not minding where they have gerrymandered into, we are live and direct. If you are determined to listen to this very Gospel, if you want to transform yourself from a used tissue paper to a to an animal and to then a human being, this is the place to belong, this is where to be on this precise moment because we are going to ceaselessly propagate this very Gospel that will lead you from bondage to freedom.

Without fear nor favour, we are here to preach the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Therefore now I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. I am acknowledging the university of Radio Biafra transmission all over the world where there are civilized men and women, they are listening to Radio Biafra, this is the only reliable platform for dissemination of uncompromisable communication to those that wish to reason, to those that want to understand.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, the most significant mass movement on the face of this very earth. We have no arms, we have no ammunition, we have no guns, we have no bullets, we have no sword we don't even have a catapult, but Elohim has dragged the zoo down, Aso Rock has been emptied there is nothing in it.

Aisha Buhari is carrying herself from one man to the other trying to hold on to what has crumbled. The zoo is no more it doesn't exist that is why we speak with every authority, that is why we are saying to all those new colonialists who are desperately clinging on to power in the hope of swinging, in the hope of looting, the promise of emptying the treasurer, they are wasting their time because nothing I repeat nothing will stop the zoo from imminent collapse, it is gone and gone completely.

There is no president there is no vice, there is absolutely nobody elected to pilot the affairs of the damnable animals in the Zoological republic. That is why we speak with every authority that those trying the best they can that Elohim has destroyed the zoo and forever it will never recover.

They should pray Covid19 never ends because they will see dramas their eyes have never seen before. The whole world knows about this very fraud, humanity will judge them.

We are going to pray as it is usual and customary for us to do, it doesn't matter what our enemy does, it doesn't matter what they are trying to do, it doesn't matter what their motives are, it doesn't matter what they intend to accomplish one thing is inescapable this very Gospel must be preached uncompromisingly. I will preach the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you may not like it, you may not be comfortable with it, but Elohim has given me a message to give to the living and that very Gospel I must preach.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Here if you are afraid of truth you can not survive it, believe you me if you are afraid of truth this is not the platform for you, if you are afraid of the truth, then you are in one almighty mess.

They said that we insult them, but we don't insult anybody I tell you the truth. If you do what is right, we will praise you, if you misbehave we shred you is as simple as that.

This evening we must proceed very hastily, this evening you will be shocked at the revelation we are about to make, you will marvel at the ignorance and stupidity of some people. You will become distressed as the hopelessness of those who have allowed themselves to be called Nigerians, because if you are a Nigerian, it means you are lower than an animal if you call yourself a Nigerian it means you are in a zoo, if you can find yourself a Nigerian it means that the rampaging Janjaweedsim is your portion in life.

Let us preach this Gospel of heaven, if you see yourself as a zoo animal here, we can make you become human once again through education, but if you are a used tissue paper as all of you refer to yourselves then we can not help you.

This is the situation right now in Biafraland as I told you we intend to spread this Gospel this very evening, I want the whole world to understand what we are going through, I want humanity to comprehend the state of suffering, I want everybody who capable of discernment to feel sorry for what we are passing through in the land of Biafra. Because what is happening to us is formable, what is happening to us should not be allowed to continue, what is happening to us requires urgent, the coordinated reaction that this very generation of ours we see and stop it.

The wickedness has been penetrated in the land of Biafra is beyond abomination, and this is our responsibility on this very day to bring that to the attention of the global community,  for those of you who are living in America, for those of you who think you are sensible and reasonable enough 300 armed fighters have now come to Uzuakoli, this very evening right now this very second there is 300 armed Fulani terrorist who has camped there with the help of Nigerian Army, with the help of Nigerian Police.

It took them many years to plan this they didn't wake up one night and decide to flood down to Biafraland no. As we are busy trying to be politically correct, as we are busy talking rubbish on video, backstabbing as usual mouthwatering our rubbish, working for the new Nigeria, working to divide Biafraland, working to sabotage any coordinated effort to confront our enemies from the Sahel this is the gift, you have given to us.

Your complacency, your sabotage and your treachery. Some of you never knew that it will affect you but this very evening if you have ever sabotage IPOB if you have ever sabotage Biafra if you have ever supported the zoo called Nigeria right now in Uzuakoli it is the result of your labour. All those years you spent working for the enemy without knowing it, all those years you spent eating your own flesh out of envy and jealousy because IPOB is blessed, all those years you spent writing and mounting rubbish, all those years you spent wallowing in your stupidity, all those years you have spent serving the zoo the result is now in the colony that is what you have given to us.

Do you see what you have done? Because of you leper colony Uzuakoli has been overrun the colony has been taken over. A portion of Uzuakoli is under Fulani occupation, all of you we have been asking very many years that we need and assistance to compel these people to leave our land and you have been prevaricating, you have been delaying talking rubbish after rubbish, you have been gossiping grown-up men In the U.S. gossiping. Going from one useless meeting to another, all your years of gossiping, all your years of stupidity, all your years of backbiting can you see the resultant effect in Uzuakoli?

What they are doing in Ebonyi houses are burnt and destroyed before your very eyes you see these things happening. Is only IPOB who has been fighting for nearly ten months now, we have been fighting consistently. And I will come on air, and I will tell you that the Fulani army and police, that Ohanaeze ndi oshi and the so-called politicians they are in contact with this people to overrun and take over our land some of you wouldn't listen but now is happening they are now in Uzuakoli, they are destroying houses in Ebonyi.

The minimal resistance we are putting up in Ebonyi is what our project can carry, some people said I should reduce the way I keep calling people idiots that our kids are listening, tell your children that I am referring to those that have betrayed us, and because of what they have done.

Our people are dying; our land has been overtaken, and we are being overrun. Everywhere they are coming with arms, if your children ask you mummy/daddy why is the uncle talking in Radio why is he using those words? Look at your child and say my dear child  I am sorry I have been foolish, I contributed to the mess happening in Biafraland be honest with your children and tell them the truth. All your years of your gossiping have you seen it grow up men that listen to gossip have you seen the result?

When we were in Ebonyi fighting you were not there,  when we are in Delta fighting them none of you knew until they started rounding up and arresting IPOB inside Delta I came on air and I said it.  When they finish arresting IPOB you will not have people to defend Delta they thought I was joking they succeeded with what they are planing with Ifeanyi Okowa now the result is there they have now taken over Delta State have you not seen it? Are all of you blind that you can not see it?

So when your children say to you that that uncle talking is very upset, he says things, he is cursing people tell your children that you are the reason why that uncle is talking the way he is interviewing because all of you put our life in Jeopardy. You think we are going to forgive you? Even if you like to go and bring us the sun/moon, we will not forgive you.

All this nonsense going on now should have been stopped from the beginning I warned you in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 until I was arrested I came out I kept reminding you to let us prepare, let us get ready you said no what some idiots did they told you don't talk to politicians you don't want corporate with them as I came out I spoke to few of them. I said, can you see our condition? Are you going to do something about it? Not one single soul am saying it live to the hearing of the world. Not one only politician from Igbo, from Efic, from Ibibio I spoke to all of them I sent emissary's to them I said to them this is what is coming.

There is no Governor in Biafraland, there is none in the so-called East/ South-South/ Niger Delta, and all the useless nomenclature that goes with it I spoke to all of them I sent people to them let us prepare am telling you now all of them said no, they promised all of the vice presidents everybody was promised v.p, they promise Wike vice president, they promised Umahi vice president, they promised Ugwuanyi vice president, they promised Obiano vice president I don't know what they promise Okezie Ipkeazu am not too sure, they promised the supreme Court Governor Hope Uzodimma, this are the people you have as your politicians they have no foresight, they have no vision with the exception of Abaribe and a few others who don't want to be mentioned I pleaded with them.

Do you know what happened? The same politicians some of them working for the zoo went behind my back and started telling them to make sure you don't give any arms to Nnamdi Kanu if you do he will defeat the zoo Nigeria, and he will come and kill all of us, I said it before life on air, and I have said it many times. Instead of them to see what I have seen, they went ahead gossiping. It was that gossip that led to operation phyton dance that same gossip. What Igbo men are doing with gossip I have no idea, you listen to gossip oh let's not support, all of that nonsense is the reason why right now Uzuakoli is occupied.

You are from Ebonyi you are in Lagos, you are in Abuja thinking you are having fun our land is gone. Everybody has been killed human beings goat, chicken every animal has been destroyed by the Janjaweed in Ebonyi, who is there fighting them? Only IPOB. Any support from anybody from anywhere? The answer is no, there is no support.

Some idiots are talking rubbish oh we gave him Money to go and buy weapons, he has Money am looking at the idiots, the fools that are why I said to them I will not accept anything from anybody. If you have any contribution to make you are in America go to world Igbo Congress, you people are horrible human beings, not tomorrow those that contributed and those who that didn't contribute they will say they contributed 4.8 trillion and they gave to Nnamdi Kanu which is a lie.

An Igbo man doesn't give you Money that is how life is unless he/she is benefiting from it. An Igbo man comes out dig hand in his pocket, bring out a million of dollars, or two or three and give to you and say go and buy weapons to defend our land they don't do it that is a fact of life. You will see idiots they are not part of IPOB, they have not contributed any dime they will take their useless Chinese phone and be doing video talking rubbish, talking nonsense that is who they are, that is how they roll, that is how they operate, that is the nature they posse within them.

What do you want me to show you? Have you seen the beheaded woman in Ebonyi? Our mothers are being raped, been beheaded every blessed day, and we lament that's all.

The idiots talking did not contribute anything, all they have done is to be working for the Janjaweed, the Invaders by dampening your spirit, a politician before the end of next month  I will mention his name live on air, I will tell the whole world his name he went about in Abuja telling them do not support, and I said to him apart from 5/6 people all over the world who can fund this project who do you think can bring out support for us to move forward?

Look at the Yoruba's you can't even learn from them, because they come to all of you they promise you is now your turn to be the vice president oh, you start to work against the interest of your people. And you claim you are a politician, you claim you are educated, you claim you are learned, you claim you love your people, but in actual fact, you are working for the zoo, you are working for the North to colonize you, to invade you to take over our land that is what is happening isn't it? Look at Ebonyi, are you not ashamed of yourself? Do you people have shame at all?

There was a young man before I came on air a viral video of a young black man killed in America. The white policeman knelt on his neck smacked it, and he died, and I was thinking to myself if Africa was a viable continent what black people will be doing in America? They will be in Africa.  And if we are civilized am not saying they don't kill us in Africa, but if we are civilized we can build a nation, build individual countries that are capable of protecting our lives and our dignities as a race but we are in America. We will discuss it now for two days, and that one will disappear is gone, another useless black lives lost.

The same way they are slaughtering us we have nowhere to go, instead of people to come together and say enough is enough that is all it takes, enough is enough how many are the Fulanis? How many are they? They conquered Hausa Hausas kept quiet like a bunch of idiots, they conquered Nupe the same,  they conquered Gwari the same, the same people now they are coming to conquer us and all of them are all quiet, they have swept over the so-called middle they are gone.

The only thing that it takes to stop the Janjaweed is a simply tiny corpraration, very very small it won't cost you anything.

We have enemies you don't understand, we have enemies everywhere if you don't know let me educate you our enemies there are some you can see and others you can not see, our enemies are even in Australia Government,  the Government of Australia they have bride some of them our enemies are there, if you know what am battling with Australia Government you will not believe it some of them are there In Australia Government, do you know the enemies we have? Some of you just pick up your useless phones go online talking rubbish because you are foolish because you have no brain because you can not reason you can not think, you are a primitive black monkey you know nothing.

Do you know how many enemies we have? Do you know I went to VOA after my interview at VOA, I went back to capital Hill to go and lobby USA senators about the killing of Christians and the same VOA that invited me on the morning of the interview they rang me and said to me they spoke to my P.A., they said to my P.A. can your principal speak Hausa? And he said to them what has Hausa got to do with the interview? VOA in Washington, VOA headquarters of Capitol Hill he said unless he speaks Hausa we can not interview Nnamdi Kanu today, I have not told you this before go and ask VOA in America. Because the zoo got to them all the Money they have been borrowing they are using it to bribe.

It was only when we started this movement that I knew that white people is as corrupt as black people, but they do it very scientifically. Do you know that? Are you aware of that? Do you know that VOA cancelled my interview? Do you know what they said? That I should go and to Nigeria embassy and bring a somebody who speaks Hausa to debate with me I said to them I don't mind debating with anybody, but you go and bring the person, let me shred them in America destroy them before the whole world, they said no I should go and bring somebody who speaks Hausa so they can interview me in Hausa language and I said with all due respect VOA you are talking rubbish that was how the interview was cancelled.

Do you know how many enemies we have?  Have you been to the USA department before? Have you tried to table the issue of Biafra before? Have you received any responses? Do you hear what they are saying? Do you know what they are saying about Biafra?  About dividing the zoo? Do you know how many billionaires they are making from Nigeria? Do you know? Do you have any idea? No, if I tell you that they love the corruption in Nigeria, will you believe me? Only a handful of them because there is always a handful of white people with a conscience that is one thing about. No matter bad they are there is always a handful of white people with a conscience, do you know how many billionaires they make from Nigeria every month? And you want somebody who is seating in the United States or U.N. making Money from Nigeria or an ambassador in Nigeria making millions out of bribery you want them to come and say oh let's divide Nigeria where will their Money come from? The free Money they are getting some of you don't reason, you don't analyze.

Any day you open your mouth to ask Igbo people for help you are finished unless they benefit from it. They don't know that they are doing the Janjaweed job for them you don't know that? Your stupidity, your envy, your jealousy all it ever ends up accomplishing is helping the enemies to come in.

Somebody came to me to beg me to become the Governor of a state I told him I don't participate in politics, he went back and started telling politicians do not support Nnamdi Kanu, and that is why we are where we are today, and now the Janjaweed have come.

Fulani is in your village, and you are making little Sense, doing video blabbing your mouth like a pig πŸ–, yapping rubbish like a pig until they cut off your useless neck then your eye will clear.

Trouble has come I told you that trouble will come if you like you accept ooO if you like don't accept the trouble will come to you because that is what I believe in. If you don't look for trouble will look for you that's is why I believe in looking for trouble, I can't trouble myself, but I prefer to start with than trouble coming to me. Now, what is happening to us right now?  We have enemies Facebook is our enemies, don't you know that? Have ever seen CNN come down to do a documentary? Have the BBC come down to do a documentary?

Ask yourself why is it that BBC Igbo can not do a documentary about the invasion of our land? And only IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu is facing all these enemies all over the world,  do you know how strong they are? Yet we are breaking them down. And instead of the idiots to seat down and appreciate the very marvellous work that IPOB  is doing and you are rubbish talk.

Our enemies are not just the Janjaweed you see in the North they are everywhere, there are Some corrupt mare colonialists they are afraid of Biafra. They think that Biafra will have the same effect on Africans on the same way Japan did in South East Asia, if people see that Biafra is successful Oduduwa will strive to be like Biafra, even the Janjaweed in the North, Hausa will strive people will work hard. People are at their best when there is a competition that is something that people don't know, do you know why IPOB is pre-eminent? Is because from day one we were put under pressure, and that is why I said don't worry when people talk rubbish us good for us. It reminds us of the price if the failure that you can not fail.

People will copy from us when BIAFRA is free Africa will learn from Biafra, they know it that is what Fulani is running from. Fulani knows that once Biafra stands and we are doing very well when they go to beg for MoneyMoney which is the normal thing they do, the world will ask them but are you not the same people with the Biafrans? Some of you don't know what is happening in Africa everybody is poor.

We had made every effort to contact Devel Umahi about what is happening I Ebonyi state, when they were killing us in the North do you see Channels T.V. report about the beheading of the Igbo people in the North? Or the killing of the Biafrans? Have you ever heard them or see them report about Fulani influx the invasion? No, but anywhere Fulani is under threat not only threat ooO don't leave in the bush you will see Channels will appear covering it.

I am telling you that the Janjaweed they know who to bribe when to bribe and how to extract the best that is how they are holding everybody hostage, all of you are foolish because they are holding you hostage. You have no brain they go to Channels run their Yoruba they give them Money, Channels will not be covering their issue, now when we now go to America or go to E.U., U.N. will say oh according to Channels report on the 26th of May 2020, they said you people are the one disturbing the peace, You are the ones chasing the Fulanis away? No, you understand it? That is what the diplomats will tell me.

Anytime that anybody comes and tell you anything about Nnamdi Kanu, about IPOB, you people are trying to cause a war that person is working for the zoo. Is working for Nigeria, they are working to destroy you to completely annihilate you as a race, that is what they do they will tell you they are trying to cause war, but that thing you are avoiding have come to you now have it not come?

All the politicians that they meet and say don't support IPOB to defend our land where are they today? I went to America to solicit for Money no dime was given to me, but do you know some idiots they have listened to Lauretta Onochie their ex madam a harlot sex trafficker. They will say oh we gave you Money in America and am asking you who gave me Money? Where? When? What date? Do you see how they Flow? And this is Biafrans talking absolute rubbish.

When will you people learn? When will you understand that your land is under siege? You are under threat, your way of life is about to go, is about to vanish, about to evaporate when you know this? How else do you want me to put it? Don't call me, if you are in America go to World Igbo Congress maybe you can be of use afterwards. Don't come to IPOB, I told you in 2015, that a time will come people will come to me to lead this very army and I will not lead it, go to that video I made in Los Angeles is there, is a timeless classic people never get tired of watching it go and watch it again.

You can not be Nnamdi Kanu Elohim sent me, the devil sent you so who do you think is going to win? God in heaven sent me, you were sent by Lucifer so who do you think is going to win this very battle? Do you think that talking rubbish on Facebook will make safe you? When the time you will know how mean we are.

Alamagiri is protesting in Delta State in Igbo land, calling Fulani to come and help them.

All of a sudden the same Ifeanyi Okowa we have been talking to for ages is now saying we are now going to take our destiny into our hands what does that mean in simple English? That thing that Nnamdi Kanu has been saying, that thing IPOB have been saying for years now we are now going to do it, we take our destiny into our hands. That is all we have been doing this is Governor Ifeanyi Okowa are you listening? He is now saying as herdsmen attacks persist in Delta so now you agree that herdsmen are attacking? Now you believe that these people are doing all they can to estaminet us? Now you believe that things are no longer right? Exactly what IPOB has been saying for years. But you are the Governor that helped Fulani men clean up Delta for you? Clean up Delta in the Sense that they removed every defence we put in place in Delta, to allow the Fulanis to come in, now they have come in they promised him, vice president, now his land is under threat, now he is feeling the heat. Now they believe there are killings going on everywhere and the Fulanis are protesting in the land that doesn't belong to them.

Anybody that you see making a video, or a comment against Biafra agitation is Janjaweed apologist, all those who like their post are all Janjaweed supporters, they are the people fighting to destroy you, they are the servants of the caliphate all of them in PANDEF, all of them in Ohanaeze this are the people destroying you forget the nonsense they tell you. Forget the rubbish they say when they come on television, they do not mean it because they don't have what it takes.

I repeat nobody should give IPOB Money to support the driving away of the Janjaweed in our land we don't need it, I don't need it, find who you can give it to not to us. Now that Fulanis have come you are looking for IPOB you go and do it by yourself they will cut off your head go and try it and see.

Do you know how many men we have lost in Ebonyi? Do you want me to publish the video and the pictures for you to see before you believe?

Have you seen any Fulani come out to criticize Fulani herdsmen? The answer is no, how many of them criticize Boko Haram?  You think you are smart umu Okoko yapping rubbish cowards and fools, you go behind the back, you have a meeting with the Janjaweed, you play with them, all of you have a meeting with Mustafa you play with those idiots from gutter they called Arewa Youths, and you come out Biafra this, Biafra that you are a fool, you are an idiot, and we know you are. We have All the records.

If you go to Maim Malaria barracks in Maiduguri where they burry soldiers go there and look at the names they are all Igbo names, they are Biafrans names, our young men are dying fighting the terrorism that the same Janjaweed created. Meanwhile, they are shipping their fighters into Biafraland, and you claim you are intelligent, you claim you are smart, you claim you are an Igbo man you have a brain.

Oh, as your name is heard, I also want my name to be heard, but you are not appointed to do this very work? If I am not in the spirit, I can't do this. They had opportunities to kill me from my arrest to take me to DSS, to going to prison to when I come out, opportunity after opportunity to kill me they tried to kill me at Ubakala junction if Elohim destined that I will be dead by now I would be dead. They have had opportunities to kill me but some of don't know that do you? You don't remember because you are posse by the devil.

We have destroyed the zoo ask them who is fighting them in Ebonyi? Who drove Fulani away from Anam? Who is fighting Fulani this very minute in Ebonyi? Is IPOB, you want me to come out and announce everything show you video, show you pictures so that you will go and use it and collect Money from Janjaweed.

Your son's bearing Igbo names fighting for Nigeria they have killed all of them, you don't know is a simple trick? Take all their fighting men put them in Army and Police, take them to Maiduguri they killed all of them, take them to Sambisa Forest they kill them, they now bring their own soldiers in knowing full well that you have all been depleted, that your young men are dead, they now come into taking over your land. Do you understand it? Is a simple trick, is Alamagiri trick, a simple Fulani rules and all of you fell for it.

Who doesn't know that what we are saying is the truth? You can't be like us, you can't be as popular as we are you can never be we are IPOB all-over the world. You can not command men if I give an order tonight everywhere will be burnt down do you understand that? Men are waiting for the command, are you aware of that?

I remember when I was abroad, I was preaching, they say oh come home nah, come home, and as soon as I came in, in 2015, I was arrested, and people started to agitate for my release, they said oh why did he bring the struggle here? If you take it up no, you bring it down no, I was abroad broadcasting on Radio Biafra they said you can't come home and I came home, they said why did you come home? You should go back to where you are coming from you brought trouble here πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.

Ebonyi is under siege we are resisting them because we are IPOB, IPOB is in Ebonyi fighting in all front, we are in 8 location in Ebonyi fighting. Fighting Nigerian Army, fighting Fulani Janjaweed, fighting the complicity and the idiocy of the Governor, fighting the complicity and idiocy of the politicians in Abuja making promises. IPOB is on the ground fighting, all you want me to do is to give you every secret, to tell you everything we are doing. When we fire one gunshot I will come out and say oh today we fired one rifle in Ebonyi are you not foolish?

You think our people will follow me if we are not doing anything, is that what you think? You mask your jealousy In stupid words that come out of your useless mouth, because you know we are whiter than white and whiter than a shadow. Untouchable spotlessly clean that is why I say to anybody anything I want to say, but you can not say the same thing, none of them can they can not because they are all compromised, I am not saying you shouldn't work with me, but you must be clean, very clean,  spotlessly clean not one leg in the zoo, one leg in freedom fighting.

If it were to be Biafrans or should I say the Igbos setting up Amotekun, hey come and give us account that is what you hear forever and ever.

I don't talk rubbish everything I tell you is Gospel from heaven, I am under divine mandate to secure our land, to make sure that Biafra comes in our time. And if we do our maths right, if we remain dedicated and focus Biafra will come this year, if we remain resolute unwavering don't follow the enemies in what they are saying remain the focus, that attack that I ask you to launch, maintain that attack, don't deviate, don't allow them to deviate you they are working for Janjaweed don't allow them. Focus on the line of the attack our aim is Aso Rock we are not moving from there, we are not shifting from Aso Rock that is our gateway don't move from there because is empty, don't let them deceive you if we work hard this year am telling you before God and man Biafra will come if we work hard simply by working hard.

Is like pregnancy they can't cover it, even the most corrupt diplomat in the world in Abuja can never support this grand deception. There is no Buhari in Aso Rock as simple as that if your common Sense can not tell you that as a Nigerian then your mum wasted time carrying you for 9 months in her stomach.

Our attack is Aso Rock we are not moving from there before I came on the air today somebody said you are not talking about Buhari today? I said Buhari is dead I can't talk about him he is a dead man, can't you see? Are you blind? They concoct video for you telling you is after Salah prayer are you stupid? Look at the video again you will see the hand of a man coming from the bank of the idiot that you call Buhari can't you see? Are you blind? Are you that foolish? Of course, some of are. Black people of Africa how can you reason?

The same thing they are doing to you now, the Janjaweed is coming they have deviated the attention of every media house in the world away from the reality of the invasion of the South, that is what they do.

When I was about to come out of prison, Ohanaeze never sent anybody to come and visit me all others did, Ohanaeze they never sent any delegation to come and see me not one, and when I came out, out of respect I went to Enugu to the house of Nnia Nwodo he was in the USA, I went two times to go and see him I said this is the situation they are going to come, they will come is only a matter of time don't let them divide us, I will listen to you, but you must do A, B, C if you do it we are secured they couldn't do it. And today are we not dying? Are we not been killed? Instead of them to come out and apologize to IPOB say we are sorry that's all. You must apologize publicly that we got it wrong all of you,  IPOB was right you must say it before our people in public that they may know we preach the truth.

They are now smuggling arms, arms are coming in from everywhere the Janjaweed across the Sahel are moving into the South. We are discussing it now it goes through one ear it goes out of the other ear.

I know that Aso Rock is empty what the Janjaweed want to do is very simple, if Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB continue to hammer on the fact that there is no president, they will unleash war this thing that the Janjaweed are coming is the brainchild of El Rufai and Mamman Daura, what they want to do is if you are saying that there is nobody in Aso Rock and knowing the consequences of such revelation what we are now going to do is to instigate war, there is going to be a war so the world will be talking about the war and not about who is in Aso Rock and they know that very well.

Am telling them, Fulani must know this today's date is the 27th day of May 2020, let me say this to Fulani who is listening to the Janjaweed all over the world, by the time we finish this encounter in Biafraland, the Hausa people will overthrow all the Emir in the North write it down, it sounds funny, isn't it? It sounds very ridiculous and unbelievable I am telling the Fulani Janjaweed this thing you have started by the time we are done with you Hausa people will reclaim their land back from you, all your emirs will be driven away from Hausa land write it down, so that as I told them in the U.S. and they were talking rubbish write down when it happens, you will still refer back to this broadcast and say on the 27th of May 2020, with the time standing at precisely 8:44 pm in Biafraland time that Nnamdi Kanu said this. You see all those Emirs you see in the North they will go.

Aso Rock is empty, listen to me very carefully if you want to see BIAFRA this year all of you must go and join Twitter, you must join Facebook, you must join Instagram we must keep bombarding them with facts and figures, Elohim has done the job is for us to go and march around the wall and bring it down, that is what we are doing now, Aso Rock is empty I want to see a diplomat or other head of states that will say oh Aisha what you did is good congratulations, I want to see the person anywhere in the world.

Aso Rock don't let them distract your attention, they write all manner of rubbish,  Do you know that somebody that said he is a Biafran I was doing BIAFRA within America went and was Photoshoping the pictures of our mothers in Anambra, saying they have rejected IPOB and me. Somebody who is an intellectual in America so to speak that is how we are.

They know Aso Rock is empty,  As long as being behind this microphone I am under divine instruction from heaven that is why I can never deviate, they know I can never compromise that is why they are talking rubbish, I can never compromise it doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter what you say anything do I can never ever stop until BIAFRA is restored. Those that know me they know.

The Nigeria air force came out and say we are royal to Buhari have you heard of such nonsense before? During all this so-called democratic dispensation from 1999 under Obasanjo, under Yaradua under Jonathan even when Buhari was alive. How can the air force come out and say we are royal to our own head of state? It is a given, it is in the constitution you have to be royal are you now following? They said we are royal. I couldn't believe it when I read it, we are royal to Buhari, and in the picture, they showed a back of a man, not his face.

Somebody said on the Salah day that that thing is Buhari and I said you are insane, how can this be Buhari? An 80 years old man are you blind? Go and look at People 80 years old in your village look at the picture they are telling you is Buhari does it look like 80 years old? A man with kidney failure, a man that has part of his brain removed, he had brain tumour you people I don't know zoo hey Ndi Isi Oji (black people) who cursed you? Who did this to you? Very very sad indeed, extremely sad, am telling.

Common Sense why would the Air Force come out to say they are loyal to the president if that president is not under threat from somewhere? Do you understand it? Do you now understand it? It is the spirit of our fathers they killed on the battlefield, of our sons and our daughters they starved to death. That was why Elohim said I will destroy Nigeria for your sake. After our atonement in Malaysia Elohim said if you keep your hand clean, if you don't compromise I will give you BIAFRA, I will destroy your enemies, before your eyes, I will destroy them and is happening today Elohim is in charge Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile in heaven is in charge.

The zoo is gone that is why Air force is saying we are royal to Buhari why will would you be royal to your head of state? Your command in chief that the constitution said you must be royal to anyway. Why will you say that you are loyal to him? Is because the world is now telling Aisha you are in trouble, Aisha you are in trouble, they have told Gambari you are in trouble.

They are now saying we are royal to Buhari you think they don't know what we are doing? Their greatest nightmare is Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. IPOB doesn't belong to me; it belongs to God in heaven, but I lead them with pride am telling you. The very finest people on the face of the earth you can ever lead, we have nothing, but yet we move a mountain, any enemy we confront is decimated beyond recognition that is how formidable we are, because our hands are clean and will always be.

Buhari never transferred presidential power to Abba Kyari are you listening to what is happening in the zoo? There is infighting they are fighting themselves, they can no longer contain themselves anymore. A woman is now in charge Aisha Buhari is now in charge, and in Islam that is a no law, there is no woman in Islamic world anywhere, but Aisha is now in charge and her boyfriend, so some people are upset about, very very upset about it now they are fighting hard. The Air Force placing royalty, now they are saying Buhari never transferred power to Buhari, and you are telling me that same Buhari is alive, and all this nonsense is going in his back, and he can not speak.
I got an Intel which does not suppose share with the whole world, but I will share it tonight, I had a very important meeting yesterday which some people abroad not black people by the way. And they said to me that they were making an effort and people tell them in the U.S. that they don't want Nigeria to break, that there some people that don't want Nigeria to break and they ask them why? They said because they have over 300 ethnic nationalities that is what they are always doing, do you see Ahoada is ethnic nationality  Ahoada that is Igbo, Ahoada is ethnic nationality, Ikwere is ethnic nationality which is Igbo, they said Ibibio is which of course a place related to Igbo people, they don't want to tell the world that what you have are in essence four call blocks of people, they tell them instead you have 300 so America diplomats are panicking saying oh my goodness if you try to break down there will be war in 300 places do you understand the trick? Is that same blackmail. An giving you information that I shouldn't be giving But am giving to the whole world so that they know we are working hard.

Why will Abba Kyari be mentioned when there is a vice president Have you ask yourself that question? Why would they even mention Abba Kyari when the vice president is there supposedly alive, where is the vice president as constitutionally stipulated where? Am asking if everything is fine inside Aso Rock why would they be a debate about who transfer power to who when there is a vice president that power should go to automatically should anything happen to the president? Simple common Sense, the zoo used tissue paper.

Gariba Shehu he has been sacked by Aisha because this very Gariba Shehu was working with Abba Kyari, he was the one that locked Aisha away from her quarters, humiliated her now this is her revenge.

Aisha Buhari is now calling cabinet meeting, Boss Mustafa is now the vice president are you people listening at all? Are you following what is happening in the zoo? Aisha is calling a cabinet meeting can you believe that? To the extent that somebody went out and wrote president Buhari, please call your beautiful wife to order she is trespassing, in a democracy of 200 million people supposedly or should I say allegedly, and all of them are quiet.

It has never been a duty of the first lady of the federal republic of Nigeria to call a meeting of political stakeholders which includes the vice president and the Army Chief of staff into a meeting to discuss national issues is it clear now? I told you here the first in the world, I told before anything happened I told you Aisha has taken over I told you this thing about three weeks ago I told you she is in charge I told you to live on air are you now believing me? There is no word that comes out of my mouth that is not divinely ordained by the heaven to be preached, that is why everything I say is correct, you may not believe it If Aisha is not in charge why will Aisha call a cabinet meeting in a presidential system of Government? Why? How? Do you see why our enemies are afraid us? Because we learned, we are intelligent, very, very intelligent. I tell you.

Do you see how we are unravelling the zoo? From what comes out of their mouth, we destroy them. Do I make anything up?

Aisha is calling a cabinet meeting, and all of you are there we are Democrat, we are intellectuals with professor meanwhile they are coming to the South to kill you, all of you are under a spell a Janjaweed spell, I don't know if it is in the Suya they give you to eat, maybe in the watermelon, they are bringing you, maybe the tomatoes or the onions I don't know where it comes from. You people are under a spell your stupidity has no equal. I have never seen 200 million people so idiotic anywhere, and I can never be anywhere else in the history of mankind that you have 200 million packed together in a space full of so much stupidity that it can go round the whole world over a million times over.

Every appointment made by the late chief of staff Abba Kyari this is according to the guardian, not IPOB publication, Buhari cancels appointment approval made by the late Chief of staff Abba Kyari, who cancelled them? Aisha Buhari, why? Because she was not in good terms with Abba Kyari is it now clear to all of you that you have no president and you have novice? And in all this nonsense, how about the appointment made by Yemi Osinbanjo?

And now If you are cancelling every appointment made by Abba Kyari how about Hope Uzodimma that he appointed why are you leaving him? If you are going to probe all his appointment and revise them, why don't you revise Hope Uzodimma in Imo state? Who was appointed as a result of Abba Kyari and twisting the judiciary to appoint him? From Number fourth to number one only in the zoo, and Ohanaeze went to pay homage to him, once there is a bite of cash Ohanaeze ndi atα»₯rα»₯ they are like nama following grass anywhere there is a hope of racing Money they race some cash. This is the elites, the elders, the intellectuals mad people.

Aso Rock is empty if you are in doubt go and ask you daddy G.O. your daddy G.O will confirm it because Aisha Buhari is on a revenge mission. Initially, Aisha wanted to bring back the dead body of her husband bury him in Daura it was Abba Kyari that prevailed.

If anybody doesn't want to join BIAFRA and be free because am preaching the truth you can go to hell and continue to drink that water that you go toilet in and you fetch and drink, continue because you are afraid of the truth.


There is nothing like the elite in the North, what you have is Alamagiri with looted funds if that is what you called elite so be it.

Edwin Clark must apologize to Ijaw people and to Biafrans at large for his betrayal during the war he was a traitor, he was an arch-traitor during the war, and if people condone traitors I don't, if you want to come with us into BIAFRA our hands must be clean, I don't condone traitor I don't condone it. He was a traitor during the war, and he must apologize for his traitor after all a lot of people died because of the information he gave to Gowon, and this is the man that Nwodo was praising you can imagine.


Special announcement regarding how we are going to fight the Fulani and drive them away from our land, and contribution that we are going to make individually and collectively

I am making it very clear that we must all be on Twitter, on Facebook and Instagram and we must be active I know that some of you can not post your selfies on Twitter because Twitter is more intellectually based very very important we all go to Twitter, everybody must open Twitter account, am making it compulsory every coordinator everywhere in the world you must get our people to be on Twitter, you will teach them how it has done.

I want every family meeting every unit I didn't say every zone, every unit in the world to have somebody who is a social media person, a social media manager to make sure that we are all on social media do you know why? Because no single media house will do a documentary about us, they will always lie against us, Fulani terrorist is in our land BBC will not cover it, we are the ones going to tell the world. When President Trump received 10,000 tweets, he will be forced to think very hard about that very issue, we must all go on Twitter.

I was invited to VOA I told you this before when I was in the USA lobbying U.S. senators and am very glad to say is beginning to yield good fruit. The senators are now writing I posted this on my page, that they are lobbying Trump to make sure that the killing of Christians in the North and also in Biafraland to come to an end.

Very very important that we do this we must all go on Twitter very very important, we must all be there it is about Journalism without boundaries. We have a very credible army of E Warriors, and I salute them, our E warriors a salute all of you one after the other you are doing a very good job, nobody gives you Money everything you do is in your own, you stay awake all through the night because you are fighting for your freedom and when the time comes you will tell your children this, that I stayed awake all night fighting People don't know the meaning of media. That was how they told us don't mind media nah, oh go and trade, go and learn how to sell market and then Yoruba took the media and finish us off.

Now the media we have found which is the social media they want to drive us away, by ridiculing what we are doing is an online country, you have an online president tell them, yes, but we stay there. They are very smart, that was how they drove us away from mainstream media. Now they want to drive us away from social media that we dominate and control, the answer is no for we must tell our story. They think they are smart if they say you are online country out of shame we abandon it Alamagiri, Alamagir πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£, we must continue because we are dominating.

Our women will be in charge of every account we have anywhere in the world, only women men shouldn't come near, they shouldn't come close to our account no man should come close to it is an order from tonight very very important, please.

Nobody should give Money to any IPOB officer in the USA claiming is to fight Fulani herdsmen, am making it very clear I said no if you want to support the effort to drive away from the terrorist from our land go to world Igbo Congress, look for professor Ejiofor and give him your Money don't give it to IPOB please we don't need it.

That brings us to our today proceedings, I will be live again on Saturday evening on the day of our remembrance. And on that very day I will not preach very much we will just pray for the soul of our dear departed, and then I will try and fix the system and take as many calls possible.

We have now brought our proceeding to a close this evening I thank all of you for listening, and as always without hesitation and proudly proclaimed Biafra is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, I thank you very much for listening from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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