By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

In Nigeria, they have multiple security agencies like; Airforce, Army, Civil Defense, Navy, police (mobile, DSS, SSS, RRS), Vigilante groups, etc. Despite the presence of all these security agencies, Bandits still attack many communities in Nigeria, killing and injuring many Nigerians almost daily. 

All you will hear is condemning the bandits and consoling the victims' families after every attack. Preventing the attacks would have saved these lost lives and properties. Again these attacks are based on discrimination. It is not as if the attacks are uniform. They single out a particular set of people for destruction. Each time an attack takes place, it is in Christian dominated area. Why do Muslims hate and kill Christians when both are all created by one Almighty God? 

It is no longer news that Bandits gave a threat letter to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). DSP Mohammed Shehu confirmed receiving the letter that said Christians should close Churches for three months or face the consequences. Instead of DSP Mohammed Shehu challenging them, he advises churches to adjust their service hours and programs. 

This threat is coming now that Christians are celebrating Christmas. A time of get together, merriment and joy. They are trying to turn it the other way round. How can Christians celebrate under such a threat? This is when people, friends and relatives from far and near come together to exchange visits and gifts. People hold many ceremonies like marriages, house warming parties, cultural traditions and chieftaincy titles. Thanksgivings, birthdays etc. also take place. People will be afraid to go out because of fear of the unknown.

Muslims have celebrated their Eid El Filtri, Eid El Kabir and Eid El Malud; they did not receive any threat. I hope the international community is watching with keen interest? When will this discrimination stop? The oppressed need justice and peace. There are always Christian and Muslim conflicts in Nigeria. It is always Muslims killing Christians and not the other way around, never. Since they disagree, why can't they go their separate ways to avoid all these losses of lives and properties? The cry is loud enough for the world to hear, or is it because it is happening in Africa? 

Bandits, Bokoharam, ISWAP, are created and sponsored by the Fulani to fulfil their forefathers' agenda, dip the Koran into the Atlantic Ocean. They want to Islamize Nigeria forcefully. People ought to be at liberty to worship what or who they believe in and not by intimidation, force or threats. 

This insurgency would have been history if the Fulani led APC federal government was not tacitly supporting them. The government can stop it in under one month. They have what it takes to do that, but they have refused to do it. I think the handwriting on the wall is very clear.

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