By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The countless, senseless and lawless error by Nigerian police shows that they are ignorant of the Nigerian constitution and anti-human rights. The type of gangsterism and thuggery in Nigeria police makes their modus of Operandi as a security outfit questionable. They are publicly involved in human rights abuses and political/unlawful killings of innocent people.

The ugly scenario and political kidnapping of former Imo state governorship aspirant Hounrable Uche Nwosu in the church on 26th December crossed the red line. The Nigeria police abducted him like hoodlums, which further explained how irresponsible and uneducated the police officers are. That is why Nigerian police record many accidental discharges. Their criminal and terrorist appearances and activities indicate that they have no business protecting lives and properties. They go to extremes to do the bid of the current corrupt politicians. All they know is to smile to the bank after their unlawful and dirty acts. 

The APC political kidnapping like that of honourable Uche Nwosu is now a tradition and culture in Imo state and Nigeria. I wonder how the Imo state commissioner of police got to that rank. The constitution demands that if there's any suspected crime against any lawful citizen, let alone a former governorship aspirant, the first step is to invite the individual for questioning. If he fails to honour the invitation, he should be arrested, not open molestation and festival of shootings inside a church. We have yet to ascertain how many people were hit by stray bullets in the indiscriminate shooting by the Nigerian police force in that shameful incident. Look at how the police brutally descended, abused and naked a politician as a common thief in a civil matter that needed a calm approach. This action speaks negative volumes of APC political gangsters because they are known to violate the constitution from the presidency to the governors.

If they can intimidate a politician like this in an unverified case, what happens to the ordinary person in the state? The demonic act of Nigerian police signifies that they are responsible for the carnages in Imo state because the killings in Imo state follow the same format. If the incident was not recorded and shared on social media, Uche Nwosu could have been history. They would have killed him as IPOB members, traditional rulers and politicians kidnapped in isolated areas. The surprising thing is that the governor that sent his attack dogs and police assassins to the church claims to be a Christian. The question is, can this happen in a mosque?

After a series of insults and family embarrassments, Uche Nwosu was released. The world should know that most youths arrested in this manner never made it back home after the kidnap. Uche Nwosu was released because he is a politician, and he was kidnapped in the church. Another saving grace is that his arrest attracted attention with videos and photos from church members going viral on social media.

Now, Imo state governor is through with killing Kings who object to his opinion. He has now turned the gun's nozzle on political foes. The governor is APC, as such, above the law. The former APC chairman Adams Oshimohole said, "no matter your crime as a politician, when you cross carpet to APC, your sins will be forgiven". Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Femi Fani Kayode, senator Chris Ngige and current minister of transport Chibuike Amaechi are case studies. APC decide who lives or dies because of their collective Fulanization agenda. They use their Igbo political loyalist to accomplish that.

It is a known fact that Hope Uzodimma grabbed the Imo state governor's seat through the back door. Since he took over, Imo state has been comatose and lawless just because APC/Fulani Errand boy is in charge. The world will now understand who is unknown gunmen and the source of political killings in the state. As it stands now in Oguta and Atta Ikeduru, his political opponents are being hunted and murdered by security men.

The act of Nigerian police in imo state calls for the re-examination of the security certificates and professionalism of the men. Their crude action is far from professional. They are ignorant of the law and lack a sense of police rule of engagement. As long as Hope Uzodimma is still the governor, more of these murderous activities will continue because he is a dictator who acts according to APC political script. He is responsible for the genocide in Imo state, and the issue should be seriously addressed.

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