By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

What goes around comes around. Based on senator Rochas Okorocha testimony about the relationship between Hope Uzodimma and Unknown gunmen. There is a political conspiracy and criminal mute against Imolites and Ndigbo. Now the gun's nozzle has turned towards Senator Rochas Okorocha's direction. He has, out of panic, revealed APC and Hope Uzodimma agenda in Imo state. This shows that all the mayhem, crises, political killings, abuses and assassinations are practically the business of APC and Hope Uzodimma. 

If not the kidnap of Uche Nwosu (Rochas Okorocha's son-in-law), which metamorphosed to this ongoing death threat against their collective families. Hope Uzodimma has publicly insulted Rochas Okorocha, including ordering thugs to beat him up in Imo state. Yet Okorocha bluntly refused to uncover the hidden APC/Hope Uzodinma agenda against Imo state and in Biafra land. The current Kidnap and assassination attack with Nigeria security apparatus on his son-in-law, wife and daughter is an expensive joke. The former governor and present senator will never sweep the threat under the carpet again because it is a serious matter.

Igbo organizations, politicians, the international community and other meaningful organizations/world powers should x-ray the testimony and the link between Unknown gunmen and Governor Hope Uzodinma. According to Rochas, the camp of Unknown gunmen is not far from the house of Hope Uzodimma. It is traceable and investigative testimony from senator Rochas Okorocha which humanity will take seriously. The activities of Hope Uzodimma's private Unknown gunmen have claimed many lives and properties. Currently, pogrom is ongoing in Oguta and Atta.

Rochas has vindicated IPOB/ESN and boldly detailed to the public that APC and Hope Uzodinma are responsible for killings in Imo state. Rochas further explained that the confessional statement from hoodlums are stage-managed by Hope Uzodimma, using security to make it look real to deceive the masses. They confuse the masses that depend on Nigerian media fake news and pass wrong signals and deceitful messages to the world. This misinformation has been going on from Rochas Okorocha's administration, but current governor Hope Uzodimma upgraded and garnished his own with genocide, intimidation and multiple cases of abuse.

If IPOB judged people by their callous attitude and actions, Uche Nwosu would have been history like other political enemies and Kings that challenged Hope Uzodimma's misdeeds. If not for the massive effort of IPOB media warriors, Imo people could have heard a different and funny story about the sudden demise of Uche Nwosu. Because of the rescue mission of IPOB, Hope and APC said that Uche Nwosu is sponsoring # ESN. When IPOB campaigned for the release of former governor of Abia state and APC serving senator Orji Uzor Kalu, Olisah Metu etc., did these politicians support #IPOB? IPOB is fighting for humanity and justice because Biafran politicians don't deserve what IPOB is doing for them because they need to learn the hard way.

Rochas Okorocha, since you have decided to save your family and Imolites, never back down. More exposure will guarantee your safety. Any more blind and demonic politics will be disastrous and unfavourable to you. If you want to play politics with the lives of your generation is entirely your choice. Remember, Hope and APC are fighting you.

The world now knows who is responsible for the political killings, assassinations, abuses and kidnap activities. Hope Uzodimma has sold his heart to the devil. He is cutting down the population of Imolites because of the governorship appointment by APC/ Fulani government.

In Biafra, we trust.

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