I want to start by wishing Biafran Christians compliment of the season. As we advance towards the restoration of the nation (Biafra) which is the hope of African renaissance, I appeal to Biafran Christians to “keep keeping on” as our vicious circle strategies of fighting for our freedom is indeed yielding resounding progress. Once again, Merry Christmas to you all!!!

I don’t mind what the mainstream preachers of Nigeria would predict as for or against what future holds for Nigeria in 2019. I do know the heavy DSS monetary induced prophecies which most of these “pastors” have been contracted to “dose down tension” is going to be unveiled in their “new year prophecies”.  But as a social scientist, I know that Nigeria in 2019 is a hotbed for disaster that will either herald to her peaceful end or chaotic end. Various strong indices as I will highlight below will help the wise to plan well and same time help the fools to be destroyed. 

I understand the fact that in this part of the world, we are repulsive to statistics and forecasts. No wonder despite early warnings of weather conditions, people could be caught by floods and other disasters. Despite early warning of investors abandoning the comatose Nigeria, people would still be making a “good CV” under the funny ground of “fatalism”.  The people of Biafra are lucky enough to see the emergence of IPOB which by all definition is on de facto state responsibilities.  Many Biafrans resident home and abroad presently depend on IPOB for travel and investment guide. And it is on that extended responsibility of “guiding Biafrans” that I pick up my pen to make a social prediction of what will befall the hell on earth (Nigeria) comes 2019. Below are the indexes of the hurricane Nigeria 2019.

The impostor from Sudan on December 14th summoned the governors and told them “the economy is in a bad shape and that we have to come together, think and rethink on the way forward.”  That is the position of the presidency I guess?  From 14th of November till the end of the year, do you think that there will be magic to be done in other to revamp the dead economy? Absolute none! We are heading to the period of high non-capital expenditures which will be 85% propelled by the upcoming election turmoil. On the side of Government, she will spend and borrow more to fund foreign countries by buying their cars for security agents ahead of the election, buying ballot boxes from china, cyber securities hopefully from Russia, uniform wears from china and other non-capital expenditures. That is what is called “capital flight” which is going to weaken the ragtag Naira more and making the poor government and country poorer.

On individual level, many will exchange their Naira to dollar ahead of the turmoil called election. Also, some will forcefully tone down their business engagement as the rate of insecurity discourages constructive business engagement thereby affecting the financial institutions vis-à-vis the Nigeria stock exchange and the banking sectors. When these are perfected, it spills over to the second disaster which is…

Already all honest indications point to the fact that the election will not hold.  Yes, the economy says so, the imposition of an impostor from Sudan says so, insecurity says so, IPOB says so and of course the already built up tension says so. As many in recent years have suddenly developed sense with IPOB over the later stands on “no election”, it is right to predict that more are going to join the stand next year.


Most people have tried to argue against the “no election” position of IPOB. What is so funny among the group of against the position is that they don’t have any strong argument against the position other than “we need to vote out this evil regime”.  But such advice should be giving to those who believe in Nigerian project not those seeking their separate state. We are delinking and disassociating ourselves from British fraud against black race. And we are under oath to achieve with any possible means at our disposal, the restoration of Biafra. Our distracters don’t understand how serious we are until the Election Day. It is true we have proven that IPOB controls Biafraland, the election (if it will hold) will create another opportunity for us to ones again tell Nigeria and their protégés among us that we (the Biafrans) own and will decide what will happen in our land. 

The election boycott is a strong way to deal with those bunches of criminals like Ohanaeze, PANDEF and some of the politicians who claimed they own the land and the people. It is days of litmus test for their self-allotted legitimacy. Through our election boycott, both their Fulani masters and the world will understand that they have lost the ground. For those who argued otherwise, it is important they understand that IPOB modus operandi is unique against what our distracters are familiar with. And while “election boycott” is new to our oppressors and their collaborators among us, we will gladly love to hit them with this new tool at our disposal.

I understand how concern INEC, politicians and the impostor’s government is over the stand of IPOB. They see such stand as destabilizing and threatening to their kangaroo selection.  It is our strong tool now and we must jealously work and guide this stand! The election boycott is the end of the rubbish called “Igbo President” for better vision for those crops of cowards among us. 

The security status as present is nothing to write home about for election conduct. While the Nigeria Army is heavily disseminated by Boko Haram in North, the police are busy with witch hunting of the opposition and heavily extorting Biafrans in Biafraland. DSS if not left behind as she is by all standard, military arm of the ruling party. The security structure is in terrible mess for 2019 election as there are presently multi-dimension security challenges in Nigeria. Are we talking of various bloods spitting in entire north by herdsmen and Boko Haram Jihadists heavily funded by those in the government?

Those staking their resources in the so-called election are on futile mission as the ongoing assassinations among politicians which the terribly corrupted media refused to report is another headache to the fraud called 2019 election (selection).  It is important we understand that all these highlights are pre-election terror which we know that during the election terror will be high as both the arms and security uniforms most politicians are importing is for election mayhem. What of the post-election era crises? When all these are put into cognizance, you need no “prophet” to tell you that Nigeria is doomed!

It is these unavoidable threats that Obasanjo saw few days ago that he warned stupidly religious Nigerians “not to blame God if peace eludes” the animal farm.  For the group of “let us pray”, please save your time and resources to something else, as “God doesn’t preserve what He never created”. God never created the animal farm and He will never bother Himself with evil project which Nigeria is known for.

Written by:
Chika Austine 
For: IMo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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