By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)
Edited and Published by Joseph Afokwalam
Festus Keyamo the money conscious Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) said, if Nigerian system is functioning Atiku Abubakar should be in prison by now, Mr. money miss road lawyer you and your boss, Jubuhari are more corrupt than Atiku Abubakar with common facts. Although Atiku Abubakar is a glorified thief and scammer you suddenly have forgotten that the late Mohammed Buhari manufactured and executed corruption, he was more corrupt than Lucifer.

He committed global crimes, genocide, treason, dictatorship and deception offences. Keyamo the certificate SAN, are you not aware that the man in Aso Rock is a body double and an impostor? Still, the certificate and self-acclaimed human rights activist Festus Keyamo sing the songs of supposed Buhari. Your myopic, deceitful and personal interest has beclouded your human reasoning that you don't know the difference between capital/prison able offence and normal campaign. APC, PDP and all the corrupt political parties have legalized corruption under supposed Buhari's regime.

This saint Buhari/Jubril is a religious bigot who boldly, directly and indirectly, promotes and sponsors all manner of countless religious and political violence in Nigeria, yet Festus Keyamo praises him as the best president. Permit me to borrow your word, “if Nigerian system is #functioning” the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) would have debarred Festus Keyamo. The singular act of promoting bad governance and tyranny is supposed to rope him in or retrieve his certificate as a lawyer because he has deceived the poor citizens with fraudulent act instead of using his position to help humanity.

In the hands of APC and Muhammadu Buhari/Jubril, democracy has died because the late Muhammadu Buhari and Jubril never respected the rule of law or the Constitution. Any citizen with common sense should boycott the upcoming charade called the 2019 election because enough is enough; it’s incredible that the champion of corruption is now calling another thief a corrupt fellow. The forthcoming 2019 Shambolic election will shock all the political criminals like Festus Keyamo, members of APC, PDP and other political parties including Igbo political criminals and Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

The gullible and ill-educated Nigerians are slightly beginning to reason like human beings, expect more embarrassment from Biafrans. Remember charity begins at home, IPOB will start with our own governor Okezie Ikpeazu. 2019 election sit-at-home protest will be second to none; Biafraland on the upcoming sit-at-home will be as silent as a graveyard. The majority of corrupt politicians will suffer heart attack because of the unexpected outcome of the forthcoming election in 2019. No going back because things have fallen apart and a lot of innocent blood have been spilt to keep Nigeria one. The law of karma has boldly resurfaced and will judge Nigeria accordingly.
In Biafra, we stand.

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