By Chiemerie Michael (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The killing of Christians has become a well-known tradition in Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria are neglected in terms of adequate security and justice for their sufferings. The federal government's negligence and poor attention of the security agents towards the cry of Christians against Banditry, which has become a special weapon used by Muslims to torment Christians, is questionable. Countless times, Bandits have bombed churches in Borno, Kastina, Jos, Abuja, and Zamfara, leaving scores dead and hundreds injured.  

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) recently received a ferocious threat from these marauding gangs parading themselves as warlords in Nigeria to shut down churches in Zamfara or get ready for their deadly attacks. Consequently, Ayuba Elkanah, the state police commissioner, confirmed the authenticity of the threat from this criminal gang and recommended limiting the worship time for Christians in the state. As a security team entrusted with protecting citizens in the state, what has been their actions to this terrible situation that needs immediate action? 

Why must this threat be for Christians alone? What about Muslims? Is Christianity the only religion in that state? Why should their time of worship be limited? Can't the security agencies protect them? Since they want them to reschedule their activities, is there a secret negotiation between (police and bandits) to make them soft-pedal the height of their threat? How authentic is this promise from the state police? What will be the fate of these worshippers with the presence of these men as promised? Again, since these attacks have become frequent, what are the efforts of security agents for years to stop them? The answers to these questions should be their major pre-occupation. Instead, these Bandits are being fortified, encouraged, and sponsored to become more potent to face our security outfit without fear. They dominate one region of the country without confrontation, giving threats, and carrying it out without interruption.

For more than four years now, Nigeria security agents have continuously terrorized those in the southeast, especially people in Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu. They fight with their last strength to exterminate Igbo/ Biafrans. They are hunting our young men and abducting our young Ladies, razing down our houses and bushes searching for Eastern security Network camp.  Meanwhile, none of these has been done to 

dismantle Fulani bandits, fish them out or better still, detain them like they have been doing to us. 

If IPOB/ESN had issued this threat, the security agents would have shown us how tactical they are, and the southeast would have been a war zone. Sincerely, there is no security in Nigeria. Those claiming to be security agents are bandits in uniform, working hand in hand with Islamists to actualize their Islamization agenda. Suppose they aren't working with these bandits or are concerned about our protection; the security agents should double the force used in the east in the north. 

Soldiers should be deployed, and they should mount checkpoints everywhere. CCTV cameras should be seen at all corners. Anyone or group of people seen threatening or parading themselves as bandits should be arrested, detained and punished severely. Their camps should be located and burnt down the same way they're burning down people's houses and farms in the southeast. Their wives should be abducted and given severe torture to expose their husbands. 

Finally, Christians should be treated the same way as Muslims. Our so-called Security agents should treat everybody the same way, irrespective of where they come from.

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