April 29 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

It's so unfortunate that we miss you so soon Bro,
And forever for the moment.
While hoping to get along where we'll part no more.
But For now, we Must Continue.

It's so unfortunate bro, missing you.
Finding ourselves in among these scavengers,
And of political hubbubs.
Of those that saw our bloods as political moisture.

It's so unfortunate Bro our lives mean nothing.
That mountains and hills are hardened against us.
Their political seeds growing fat in the moisture of our bloods.
None shows sympathy.

It's so unfortunate, quite so bro,
Ikonso is dead; the Iroko is fallen.
And I asked of his sin or rather crime,
That called for such heinous spillage of life.

Cull the hell in security masks,
They found no feet against Sambisa inhabitants.
Before the inhabitants of Sahel, they flew.
Only to turn tigers in our land, the land of the rising sun.

So unfortunate bro, to miss you.
Though I neither have known you nor seen you.
But your gallant spirit is all over BIAFRA land.
Just too hard Ikonso, to let go; to say goodnight.

"This poem is dedicated to Ikonso, the BIAFRAN gallant Soldier cowardly murdered by Imo State Government on Sunday 25th April, 2021."

Written by:
Mazi Sunny
For: Anambra State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Anambra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Anambra State Media

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