Am I happy or excited about the fact that APC as a party is imploding and the possibility of removing the brutish, inept and clueless Buhari becoming like a done deal? It is a capital NO! I am neither happy nor excited because for any critical observer like me there is nothing to celebrate. In that one, what Nigeria as a country is going through is not something that will just end with the ouster of Buhari and his APC goons rather the vicious circle of violence, bloodletting and islamization agenda must continue to take the centre stage of our body politics and two, among all those jostling to take over from Buhari none is that much different from him judging by the fact that they are mostly Fulanis.

Also, it is high time we realise that inside every Fulani lies the land grabbing and islamization agenda mindset and lastly there's no guaranty that Buhari and his Fulani Islamic jihadists would just go back to their holes and let the already distraught country a moment of peace and rest but rather I foresee the greatest unleashing of the dreaded Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen and the recently formed Akkika terrorists on the already traumatized and hapless citizens of this country more than what we witnessed during former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) era and you can for sure take that to the bank.

Another reason I am not happy nor excited about the whole development is because the Nigerian politician is never one to bank on and not the type that can stand up against the Islamic jihadists and fight them the way they should be fought talk less of defeating them. Rather they will just let the whole situation to fester while they concentrate on looting the treasury which is their primary aim of grabbing power in the first place and not to solve the cursed entity's myriad of challenges and insurmountable political, religious and economic crisis.

Having said that, I must say it unequivocally and without fear of contradiction that the only way out of the quagmire we found ourselves in this evil entity is to dissolve the evil behemoth and contraption to free the indigenous ethnic nationalities that have been trapped inside with the murderous and beastly Fulani Islamic jihadists breathing down on all of us. The dissolution must be done through a UN and other relevant world bodies supervised referendum to determine those that are still interested to remain under the jackboot of Fulani hegemony and those who are tired of been killed and enslaved in a country they called theirs and want out just as it happened in Sudan few years back.

This we the rest of non-Hausa Fulani indigenous nationalities of this country must do as a matter of urgency in order to preserve our ancestral land and heritage, freedom to worship our God, culture and traditions, religious inclinations and economic wellbeing. Because failing to do so it is obvious that the Fulani Islamic jihadists shall be wiping out any semblance of our existence and taking over the land only to relinquish same to their masters the Arab expansionists as it has been done in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. All these were lands originally occupied by black Africans but today have been taken over by the Arabs with the few black communities completely subjugated and, in some case, wiped out of existence. A stitch in time saves nine!

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Peace
For: Abuja State Media

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