By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited by Nkechi Onuoha            

Every rational and reasonable human being should be concerned about the trending headline from Sahara Reporters, "Ohaneze Ndigbo meets National Assembly, says it is ready to sign surety for IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu". The pendulum of this above disturbing and ear-splitting caption sounds implausible.


It sounds cosmetic, impotent and mentally complicated from past occurrences and covered with unseen deceit. Viewing from what the struggle has seen and experienced, the unfriendly fathers' role played by Ohaneze Ndigbo previously has activated a lot of questions and deep concern because Nigeria's format is identical, and this report from Sahara Reporters is not far from that. It, therefore, becomes imperative to analyze this unclear headline. 


It is no longer a secret that Sahara Reporters and other sister media colleagues never give accurate and authentic reports concerning Biafra's agitation. They 'could' be more reliable regarding information and reports about IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Whenever issues of IPOB arise, Nigerian media spread falsehood without investigation and automatically become unprofessional and amateur in their professions to destroy reality and dampen the struggle.


This move by Ohaneze Ndigbo is dicey and can be analyzed in two ways: the negative side takes the most significant percentage. 

Meeting the national assembly is a right step in the right direction, uncharacteristic of Ohaneze Ndigbo. Biafrans applaud them for this move since political solution is one of the workable ways to enhance Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's release from the DSS dungeon. Still, the decision to sign "surety" is controversial. 


We know that a handful of Ohaneze Ndigbo are professors, Intellectuals and randomly learned individuals with powerful connections that will go a long way to bring Mazi Nnamdi Kanu out from the DSS hell hole. The language and ruling of the Appeal Court on 13th October 2022 that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should be released unconditionally, compensated and that no court in Nigeria has the jurisdiction to entertain the case again is not ambiguous even to Ohaneze Ndigbo. Yet Ohaneze Ndigbo embarked on the destructive #surety agenda.


Have you seen where a competent court vindicated somebody and turned around to demand for #surety? 

Why did Ohaneze Ndigbo consider #surety as a better option? Why has Ohaneze Ndigbo failed to back Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with sound lawyers to assist the judicial process as leaders, just like the Yorubas did in the case of Sunday Igboho? This categorically shows that this move by the Ohaneze Ndigbo movement has an unseen devilish clause attached.


If we have forgotten, let me refresh our memories: The Nigerian Appeal Court declared Mazi Nnamdi Kanu free. In the end, the Igbo leaders concomitantly and systematically introduced the #surety formula. A formula that gave birth to the avoidable, impossible, unthinkable and unimaginable conditions that warranted an institution and personality like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader who controls over 100 million people, not to stay amid more than ten people. Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe stood for that surety, an action we remain grateful for till today. 


Ohaneze Ndigbo still wants to follow the same tunnel that never benefited Biafrans. The question is, are you people with us or against us? Since the previous lane took the lives of Biafran youths and nearly took the life of the IPOB leader, why are you adopting the same measure? Something is fishy.


From current happenings, it is crystal clear that Simon Ekpa, a.k.a. autopilot CEO and Biafra in exile prime minister format as Nigerian agent, is no longer functional, and that is the main reason APC federal government of Nigeria seriously needs replacement after the 50 words letter of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu disarmed the criminal double agent of his evil sit at home. They adopted another sugar-coated approach from another dimension, using Igbo leaders to champion the campaign. Only IPOB faithfuls and those genuinely following this struggle will understand the rhythm of the music and the master of the game. Once beaten, twice shy.


If Ohaneze Ndigbo is genuine in their course, with their wealth of experience, they would diplomatically force the Nigerian state to do the needful. 

In Biafra, we stand.

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