By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSanctos (Abia Writers)

Edited By Nkechi Onuoha

“An Elder” in Igbo cosmology means “an aged person who readily does anything legitimate to protect his generation, preserve his culture and tradition. “An Elder” defends his land with the conceptual belief that the future of the youths should be secured. Anything short of the above-stated features is #fake. The crop of #gangster elders in Igbo land currently parading themselves as Ohanaeze Ndigbo and present-day traditional leaders of Igbo land are the direct opposite of the intended primary aims, goals and motives of a proper definition of an #elder in the African context. 

Ohanaeze Ndigbo is a group of selfish businessmen and contractors who are always after business deals and contracts that will attract self-gain and benefits irrespective of the consequences of such transactions on the Igbo Nation. These #gangster elders always seek opportunities or avenues to betray and sabotage their people in exchange for political recognition and indirectly seek contracts and brown envelopes at the detriment of the people they claim to be representing. 

The atrocious acts of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, “that is, their evil deeds against Ndigbo in general and Biafra struggle for freedom in particular,” have fundamentally made the youths and any right-thinking human being raise a red flag against them. Ohanaeze Ndigbo is sturdily fighting against the #Biafra restoration project and doing everything possible to undermine it. 

For instance, Ohanaeze Ndigbo is the brain behind tagging #IPOB a terrorist group and the preceding Operation Python Dance 2 in Igbo land that claimed many lives and properties of Igbos. Not forgetting the genocide committed by trigger-happy #Nigerian security agents at the compound of #Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the #IPOB leader, where more than 30 Biafran youths lost their lives.

The same Ohanaeze Ndigbo deceived #Igbo people with mirage restructure while positioning themselves and their children for government appointments and lucrative contracts. This group of old, senseless, and greedy leaders collect money from the government and approve the mass burial of our people killed in the North by Islamic extremists. 

Are you not aware that #Ohanaeze Ndigbo congratulated the former Governor of #River state, Nyesom Wike, for massacring over 500 Biafran youths in #Obigbo and for illegally detaining so many of them in various military and DSS secret cells in the North where the females were constantly gang raped and males taken away and killed one after another.

During the #ENDSARS protest in 2020, the same #old gangster elders destabilized and brainwashed gullible one-Nigerianists with deceptive #Igbo presidency 2023 campaign, which the same Ohanaeze Ndigbo later sabotaged. They collaborated with Tinubu to rig Governor Hope Uzodinma into the gubernatorial seat of Imo state for the second tenure despite the Governor’s first tenure being the bloodiest administration recorded in the history of Imo state.

#Ohanaeze Ndigbo has bluntly and intentionally refused to fight the course of the Igbo people. Instead, they are doing the bidding of the enemies of Ndigbo, who planted them as spies and enforcers to ensure that Ndigbo are continually put down in Nigeria. Whenever they suspect that Ndigbo are coming together to move forward, they will bring one mirage topic to deflect attention. When Ndigbo started paying attention to IPOB and their Biafra restoration project, Ohaneze Ndigbo joined the Yorubas in the clamour for restructuring. After that they started flying the Igbo presidency kite. Igbo President 2015, Igbo President 2019, and Igbo President 2023 are all a mirage. Now, the Ohaneze president, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has moved on to Igbo president in 2027. They are shameless and can do anything to be in the good books of their paymasters.

The British and Nigerian governments destroyed the pro-Igbo group, the #Igbo Union, after the 1967 to 1970 genocide against Biafra. They replaced it with Ohaneze Ndigbo, populated by greedy, self-serving, and fickle-minded men whom they can manipulate. The #Igbo union was founded around 1937 and comprised of the wealthy, middle class, honourable, intellectual, influential, and noble Igbo men who came together to have a positive objective that will unite, protect, assist and give Ndigbo direction in every aspect of life, including helping our cousins from the coastal region of Biafra as old Eastern region. 

This #Igbo Union brought many goodies and developments into Igbo land, such as National High School Aba, formerly known as #Igbo High School, built around 1948 by #Igbo Union. The school was the scene of the February 9, 2016, Aba massacre, where #IPOB family members were killed in large numbers by Nigerian security agents and their leaders were taken away to various detention centres where many of them spent years. What was their crime? They gathered to pray for the release of the Biafran leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was extra-judicially detained in Abuja.

The #Ibo union gave scholarships that benefited #Igbo sons and daughters, including our cousins from the coastal region. Our brother from Ogoni, Ken Sairo Wiwa, also benefitted. That is how he attended Government College Umuahia when Michael Okpara was premier of the Eastern region. They built hospitals and opened companies, thereby promoting Youth empowerment. They encouraged learning the Igbo language in schools in Igbo land, directly linking Igbos to their culture and tradition. 

Finally, # the Igbo Union contributed to conveying our people from the North and West to Biafra land during the 1966 Igbo massacre that led to the Biafran genocide. They also helped Biafra to sustain the genocide committed against them. After the genocide, the British and Nigerian governments put specific policies in place to make sure the stubborn Igbo race never rose again. One of those policies is never to allow the #Igbo Union to see the light of day in post-genocide Nigeria. In its place, they hand-picked their spies and puppets who helped them sabotage the war to establish Ohaneze Ndigbo. As you can see, they are doing well at what they were set up to accomplish.

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