By Nkama onyemaechi Nnachi (Abia writers)

 Edited by Nkechi Onuoha. 


Oh, my Biafran Brother! What kind of brother are you who enjoys his own people's continuous wailing and agony? You devour your own and feed on their flesh. Their blood you offer as a sacrifice to the ungodly foreigners, your enslavers. Oh, my blood Brother who dwells next door, you masterminded the unprovoked abduction and killing of your people. You are a traitor and a saboteur.


British Empire succeeded in invading and colonizing Igboland because of the betrayal of people like you, my next-door brother. Our forefathers resisted the British invasion of Biafra land on all fronts. The most famous is the Ekumeku movement which consisted of a series of uprisings against the rising power of the Royal Niger Company of the British Empire by thousands of Anioma youths in the present-day Delta State. The great Ekumeku warriors sought to thwart British incursions with their underground resistance movement. They held the British at Bay for 31 years (1883-1914). That spiritual quest for Biafra freedom, which can never be defeated, has resurged into what we have today as IPOB and their ESN warriors, who doggedly resist the unprecedented destructive advances of the Fulani movements in our Land today.


The pivotal collaborative role of saboteurs among our people contributed immensely to the British Force's crushing of the Ekumeku warriors. Do you want to play that role? How have you forgotten in haste the good old days of our forefathers, when Brother was the brother's keeper and brotherly concern (onuru ube nwanne) was the watchword?


You are the one pointing fingers at your brothers because you don't know who you are, "it is only the eggs that are well incubated that would bring forth young Birds". Oh, my next-door brother. Someone may ask, "Who are these next-door brothers?" These are the Igbo elites and political leaders who only remember that Biafrans are their brothers when an election is around the corner but turn into their enemies afterwards. 


Today, they are riding on the back of their high horses, looking down with contempt on their brothers who cannot afford a donkey. They take sides with our enemies and perpetrate the victimization of Biafrans all over Nigeria. At their command, their security guards, which comprise the military, police, the DSS, the defunct Ebubeagu and their likes, attack, abduct and slaughter innocent Biafrans like animals for food and sacrifice without provocation. You conspire with local and international enemies against your Biafran brothers for power and promises of material benefits. Oh, my next-door brother.  


The recent attack on and killing of JTF in Imo State is a typical example of their modus operandi. What happened at Mbano, Imo State, was the implementation of the decision made on 1st September 2023 in a meeting between Governor Hope Uzodimma and his criminal killer squad, which includes some Nigerian security agents, Asari Dokubo boys and Autopilot Fake ESN. They resolved to make Imo State uncomfortable and Rugged for the people of IMO State because of the upcoming November governorship election. That way, people out of fear will not come out to vote in the election to make way for rigging Hope Uzodimma into the governorship seat again. The resolve of the meeting was also why the Finland-based Autopilot chief and criminal Simon Ekpa announced the launching of what he called the Biafra Liberation Army.


Because of you, my blood Brother, the Biafran people have suffered national terrorism, national hatred, international conspiracy, military raids and unprovoked abduction and killing more than any existing Nation. The next-door brothers are the infiltrators planted among the Biafran people. They are the agents of the Nigerian government and the political Elites, whose purpose is to counter every step of IPOB to bring the struggle for Biafra restoration to nought. They created a parallel IPOB, a counterfeit, and have infiltrated everything Mazi Nnamdi Kanu established. Your activities are treacherous to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's divine and sincere quest for a free Biafra Nation.


You coordinate attacks on Biafrans and commit all manner of criminalities in Biafra land to generate insecurity and unrest. You kidnap Biafrans for ransom, Rape Biafra women and girls, and kill the Biafrans. Yet you claim that you are fighting for Biafra's freedom; OH, my next-door brother, you still turn back to accuse IPOB and ESN of being responsible for your crimes. But all your efforts to implicate MNK and IPOB will continue to be fruitless.


So many years have passed, and a lot has happened, yet it seems like yesterday. But every wound has a scare which reminds us of yesterday, the past years of progress, which has turned Siblings against Siblings and children against parents. When will these dark clouds be lifted? I ask as we drift from bad to worse and things continue to fall apart. My next-door brother, I want you to realize that MNK is in DSS detention because of you and me. It is time you retrace your steps and stop the brutalization of your people. Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu now.                     

Let Biafra go.               

In Biafra, we stand.

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