The Fulani herdsmen on Monday 12, March 2018 invaded and attacked Enyanwigwe village in Igbagu community at Izzi LGA Ebonyi state Biafra land, during the afternoon hours which left two persons dead and two others seriously wounded.

Speaking with the newsmen on how the ugly incident occurred the formal councillor to Enyanwigwe ward Mazi Ndiche Aka narrated that the Fulani herdsman who carried out the attack targeted when almost the entire villagers has left for their businesses and some to their farms, he reviewed that two persons was attacked along the road and two others in their compound, which is not far from the road where the first two victims was attacked.

According to Nwangele Sunday the first victim who was among the two that survived the attack while narrating his ordeal says that, he was going to the market that faithful day and suddenly one Fulani herdsman came out from the nearby bush along the road, he greeted him and he did not respond to the greetings rather he turned to him and started butchering him with machete.

He further explained that it was his raise of alarm that called the attention of the first dead victim Obasi Inyele to the scene. He said " It was when I raised an alarm that Obasi rushed to the sport and he (Fulani herdsman) turned to him and began to butcher him with machete as well, by then I was down with blood and unconscious, I never knew he couldn't survive it".

It was after then that the Fulani herdsman moved to the nearest compound and began to destroy the louvers used for window coverage and the car packed in the compound before the second dead victim Akachi  Ejike whom he mate in the compound out of astonishment came out from the house to ascertain what was happening, then he turned and strike him with the machete on his forehead and he felled down.

On seeing that from afar the second survived victim Okemini Nwachi rushed to the scene and he turned and strike him but he used his hand to defend it before he struggled and collected the sword from him and raised an alarm that attracted the attention and presence of other villagers who contacted the Nigeria police and army on the situation.

Meanwhile before the security operatives could get to the scene of the incident two of the victims Inyele Obasi and Okemini Nwachi kicked the bucket and their lifeless bodies were taken to St Vincent hospital mortuary Ndubia still in Igbagu at Izzi LGA Ebonyi state, while Sunday Nwangele and Ejike Akachi the two survived victims were taken to the specialist hospital Abakaliki for treatment.

Speaking with the newsmen on the same attack that took place on Monday 12, March 2018 at Enyanwigwe on Tuesday 13 March at Abakaliki, an indigene of the affected community that reside in the state capital who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that, he put the blame on the state  government who gave the Fulani herdsmen the free hand to operate in the state despite the level of mayhem they have unleashed on people in other parts of Nigeria such as Benue, he attributed this as part of political interest of the ruling elites of the Eastern governors, because if they stood boldly to sanction the Fulani herdsmen terrorists maybe their Abuja based  Hausa Fulani political masters will take it against them and tarnish their political career. He further lamented that it is evil of the highest order in this modern age for leaders both political, religious, academical and workforce to overlook the agony of those they are leading due to their personal selfish interest. He therefore called on the international communities to urgently come to the aid of Biafra people, because the Nigeria government and her ruling elites are not ready to do anything to abet the issue of illegal killings of innocent citizens by the Fulani herdsmen and Boko-haram terrorists sponsored by the northern Hausa Fulani Islam.

Meanwhile the security operatives that was deployed to the scene of the incident after the attack by the state government as well as the two hospitals where the bodies of the deceased and those receiving treatment were taken to prevent people especially the journalist from getting details or pictures from the victims or immediate family members. Reasons for doing this is yet unknown but it could be to thwart the effort of journalists from getting evidence for the ugly terrorism attack mated on the innocent people of Biafrans in Ebonyi state.

As at the time of this report the governor of Ebonyi State Engr. David Nwaeze Umahi and Muhammad Buhari President of the federal republic Nigeria has not made any statement in condemning the illegal attack. This will leave any rightful thinker with no option than to conclude that the government is directly or indirectly sponsoring the activities of terrorism in the country and care not about the wellbeing and the lives of those they lead.

To many other concerned citizens and analyst, it is a clear indication that the contraption of   Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa to be one country known as Nigeria was the biggest mistake made by the British and the best thing to do in order to resolve the heinous crime and avoid the impending doom awaiting Nigeria is to divide the country and let Biafra go their separate ways.

Many Biafra activists has called for the general support of the conduction of Biafra referendum to ascertain if the people of Biafra still want to be part of Nigeria or not. This according to them will resolve every form of agitation and terrorism in the Biafra territories because the government of Biafra will take the lives of her citizens first. Nevertheless, there is a big need for all and sundry to support Biafra referendum because this is the only best way to ending the lugubrious activities of Fulani herdsmen and Boko-haram in Nigeria and other parts of Biafra land.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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