August 23 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

It is really a sad day in Emene, as the combined team of Nigeria Police, DSS and SARS stormed Biafrans in their place of Worship again at exactly 8.00am as they were having a peaceful Prayer session, singing and worshipping their God this Sunday morning like they usually do.

The Terrorists Fulani men in Police uniform who are presently in total control of the Nigeria Police Force, Military and DSS, in the entire Biafra land, stormed the Worship ground, harassing and molesting the innocent people.

In the process of trying to stop them, a member walked up to ask why they were harassing them, they started beating him up, shooting live bullets sporadically at both the worshippers, and even some passers-by.

This unforeseen attack caused tension and fear as people fled in fear to different directions. The Officers called for reinforcement and more troops equipped with sophisticated weapons arrived from different locations.

The shooting became so difficult to dodge from, as countless number of people have been badly injured, leaving three young men dead in a pool of blood as their bodies were riddled with bullets.

Sixteen others fell at different points with bullets wounds and have been rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Currently as we speak, another two, has been confirmed dead in the hospital. The Security operatives have come to pick the three dead bodies at the scene after over 4 hours, heaped them in their Trucks and drove away.

They are also combing Hospitals searching for the survivors who sustained bullet wounds, warning Hospitals not to give treatment to the injured or release any dead body to their families.

The Nigeria Terrorist Security Officers, have taken siege of the area, hindering people from their normal activities, monitoring to arrest any male passer-by.

This is yet another Carnage by Nigeria Government against the peaceful people from the eastern region of Nigeria.

These Fulani Police and their military, are in our region to cause mayhem, this intimidations and killings can no longer be tolerated in our land.

So, we are calling on the world to come to our rescue, because we cannot continue to lose countless number of our Youths, Children and aged ones on daily basis, in the hands of FULANI Terrorists in our Land.

These same Security Officers have never arrested any Fulani herdsman, even as they go about raping our mothers and daughters, killing our young men, nobody has ever prosecuted them for these crimes, not even the Politicians claiming to be representing us.

We are still alerting the world again and their silence is deafening.

We are saying, Enough is Enough.


Reported by:
Mazi Henry Ike
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media
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