January 25 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

The Obigbo local government chairman by name Prince Gerald Oforji boast of leading the Nigerian military in killing thousands of IPOB activists in Obigbo during #EndSARS protest between October 2020 till date. Many IPOB activists has been hunted and killed unjustly because of the stooges in Rivers State.

Both governor Wike, the local government chairman who are involved in doing the Fulani killings in Obigbo will pay heavily. For this little boy parading himself and boasting that he will be re-elected as Obigbo local government chairman in coming months for helping the tyrant governor Ezenwo Nwike to carry his order in hunting for IPOB activists and destroying their properties in Obigbo will pay heavily for it.

Ever Since the governor of Rivers State Ezenwo Nwike vowed that any local government chairman that didn’t deliver shouldn’t dream of coming back to their second tenure. On Monday 18th January 2021, Gerald Oforji gathered some young men for a meeting, after much deliberation. He took some few errand boys to meet governor on 19th January 2021. This information was leaked by one of the individuals that accompanied him to the government house.

However, 19th January 2021, Prince Gerald Oforji ran to meet with tyrant Ezenwo Nwike the governor of Rivers State and lamenting how his position as a local government chairman is under threat because of his involvements in masterminding the killings of IPOB activists Obigbo on October 2020 till date. Gerald Oforji told Gov. Nwike in government house with some of his errand boys to beg the tyrant that if for no other reasons to retain his position as the local government chairman in Obigbo but achieving the greatest task to eliminate IPOB activists and demolishing Jewish synagogues which IPOB activists converge. He told the governor he is the only person that can retain him as the local government chairman in Obigbo.

The indigenes of Obigbo has vowed to remove him as the local government chairman, lamenting since he was selected to represent the Obigbo people, every allocation that is coming to Obigbo is been embezzled by this young man. Most roads in Afam leading to Obigbo is nothing to write home about. All he cares is self.

Nevertheless, the presence of the Nigerian military in Obigbo Express junction and environ are there through the efforts of Gerald Oforji. Till date, Obigbo is under siege, Gerald Oforji has vowed that most of Igbo Biafrans businesses and houses will be looted after chasing them away from Obigbo. He assured the governor that if re-elected he will do more in ensuring the lives Igbo Biafrans and IPOB activists is terminated in Obigbo.

It was indeed unbelievably that Gerald knelt down to beg tyrant Nwike that he carried out the order he (Governor) gave to kill and destroy IPOB activists’ meetings centres in Obigbo. That one of his greatest achievements was to lead the Nigerian military in killing thousands of IPOB activists and destroying their meeting centres in Obigbo Rivers State. He also reminded the tyrant that he was the only chairman to carry out such hard tasks effectively. When reminding the tyrant his involvements, this further exposed the governor who has been denying of killing IPOB activists in Obigbo and beyond.

At the end of begging this tyrant Nwike, the governor assured him that no man born of a woman can remove him as the local government chairman as long as he is concerned. Gerald Oforji phoned many of political friends and enemies, boasting that the governor has given him 100% assurance that no man born of a woman will remove him in the coming re-election of local government chairman in Obigbo.

Written by:
Ikenga Noble
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Obiageli Vivian Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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