The seat of the government of Anambra State. 
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Nigerians are expected to elect a new governor this Saturday, November 18 in the state of Anambra (southeast). This election is held in a very particular context. This state is part of the zone where Biafran secessionists claim, in scattered ranks, the self-determination of this region. Earlier this week, during a trip to the region, President Muhammadu Buhari insisted on national unity. This election is held in a very particular context.

Three surveillance helicopters, 26,000 policemen, ten army patrol boats positioned on the Niger River, 300 vehicles for patrols: the federal authorities have not hesitated to deploy anti-terrorist units to ensure the safety of voters Saturday.

Will the Biafran militants succeed in being heard through this election? Difficult to evaluate the scope of their message, so secessionists are divided. There is a radical faction embodied by Nnamdi Kanu , who has been missing for two months. Its activists call for a boycott and demand a referendum on self-determination for the region. An approach criticized by the "wise men" who created this organization.

End the marginalization of Southeast populations
Finally, some of the Biafra activists are encouraging voters to support the outgoing governor, close to the ruling coalition, Willie Obiano. "  Voting for Obiano will allow us to have Igbo representatives in the federal government  ," says Rita Anigbogu, leader of the Biafra Sovereignty Movement.

On the bottom, at least three candidates promise to put an end to the marginalization of the populations of the South-East. Same promise made by the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, came to support the PDP candidate in Onitsha this week.


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