It is crystal clear that Nigerian security forces are widely and notoriously known for perpetrating these sorts of uncivilized, unprofessional, barbaric, government ordered assassinations and terrorist acts of shooting peaceful unarmed citizens, raping helpless voiceless women and burning down homes of innocent citizens. The dark history of government ordered extra-judicial killings and burning down whole villages has become a well-known tradition and custom of the Nigerian government. Nigerian police, army and other security services have historically engaged in these terrorist acts at many locations across Nigeria in the recent past. A few examples of these crimes against humanity remain indelible in the memory of every Nigerian.

In the case of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, his house was burnt down and innocent civilians were murdered, including his mother who subsequently died of her injuries sustained in the attack. In the case of Odi in Bayelsa State, the Nigerian army burnt down the entire town, razed it to the ground and massacred the entire population, including their domestic animals and every living thing in sight.

In the genocide at Afaraukwu Ibeku, Abia State, the Nigerian Army gruesomely murdered more than 28 unarmed IPOB members in cold blood at the compound of the IPOB Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. In the case of Izzy in Ebonyi State Nigerian security forces murdered more than 250 unarmed men and burnt down their houses. In a recent incident at Aba in Abia State, the Nigerian government uniformed terrorists burnt down 12 buildings and pillaged an entire neighbourhood.

True to type, history has repeated itself in the attempted assassination of IPOB’s lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, by the joint forces of Nigerian Police, Army and other security services at his country home at Oraifite, Anambra State on 2 December 2019. Eyewitness accounts have given harrowing details of how Nigerian government uniformed assassination squads ferociously shot at guests who were on a condolence visit at Barrister Ejiofor’s home, burnt down the residence and other nearby houses with more than 10 occupants in them, shot dead four members of IPOB, shot and injured Barrister Ejiofor’s aged mother, and raped women including mothers and young girls. The conduct of Nigerian Security forces at Oraifite amounts to terrorism and crimes against humanity.

Following these atrocities, the Nigerian Police Force issued a press statement alleging that they had acted upon receipt of reliable information and report about alleged assault, kidnap and cult activities at Barrister Ejiofor’s premises.  Police further alleged that members of IPOB attacked them with weapons at Barrister Ejiofor’s premises resulting in the death of two policemen and the burning of a police van.

There is no credibility whatsoever in the claims and allegations put forward by the Nigerian police.  The Police press statement failed to address so many questions and issues, including:

 (1) Police failed to produce the alleged weapons allegedly used by members of IPOB.

(2) Police failed to name the alleged victims of kidnap nor did police say who allegedly kidnapped the alleged victims.

(3)  Police failed to name or identify the alleged cults, and its alleged members said to have engaged in cult activities at Barrister Ejiofor’s compound. Police failed to produce any photographic or video evidence of any cult activity it alleged.

(4) Police alleged that two policemen were killed but failed to produce their bodies. Police alleged that two policemen were killed and burnt in the van by members of IPOB, but video evidence shows that four bodies were burnt in the van, which tallies exactly with the number of IPOB members killed by the Police, and whose corpses were loaded into that same van by the police and driven away by the Police. In effect only, the Police could have burnt its own van together with the bodies of the four members of IPOB killed by Police.  The police allegations are simply a setup.

(5) Police failed to identify the alleged victims allegedly assaulted by IPOB members or Barrister Ejiofor. Police failed to bring the alleged victims of the alleged assault to press interview or on camera.

(6) Police failed to say or show how or why Barrister Ejiofor's aged mother was shot, nor have police explained how burning down houses, shooting innocent citizens and raping women constitutes the appropriate response to investigation or prosecution of the alleged crimes.

(7) Whereas the Police was at Barrister Ejiofor’s home as early as 6 am on the day, the same Police testified that it had received the alleged complaints at 11.30am on the same day, which is five and half hours after it had already attended Barrister Ejiofor’s residence supposedly in answer to a complaint that had not yet been made at the time. 

The Police statement is simply neither credible nor believable. This matter is one that calls for intervention by the United Nations, European Union, US Government, Amnesty international, non-government organizations, and powerful individuals with conscience to ensure an independent judicial investigation or inquiry directed at unravelling the truth of what happened. On the evidence in the matter to date, the atrocities committed at Oraifite point to a covert Nigerian Government ordered assassination attempt on the life of Barrister Ejiofor, as well as a setup to attempt to implicate and frame IPOB as an armed terrorist organisation which it is not. Barrister Ejiofor and IPOB have to date defeated the Nigerian Government in all court cases in Nigerian Courts.  There is another court hearing coming up in January 2020, hence the Nigeria government desperately wants to ensure that Barrister Ejiofor is eliminated by every means possible.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had a similar experience, when ahead of his impending court hearing the Nigerian Army attacked his home in Afaraukwu, Abia State in an attempt to assassinate him. 28 members of IPOB and his dog were massacred in that incident. Having failed at their assassination attempt on Barrister Ejiofor, the Nigerian government has reverted to use of the Police to declare him a wanted person. In criminalising Barrister Ejiofor and declaring him a wanted person, the Nigerian Government aims to paralyse Barrister Ejiofor’s legal practice, and thereby deny IPOB his competent legal representation in all IPOB matters currently pending before the courts of Nigeria. Concerted investigative journalistic work is currently ongoing in attempt to uncover more details of this covert Nigeria government operation and the individuals behind them.

In Biafra, we trust!

Written by:
Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos & Nwabunwanne David
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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