Saturday 18 November 2017

Biafra: Ofe Nsala Day, Today Is The Appointed Day. Are You Ready?

Ifere anaghi eme all these politicians (all these politicians don't feel shame). Be wary of anybody that is shameless. All the candidates for the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election are shameless. I am not making an exception of any candidate. Every single one of them is shameless. Obiano (APGA) is shameless. Obaze (PDP) is shameless. Nwoye (APC) is shameless. Etc. All I see is shameless people doing shameful things in the name of campaign.

Well I must not fail to register my Shout out to all eminent Biafrans who despite the heavy presence of the Nigerian murderous security agencts saw reasons to boycott the Anambra state gubernatorial election slated today the 18th day of November 2017, congratulations to all those who has made it to the dinning rooms with their preferred recipe style of OFE NSALA not minding the implications of the aroma, happy memory to all Biafra fallen heroes and heroines who had paid the greatest sacrifice of freedom and most especially, 21 gunshots to my incorruptible and ever resolute leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu where ever he might be especially after he was abducted by same murderous security agents ;  I pray that Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama guide and protect him as we look forward to register huge success as we heed to the glorious clarion call to boycott Anambra election.

The thing is, knowing fully well that the main reason we have engaged into this civil exercise of boycotting election is to register our displeasures and regrets of being together as Biafrans with some other people who do not value our existence nor have a good view of us in anyway imaginable. Election boycotts have a place in a functioning democracy; participation being at the heart of the democratic process. However, boycotts could have a role to play in a democracy that is not functioning as it should be and where justice and equity is impossible.

Usually in elections, the voters’ central dilemma is deciding whether to vote for candidate ‘A’, ‘B’, or even ‘C’. However, in this Anambra  state election which is taking place today, Biafrans are revisiting the dilemma they faced during previous  elections and most importantly ignored referendum quest that was supposed to be granted therefore, deciding  not to vote at all.

Upon this conquest, it is paramount that every Biafran residing in Anambra State must program the activities of the boycott, even though the elections as usual has been rigged by the Nigerian government.

It is of my best wishes to remind all Biafrans (Anambrans) that the destiny of  over 70 million Biafra population (home and abroad) lies in their hands; today, their choice is what counts and not a vote.

The ofe nsala day has finally come, and people are expected to stay in their respective homes to observe the election boycott in their own way, so far they do not vote . Let it not skip our memories that a step off from your home is a nearer step to your graves. It is only a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave; don't give out your dear lives to mere thousand notes.

The presence of the happy triggered  Nigeria forces is enough reason to move clear from polling units, because their mission is to kill, steal and destroy.
The election rigging is inevitable, but it will hold no water if there are no individuals in the polling boots. They will only justify their claims only when people are sighted in the polling units.

Anambra state is in a daring moment and as such, people must be conscious; owing to the fact that their response to the election boycott will only give room to the next phase of the Biafra project. Although, I am very much assured that the whole of Anambra streets will be saturated with the aromatic flavor of ofe nsala. Already, here in my neighborhood, the aroma has started sending out the signal that we aren't voting today, but will seat in our homes to enjoy our special delicacy.

It is also paramount to inform all Anambrans that the world is watching with every knee interests. In conjunction is some international bodies, they all are watching. Now, the ball is in our courts, we should make the most out of this election.

It is very simple! sit-at-home and enjoy your ofe nsala. This is the simplest part to play in this very exercise. Anambrans, you are Biafrans , the ball is in your court, save the dying soul and save the dying generation. Happy Ofe nsala  day to you all.



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