By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

There is an ongoing battle to take over Anambra state, the very heart of Igbo and Biafraland by the Fulani led APC government with the help of crude and chronic Anambra politicians. The Fulani APC government has succeeded in dipping the (evil finger) in Igbo land through the controversial Fulani APC conspiracy and fraudulent installation of Hope Uzodinma, the current APC governor in Imo state Biafra land. No matter how the Igbo governors/politicians pretend, the masses know that Igbo governors and politicians are the rotten eggs and #evilfinger in Igbo land. 

The politicians are secretly flashing touch and piloting the ongoing mass assassination in Igbo land, which circled on Anambra state Biafra land. The governors of APC have the road map of this endless evil finger in Anambra state that has suddenly claimed many lives in Igbo land, including setting cars and houses ablaze after a political attack. The Fulani APC plan is to sink Igbo land permanently, and Biafra agitation will automatically become history. The game remains "kill Igbo elites and blame it on IPOB/ESN. Nigerian Security agents and Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB haters are the perpetrators of this evil. They bribe the Media houses in Nigeria to tag IPOB as the culprit before the world. 

The game systematically started a few years ago when the Nigerian government contaminated the late prophet Nwoko, whom Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shouldered his problem. The same Fulani APC government killed prophet Nwoko after using him and accused IPOB, the usual Nigerian routine of blackmailing the opposition. 

They used the former Imo state APC governor to suppress, torture, and tag IPOB as a terrorist organisation. However, there was no killing by IPOB members during his tenure as governor of Imo state. The same APC Fulani government he worked and supported to uproot IPOB and destroy the Biafra struggle has relegated senator Rochas Okorocha to nothing and finally silenced him with EFCC. He is now politically impotent in Nigeria and APC as well. 

Lately, political assassination has spiked in Biafraland, especially Anambra state. Drivers and personal assistants of politicians were shot dead on the spot. These government-sponsored gangs kidnapped a prominent politician, and he has not been seen to date. His son's suspected political opponents killed Dr Chike Akuyili, a well-respected Doctor in Igbo land. These mischief-makers accused IPOB immediately after the death was announced to deflect attention and ruin any investigation. In Imo state, the palace of Eze Akukamara house and cars were set on fire.  

The one that blew out of proportion was APC Joe Igbokwe's burnt house. He boldly accused IPOB of being responsible without evidence or physical/technical proof. Joe Igbokwe claims IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are his only enemies because he is bitter about the Biafra struggle. In Joe Igbokwe's speech, he said that he had paid the "price", what he means by "paying the price" nobody knows. Biafran people are waiting to see what the Igbo efulefu means by #price. Story of how he collected money to get his house burnt and blamed on IPOB emerged and was quickly suppressed. 


According to Joe Igbokwe's home camera, the arsonists who burnt his home operated without masks, and their faces are everywhere online. Why have they not been unearthed by this Fulani led APC government? If those guys are IPOB or ESN, by now, every media house and newspaper in Nigeria and abroad will be awash with the news. Security agents will parade them with government planted weapons to make the news headlines rich and juicy. The above signature of burning, killing and burying the political career of already used slave politicians has been the Fulani symbol and tradition. During the first republic, they used it in Oduduwa land.


Labelling IPOB as a killer Organisation is a ploy to continue more killings and burning activities in Anambra state. IPOB leadership said that there would be no election in Anambra state come November 6th 2021. Nigerian government unleashed mayhem in Anambra state with widespread murder and destructions to pitch the people against IPOB. Unfortunately for them, the people are IPOB, and IPOB is the people. The evil finger in Igbo land is the Fulani led APC government and the Igbo politicians.

In Biafra, we stand.

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