Biafra: Amoketun Formation A Point To Prove About Biafra Security Service

■ Author : Onwe Ozioma
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 29th, January , 2020

In view of the security situation in Nigeria getting worse by the day, the formation of Amotekun has confirmed that the idea of setting up BSS back in 2017 by IPOB is the answer which security-conscious locals seek. Thus, every Biafran must buy into the idea.

In Nigeria today, the insane agenda of the Fulanis and the British government has synchronized. Making the land too unsafe. There is now a dangerous merger between two eternal invaders. and the lands which these accomplices have invaded or intends to invade, have but one approach to adopt- self-defense. Failure of which will spell doom.

History in its impartiality has shown us that the British government and the Fulanis, share some traits in common. Little Wonder they align so easily. Of course,  birds of a feather flock together. Two out of these traits are very dangerous to human existence. First, they are both feudalists. Second, they are natural invaders - perhaps they believe in the survival of the fittest theory and winner takes it all mantra. Once they find a weakness in any people, they capitalize on it to exterminate them. In their definition, the weak in any form is not fit. And in a habitat where only the fittest survive, the less fit has no place. Therefore they must be suppressed out. 

For anyone who doubts this. Research on where the Fulanis came from originally. Find out why and how they find themselves wherever they are today. Their activities during and after conquering those places. Compare that to that of the British - their invasion of places in Asia and Africa particularly. Both military and religious invasions. And see if you will agree less with me in this assertion of mine. Just self-defense if you care and you should care because it will help you in your quest for survival. The days are evil. Courtesy the British government and the Fulanis.

In their invasion, they study to see if the target is militarily a threat. If not they come, give conditions and any form of objection means that the target will be slaughtered to submission. If yes, then they come disguised with a lot of promises of what is and what is not. They play on the people's intelligence and boom!!! The land is gone.

On the side of the Fulanis, the Hausas are a perfect case study. It is sad to know that the great Hausa people only still exist in their language. Their land, pride, industry, intelligence all gone. The Fulanis deceived and slaughtered them into oblivion. And today it is a case of shall the dry bone rise again?

On the side of the British government the Igbo tribe in particular and Biafra, in general, is a perfect example. The Igbo tribe is the most intelligent tribe in Africa. But guess their state today. The British came and saw people to sophisticated for almost all their armory. But witty as they are, they still found a way to bring the mighty to their knees. Today, what the Biafrans are chasing is religion. Boko Haram will strike with guns but Biafrans will defend with what the British gave them - the Bible and what the Bible told them - the lord will fight your battle (exodus 14:14). Even if you give them the means to defend themselves, the Bible will whisper to them "thou shall not kill" if you tell them that these are enemies who are out to exterminate you. The British will tell them through the Bible "so were the prophets persecuted. Our Lord Jesus was even killed. And a servant cannot be greater than the master. If the world hated me they will hate you too. Rejoice for your reward is great in heaven"

The pattern I have drifted to here may not go down well with religious fellows. I understand why. But the truth must be said.

The bottom line is that our land is in grave danger. Our mothers and daughters are being raped to death. Bastards are being born in our land with the aim of using them tomorrow to gain access to our land. Our young men and women are being cut short. Even the so-called religious leaders are being killed.

In the face of all these, it is very sad that all we do is pray and have faith that the insecurities in the land will be taken away by God. We forget that even the Bible we so believe declares that faith without work is dead. Furthermore, we pay no attention to how the so-called Israelites of the Bible we read as though our lives depend on it, handles insecurities. We forget that even in the synagogue and at the wailing wall as they pray and wail, they have their weapons handy. Some of us are even far too foolish enough to think that the police and army and other so-called security agencies are there to protect us. So we are deceived to believe but in actual fact, they are insecurity agents.

But if we are sincere to ourselves we will realize that our beliefs and assumptions have failed us. And it is time to take the bull by the horn and take the steps which times past has proven to be the only remedy to situations like the one confronting us today.

The ever proactive IPOB had in 2017, taking a step in this direction. Though the vision was met with stiff opposition from enemies within and without. It was the formation of BSS, that led to the prescribing of IPOB. But thankfully today, the Yorubas even in their hypocrisy has adopted that sure measure formulated by IPOB - perhaps they have realized the truth.

It is, therefore, time for every Biafran to understand that he is an "Amotekun" and a member of it for what it stands for - self-defense and defense of the land.

It is time to join BSS for what it stands for - self-defense and defense of Biafra. Any Biafran opposed to the relaunching of BSS must be seen as a traitor and must be treated as one. It is time to be security conscious and accept that no Nigerian force is there for you.

The solution to the insecurities in the land is joining BSS /Amotekun.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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