– New militant group emerges with a fresh threat to President Muhammadu Buhari
– Lashes out at the Nigerian government for neglecting its region in the last 50 years
– Presents demands to President Buhari, while also stating that Nigeria is a failed state
– Says it is neither Boko Haram nor ISIS
– Calls for Nigerians’ support in its cause 

A new militant group identified as ‘The Niger Delta’ 
Avengers in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta region, has issued a warning to President Muhammadu Buhari. In a press statement made available to Sahara Reporters, the group says the president should hold a national conference where Nigerians would be allowed to vote on whether or not to divide the country into four self-governing regions. The militants, in the statement titled ‘Nigeria is a failed entity’, also threatened to cripple the economy if their demands are not met by the President Buhari-led federal government.

While stating that Nigeria (which was brought together by Sir Lord Lugard) died after 1966 and the country no longer exists, the group stated that the region has been neglected by the present administration of President Buhari, and has called for a division.
“The recent happenings in the country is clear eye opener to how the Nigerian state has derailed and its heading to nowhere. “A country where those in power over look the main reasons why they were voted into power. That has showed how self centered and selfish the people we look up to as leaders in the country.

“When they (politicians) are elected or appointed into any political office. Their primary aim is to enrich themselves and influence infrastructural projects to their region. “Clear example is the present administration where Fulani herdsmen whom are the kinsmen of President Buhari are above the law despite the killing and atrocities they have committed against farmers in the south and middle belt but the president can give a shoot on sight directive to military against the peaceful protest of the Indigenous people of Biafra.

“Other one is the 2016 budget where nearly all the major projects are channeled to the North even though the creeks of the Niger delta are in dear need of development to improve the standard of living,” the statement read in part. While expressing its grievances over the neglect of the Niger Delta for over 50 years, the group revealed why they began their militancy and despite the fact that the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua proclaimed amnesty for the agitators, nothing has been done about their demands.
“The Niger Delta has been neglected for more than 50 years which gave birth to the arm struggle in the region but after the proclamation of the presidential amnesty to all agitators by President Umaru Musa Yara- duha little or none has been done about the Niger delta in terms of human capital development, infrastructural development, youth empowerment/educational infrastructure.

“The truth is, nothing has been done about the Niger delta. Niger Delta Development commission (NDDC) that has the statutory mandate to develop the region is cash cow for the northerner and their southern political counterparts. “The Niger delta region to the Nigerian government is like forbidding region as stated by one of our own, the minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi. That no parents will send their ward to school in the Niger Delta. A reason why the President Buhari led Administration cancelled the Nigeria Maritime University Okerenkoko.

“Forgetting university of Port Harcourt he graduated from is sited in the Niger Delta. He is from a poor background like most other Niger Deltans but was able to attend university because it was sited in his community so why depriving other people from the region to benefit like he did? What a shame! “After a critical analysis and evaluation of the present happenings we come to a conclusion that, despite the president’s age and his cluelessness, he should call for a sovereign national conference. 

Where citizens from all regions will part take freely and decides whether the entity Nigeria should remain or break up WITHOUT PULLING A TRIGGER,” the statement read further.
While stating clearly what it stands for, the group, through the statement, noted that, “The Niger delta avengers high command, which comprises of agitators from all ethnic groups in the Niger Delta, has concluded that if the president fails to hear our voice and refuse to call for the sovereign national conference. “We will ensure its happens or we will employ our second option by crippling the economy of the country. We won’t stop at that but dead ready to take the fight out of the creeks and take it to cities like Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt just to name a few.

And Avengers are not interested in taking innocent lives, but we will defend territory and ourselves . “The Niger Delta Avengers are not Boko Haram, we are not ISIS. All we are asking for is a better living for the people of the Niger Delta and self-determination that is to govern ourselves. We will soon raise our flag and name our interim ruling Council. “We are calling on all Nigerians to come out and support this cause.” The Nigerian army has also sent a strong message to the militants in the Niger Delta region to desist from pipeline vandalism or be treated like criminals.

The Punch reports that Major General Alani Okunlola, who is the commander of Operation Pulo Shield (which is the joint force in the region) gave this warning in reaction to a threat issued by the Niger Delta militant group.

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