June 27 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

Every responsible government is expected to discharge its duty with sincerity and honesty in line with expectation of the people to succeed in the government. This is to further strengthen the confidence the citizenry has reposed on the president. The responsible administration thinks for the people wellness to improve their standard of living.

In the case of Nigeria, the federal government of Nigeria has always claim to fight corruption but the fight against corruption in Nigeria is nothing but a total failure because the government is corrupt and the president is also corrupt therefore two wrongs cannot make a right. These present government allegedly claimed to have recovered loots from the previous administration but what the government is literally doing is nothing but to siphon the looted money. The government is a broad day financial robbers in every sector of the economic in Nigeria.

Under this present administration, corruption has become a way of life as Nigeria is being ranked as one of the leading countries in terms of corruption globally. This present government got into power after winning the 2015 general election following his campaign promise that he is on a rescue mission to fight corruption but unfortunately this administration is the worse government in the history of Nigeria that have done more harm than good in terms of looting the nation treasury. This is so worrisome that every Nigerian has lost hope getting the country ride off corruption as it remains worsens under this administration.

Furthermore, the fight against corruption in Nigeria by this government is a mere political fallacy of the highest order as no single person that has been indicted for financial corruption that has been persecuted for corruption simply because they all belongs to the ruling party. What a failed nation! There was a confirmed media report that the immediate formal Chief of Army Staff has a property that worth billions of naira in the united Arab emirate and this is a looted public fund but the president has kept mute over it due to his internal promotion of corruption amongst his political appointee. 

The president has betrayed the trust reposed on him to sanitize the country in the area of sharp practices and corruption. This is the worse government of its kind that has continuously indulged in the financial misappropriation.  This government has continued to promote the culture of corruption that has been in existence since the emergence of civilian rule in Nigeria and it can only take a good leader to fight it to a standstill. 

The rising cases of corruption in Nigeria have hindered the economy to grow and that is why the economy is retarded in terms of economic growth as a result of the incompetent president. Nigerians has lost the sense of sincerity in the government of Buhari led administration. The president has made financial looting as an opportunity to steal public funds amongst the members of government.
This government remains the worse government in the history of Nigeria and must be changed.
May God heal our land.

Written by:
Chiedozie Irobi 
For: Biafra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Biafra State Media


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