By Chris Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Writers

The plan was large; it was deep and elaborate; but they could not pull it through, because Biafra is a spirit and an ideology that is beyond them. So, the conspirators are now greatly confounded, and have started trying their hands at anything, just anything.
The latest was the propaganda generated by Liar Mohammed, Nigerian minister of information, through some of their Radio Biafra clones. The propaganda was on the social media yesterday, Monday, November 10. It claimed that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had sacked Nnamdi Kanu as their leader.
Kanu has been the leader of IPOB since its formation, and Uche Mefor was his Deputy. Both have worked harmoniously ever since, in spite of all attempts by enemies to drive a wedge between them. All their elaborate attempts to create wedges between them, which the conspirators hoped would destroy the Biafra struggle. Having failed, the planned the Army siege on Kanu’s home, and in the process nothing less than 91 people were mowed down.
The plan was to make sure his campaign for Biafrans to boycott the Anambra State election, to be held this Saturday, November 18, did not materialize. But it became obvious to them that they failed. That is why they are now trying their hands at anything, just anything; grasping at straws.
What they never reckoned with, and even now have not reckoned with is the fact that IPOB is a well-structured organisation which does not derive information from outside sources. The Biafrans, from top to bottom, know how to authenticate their information at every time; and so even the lie that Kanu had been sacked has not, in anyway, impacted on the election boycott campaign as they hoped.
But then, the evil men who make these plots do not understand how deep IPOB is, that is why almost all of them were in on it. Some of them include Olusegun Obasanjo, former military junta; Abdulsalami Abubakar, another former military junta; Al-Mustapha, former aide to late Sani Abacha; Shetima Yerima, member of the Northern youths that gave Igbo Biafrans quit notice from the North. There are yet others bearing Igbo names (who are indeed moles in Biafraland). They include Ralph Uwazuruike, the one who sold out for oil wells and hostels; Rochas Okorocha (the mole) masquerading as Imo State Governor; there was also a certain London based woman of easy virtue, Lauretha Onochie; and several others.
All-Mustapha and Uwazuruike were to head the propaganda arm to confuse Biafrans with a radio station in Germany. Yerima and his fellow Arewa youths were to cause a rejection of Biafra activism by threatening Igbo Biafrans with genocide. Obasanjo and Okorocha were to spearhead international lobbying. A London-based harlot known as Lauretta Onochie was to lead a pack of noise-makers, with a certain Joe Igbokwe, to give the impression that the entire Biafrans were not together on the issue of Biafra.
Looked at now, it is apparent they were daft, not understanding the depth of the Biafra agitation. It has suddenly dawned on them that IPOB was not an organisation, but indigenous people of nothing less than 60 million scattered all over the world unlike any other group in the world today. That was a major reason why the tag of terrorists could not stand.
Unfortunately for them, they have shot themselves on the foot. Terrorists don’t vote and Biafrans have decided not to participate anymore in any Nigerian organized election. They can raise any propaganda; they can tell any lie, none will stop Biafrans from boycotting the coming Anambra election of Saturday, November 18.
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