When the sycophantic South Western Nigeria media, in their characteristic ostrichistic brown envelope manner, began, and publicized the propaganda, that "AN IGBO GROUP HAS ASKED SENATOR ABARIBE TO APOLOGIZE TO" BUHARI", we answered them thus.

I took time to open this link to know the name of "the Igbo group" that asked Abaribe to apologize to an impostor, being paraded by the gangsters and bandits, who are equally barbarians and savages, operating and acting the terroristic script of their predatory masters in 10 Downing Street, London, that is, Britain.

It is now very clear, established, and confirmed that these many criminal sites with fake Biafra names, and fictitious followers, are actually sites sponsored, administered, and maintained by the panicky, jittery, fearful, and confused terror government of Nigeria, through one of their terror wings called the DSS, and strongly aided and supported by the Mammonic Facebook.

Because of the many accumulated, contemporary, current, atrocious and abominable activities of the present set of jihadistic genocidists occupying Aso Rock, on behalf of the predatory #Britain, they are always apprehensive, and are setting up Facebook pages, with Biafran pseudonyms, to make it appear as though those things are said by Biafrans.

For instance, what is IGBO MOVEMENT IN NIGERIA?
Is it not only a person with cow brain that will ever contemplate and conceive a meaningless name such as the above? What is really Igbo movement? Is Igbo a religious sect? Is Igbo a social club? Is Igbo found in other continents of the world? Is Igbo found in any other place outside the geographical expression called Nigeria? Is it not clear that it is only an Almajiri like those found in the rotten DSS of Nigeria that can imagine, conceive, generate, and convey such a baseless, unfounded, and meaningless aberration of a name, that gave away the initiators, even before their commencement.

These rogues that are presently occupying Aso Rock, led by Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura, can go to any extent to unleash mayhem, both in word and in action, upon the people, in pursuit of their jihadistic genocidal agenda.

What baffles me is that even the fearless Abaribe is finding it difficult to declare openly that the criminal impersonating the dead and buried Mohammadu Buhari, who happens to be the masquerade with which the reprobates, Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura, are deceiving the gullible ones, is indeed a criminal impostor from Sudan.

On a second thought, I felt persuaded that the distinguished Senator Abaribe must have conceived a broader plan concerning unmasking the rogue at Aso Rock, called Jubril Aminu, who operates under the shadow of the late Mohammadu Buhari, but may have needed, like a true Biafran, to initiate the program with a seemingly unrelated, innocuous, and diversionary issue, which will ultimately lead the morons into his trap.

Did anybody notice how furious and fearless the distinguished Senator Abaribe was, as he marshalled his points? That was enough to tell any average Biafran that there was more to the drama than met the eyes.

I will strongly wish that the hair-brained Almajiri terrorists, who are acting on behalf of the confused and overwhelmed Britain, will do anything untoward towards Abaribe, so that that their fear, which is the uncontrollable, automatic, instantaneous, irreversible, and irredeemable shattering/disintegration of this satanic, toxic, anarchical, destructive, and abhorrent evil entity called Nigeria, will come upon them, instantly.

Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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