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When the witch cries in the night, and the child dies in the morning, you won't necessarily need the services of a soothsayer, fortune teller, Prophet, nor even a necromancer, to relate, connect, or ascertain the inseparability of the death of the child with the crying of the witch in the night.

The fact that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the modern-day Afonja and the feudal Lord of Lagos State, has been living with the delusion, if not hallucination, of being gifted with the Nigerian presidency in 2023, which was birthed by the hypnotic spell cast on him by the Fulani, as agents of the predatory Britain, is no longer news, as this is known even to the most ignorant and the vilest of fellows.

What may not be known to many, including Tinubu himself, is that the British, who up till tomorrow, remain the de facto owners of the Royal Niger Company (Nigeria), and have been ruling through the subservient Fulani, can never risk devolving or delegating or transferring power to any person outside their circle of zombies, as they know that this would certainly spell doom for them, as it can well mean the erosion, or even termination of their stranglehold on Biafra's OIL AND GAS, (the backbone of the British economy), which they are aggressively gripping with fierceness through their barbaric proxy from Sahara desert.

It must not be forgotten, that since the days of Zik and Awo, the predatory British had always capitalized on their deadly Divide and Rule strategy to keep the south of Nigeria perpetually divided, if not at war, as they saw the success of the evil strategy of Divide and Rule in the Eastern part of Nigeria, in keeping the east in unending enmity by introducing and sustaining the "minority" mentality and divisiveness, which they entrenched through the so-called Willink Commission.

The British had also discovered the extreme selfishness of the average black man, which makes him susceptible to every kind of manipulative malleability and conditionality, in his blind pursuit for self-survival and extreme egocentrism.

It has been this discovery of this virus of destructive selfishness, which engenders towards elevation to unmerited position, that has been the major weapon that Britain has always deployed against the scavengers in Nigeria, who parade themselves as socio-political leaders.

May it not easily escape any person's mind that it was this carrot of mirage of "elevation to the post of head of state" that Britain dangled at various times before Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo, that many them to wage bitter, deadly, and unending cold war between themselves (and their regions), while the predatory and exploitative Britain was consolidating power in the hands of their lackeys, the barbaric marauders from Sahara desert.

Now, since the parasitic Britain hatched the plan of bringing back the tyrannical and nepotistic  jihadist, the late Muhammadu Buhari to power, through the terrorists and economic vampires called Barack Obama and David Cameron, they found out that the greed of Ahmed Tinubu could magnetize him, as it were, as to be deceived with the promise of being the successor to Muhammadu Buhari, for which Tinubu became extraordinarily and intoxicatingly delusional and somnambulistic that nothing else exists in his world, except the hallucination of his ascendancy to the presidency of Nigeria.

This has made Tinubu to be detached from the reality of rationality, making him willing and ready to pay any price, including proclaiming and supporting absurdities, just to be in the good books of his presumed benefactors, the British (working through the Fulani).

It is from the above background that the acquiescence, or wholesale availability of Tinubu by the predatory #Britain to be used as a tool (or is it weapon?), in the genocidal #LekkiTollGateMassacre can be seen.

Before the #LekkiTollGateMassacre, the Fulani had been committing various forms and degrees of heinous genocidal crimes in the south west (Oduduwa land), including the murder of Pa Fasoranti's daughter, the several abductions/kidnaps of Chief Olu Falae, the destruction of Falae's farms, the invasion and occupation of South West forests by Miyetti Allah, the various bomb explosions by the Janjaweed terrorists, which were called by different names, (e.g. Abule Ado pipeline leakage), setting up of toll collection points in the south west by the Fulani, etc.

But on each of the above cases, Tinubu would always defend, justify, exonerate, or pacify the culprits, deny, refute, or dispute the incident, or blame, vilify, or penalize the victims, just to maintain his "excellent" records with his would-be benefactors, the British, working through their Fulani proxy.

It was therefore on this debilitating malady of unconscionable over ambition that suffused and enmeshed Tinubu, upon which the predatory Britain, being represented by @CatrionaLaing1, in the heat of #EndSARS protest, threatened Tinubu, brandishing the possibility of the loss of his chance of becoming the president in the event of the continuation of the protest, the likelihood of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu capitalizing upon the protest to have Biafra restored, and the consequent loss of the humongous Biafra's OIL AND GAS wealth to independent Biafra.

Having been psychologically programmed to see nothing else apart from his occupation of the exalted presidential office, Tinubu, at the pressure of coercion by Britain's High Commissioner, @CatrionaLaing1, therefore easily budged by approving, supporting, and submitting himself to be used as instrument of unleashing the genocidal massacre at Lekki (#LekkiTollGateMassacre), to disperse the #EndSARS protesters, so as not to endanger his presidential ambition, otherwise known as Tinubu 2023.

This was what gave rise to the atrocious #LekkiTollGateMassacre, for which the army, @HQNigerianArmy, @AsiwajuTinubu, and @jidesanwoolu, the Lagos State Governor, have been trading blames.

The rest, as they say, is history. But let it not be forgotten that the lives of those scores of Youths, unnecessarily and avoidably cut short by the brutality of the Nigerian state, as they demanded what was/is legitimately their entitlement, as they demanded for #EndSARS, can never be in vain, as all the contributors to their untimely and gruesome murder, can never go without commensurate recompense.



Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
[Twitter @biafra4ever]
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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