In love with Biafra
Chris Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Writers

No single shot has been fired by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in their quest for Biafra restoration (Biafrexit), and yet the contraption called Nigeria is already on its knees bleeding profusely. The country is bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth, under the weight of its hatred, injustices and wickedness against Biafran people.
Nigeria is about to die completely. Everything now points to the imminent collapse of the big Satan on the west coast of Africa. Signs of a failed state are emerging daily. Its police have been adjudged to be the worst in the world. Its military, which has become ragtag, have not been able to contain an equally ragtag terrorist group – Boko Haram.
The soldiers are borrowing money to feed and their families are experiencing the worst kind of poverty in Nigeria's history; hospitals do not (even in the presidential villa) have simple drugs for simple ailments; and roads and other infrastructures are dilapidated without funds to rebuild them. Civil servants are being owed months of salary arrears.
Policemen have turned beggars in the streets begging for rotten, crumpled and smelling 50 and 100 Naira notes, just to feed their families. Several other indices of a failed state abound everywhere one dares to look.
Notwithstanding that their so-called president will go to their rubber stamp National Assembly and pretend to be delivering a budget. It is all hoaxes – they are mere meaningless figures written on useless papers and represent nothing of tangible assets on ground. The reality is that there is no money in the real sense of the word to run the government. That is why they are running around the world begging countries and institutions for loans to run their government. But seeing their hopeless situation they are being turned down.
Many Biafrans may not know that this is happening because of Biafra. They may not understand that the clueless Nigerian government has been diverting funds, meant for development, to subdue Biafra.  Let them tell you how much they have spent on their thoughtless operations, “Python Dance and Crocodile Smile”, and you will shudder. This is why we are pleading with them “Nigeria, please give us more Python Dance and Crocodile Smile. In fact, make it every month from now on”.
Intimidation Force: senseless waste of scarce funds
The Nigeria rulers are so senseless they do not understand that it is difficult and costly to force an unwilling people to remain within your borders, especially when those people are Biafrans. They do not understand that it is suicidal to spend scarce national resources in keeping an unwilling people by force of arms; and worse when those you are fighting are peaceful and non-violent. While the non-violent Biafrans spend nothing in singing and dancing in joyful expectation of Biafra, they spend fortunes buying all manners of arms looking for people to kill. And so it becomes foolish when you kill unarmed because they world will be outraged at you.
To make the matters worse for the Nigerian fools, they are not fighting a population locked down in one permanent territory, but a hardworking people scattered all over the world. They are so daft they do not understand that Biafrans have more international debt than ten Nigeria put together. They fail to understand that even though they can spend fortunes sending Olusegun Obasanjo to some countries of the world to lobby; and sending Rochas Okorocha to build statues for some African leaders at Owerri, Biafrans are living in those countries with those leaders.
When Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), told them that by the time Biafra finished with Nigeria, Somalia would look like paradise, he knew what he was talking about. But the clueless and daft Nigerian rulers did not understand this. They expected a shooting war and went around the world purchasing arms from countries; even begging some others to dash them scraps, which were used in wars of 30 years again – mere junks.
They were expecting armed-conflict. They thought it was going to be like the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967/1970, when under the supervision of British government they locked-down Biafrans (blockaded Biafraland) and starved more than two million Biafran children to death. Little did they know that what will hit them will go around all parts of the country. Their foolishness is today showing most evidently. Nigeria is dying daily, and there is nothing they can do about it. go to the streets of Lagos, Abuja and Kano, more people are on the streets beginning.

Biafrans will now finish off the job by boycotting their fake election billed for Anambra State on Saturday, November 18. Come that day, Biafrans have a date with history; they will finish Nigeria off by staying at home and not going out to vote. Foolish Nigerians have expended billions and continues to spend even more – deploy troops, police, and civil defence – but once again it will all go down the drain. And then Biafra will come!
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