By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria, the contraption that sullies and despoils everything it touches is at it again. This time around, it is attempting to contaminate an international legal institution, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court.

Nigerian government is known for having so discredited its Judiciary through the bribing judges and disrespect of court orders, that many people have lost faith in it. The government has achieved this through many ignoble stunts and shenanigans. For example, whenever it finds it difficult to easily manipulated judges or has watertight cases against citizens, it usually stays away from courts under flimsy excuses. This it has done with the sole purpose of prolonging the cases and in the process frustrates opponents and judges. That is how it has succeeded in making the Nigerian Judiciary the mockery and laughing stock it is today.

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s current President has taken the destruction of the Judiciary to an all-high level. This explains why many persecuted citizens started taking their cases against government to ECOWAS court. The people believed that it would be difficult for Buhari to manipulate the ECOWAS Court the way it has been manipulating the Nigerian Judiciary.
In spite of this, Buhari and his agents are trying to introduce all such despoiling shenanigans in dealing with the ECOWAS Court which has been passing judgments against them.

He did it through the his State Security Services (DSS) last Wednesday, October 5, 2016, when it stayed away from its case against Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). That morning, in the case of breach of Kanu’s Human Rights, against Nigeria and its President, which Kanu brought against him since October last year, he and his DSS refused to appear in court. Thrice the courts had ordered for Kanu’s release, thrice Buhari has refused to release him.

Buhari and his government have refused to respond to the case, waiting until the morning of that October 5, to send in a letter claiming they were occupied with another case taking place in Kaduna.
This was the same stunt the country played last year when one of their agents challenged protesting Biafrans in the United States of America (USA). In that case, Nigeria also stayed away.

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