By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

A pot recently called a kettle black; and a dog described a lion as coward. The pot and the dog is Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s former military junta. The lion is late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the late leader of Biafra who battled Nigeria and world powers to protect his people.

Few days ago, Gowon resurrected his senseless statement that Ojukwu was a coward who abandoned his people and ran away during the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 – 1970. He also tried to make fun of the Biafran leader for coming back to join Nigerian politics, and not able to win any of the positions he contested for. He did not stop there; he called Nnamdi Kanu a criminal, who is leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Incidentally, all that Gowon accused Ojukwu of; he was guilty of many times over. For instance, when he was overthrown by the excessive hemp smoker, Murtala Muhammed in the bloodless coup of 1975, he was so cowardly that he ran away (with his tails between his legs) to Britain. Britain took him in because they were the ones that armed him (together with other world powers) to kill and commit genocide against Biafrans people. He did not come home to face the charges against him.
While in UK, he studied political science because he wanted to wipe his shame which Ojukwu dealt to him at Aburi, Ghana (where his neophyte, illiteracy and stupidity was exposed by Ojukwu) during the Aburi Accord discussions).

While in Britain, he plotted a counter-coup with Brigadier Bisalla; Col. B. S Dimka; and other middle-belt officers, against Murtala Mohammed. The coup failed, even though Mohammed was killed. Others were shot, but the coward Gowon stayed back in Britain until he was eventually pardoned.
After he was pardoned, Gowon came back and wanted to Nigeria, and attempted to run for President. But Fulani people and their Hausa slaves frightened the hell out of him after they humiliated him by master-minding his defeat by a nonentity. He became so redundant that he started travelling across Nigeria pretending to be running a prayer movement. Now after many years of his prayers, what is the position of Nigeria now, if not a failed state that is only surviving by force of arms.

After his humiliation by the Fulani, few people were surprised. In the same way, his latest rant about Ojukwu did not surprise anybody. Gowon has always been a fool and an opportunist, always wanting to reap where he did not sow. Ever ybody knew that he was trying to warm his way toward Buhari, who have started looking at him with suspicion. Since he (Buhari) unleashed his Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, in his bid to Islamize Nigeria, Gowon’s people have been at the receiving end as they are being butchered on a daily basis. His directing attention to Ojukwu and Kanu, and saying that “Biafra was dead”, was his own way of saying that he was still a good boy.

It is no secret, throughout his life, Gowon has been known as a coward whose every action is motivated by fear. There is hardly anyone who knew Gowon’s story, who did not know how he denied and abandoned his fiancée, Edith Ike and his new-born son, Musa, out of fear of the Fulani, and their Hausa house-slaves in 1967. Gowon was planning on getting married to Ike. But when the second coup happened, which was led by Muhammed, and the rampaging Fulani threatened to kill him unless he prove his hatred for the Igbo Biafrans. They were ready to make him the figure-head of the military junta if he would prove himself an Igbo hater.

He accepted, even though it was against military tradition; but his fiancée and son bore the brunt. According to military tradition, the most senior military officer, which was Brigadier Ogundipe at the time, was supposed to take command. But the chief Fulani slave, Gowon, succumbed to fear and took command under the supervision of the Fulani.

Gowon was to succumb to fear again few months later, after he went for the Aburi conference and signed agreement with other military rulers on the direction the country took. But on coming back, the Fulani (goaded by the British) pressured him to recant on the agreement. He cowardly recanted and took Nigeria into a bloodletting that has continued even up till today. This was the man calling Ojukwu a coward.

Apart from denying his fiancée and son, this useless Gowon succumbed to fear once again when in 1966 he was forced to murder an Igbo-Biafran commercial pilot at the Lagos airport, just to prove to Muhammadu Shuwa that he hated Biafrans.

This was how Osita Ebiem recorded it: “While the argument went on, Shuwa came up with what he thought was a simple and brilliant idea to settle once and for all, the contention of who killed the most Igbo among them. Shuwa gave Gowon a service pistol and said to him that he should cut the whole story short and rest the minds of those who doubted Gowon’s commitment by killing an Igbo pilot who had just flown a commercial plane to the airport…

“The Igbo pilot was taken to the tarmac and, in the clear view of all present, Gowon shot and killed him.”
Now, this old idiot called Yakubu Gowon also called Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader a criminal. But this is a man whose son has been a drug dealer and a drug addict just. It is record that his son has been in prison in the United States of America (USA) for the past 22 years. But he has the audacity to describe a freedom fighter as a criminal.

This same Gowon is a well-known dullard, like all Northern rulers. His stupidity showed clearly when while he was in government, oil was booming, and (and his fellow Northerners) had occupied Biafraland and was stealing the oil by force. He was so daft as to have boasted to the world that his problem was not money but how to spend. So, he laid the foundation for the profligacy that destroyed foundation of Nigeria and turned it into a failed state. While other world leaders of oil producing countries were investing for the future of their countries, Gowon was busy paying the salaries of other countries of the world and organizing jamborees.
This is the old idiot that opened his mouth to call Ojukwu a coward. 

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