By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

According to Punch newspaper, Dave Umahi, governor of Ebonyi state and chairman of southeast governors' forum on 14th January 2022, said, "Ebonyi state will never be part of Biafra". Umahi is preparing to contest the Nigerian presidency come 2023 under Fulani controlled All Progressive Congress (APC). He seeks relevance and support from the Fulani caliphate and has decided to deny his identity. Maybe he will campaign in the north and expect them to vote for him because he cannot expect Biafrans to vote for him after making the above statement. It is not possible.

As the southeast governors' forum chairman, he did not remember to launch a security outfit until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu launched ESN (EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK) on 12th December 2020. To counter IPOB and show his masters that he is working, Mr. Umahi woke up from his slumber and launched his first wretched Ebube Agu Security outfit. The first Ebubeagu never took off because there were no men, no office and no vehicles. A few months ago, he forgot that he had launched Ebubeagu; he relaunched it. He established a security outfit without arms to safeguard Biafraland against armed and murderous Fulani herders and bandits. In defence, he said Ebubeagu would work with the Nigerian police. When prodded further, he said that Ebubeagu is a local vigilante that will give information to the Nigerian police. Fine and good, but they are supposed to be armed, at least for self-defence. Out of envy and jealousy, he failed to support and encourage the already existing eastern security network (ESN) to safeguard our bushes and farmers from Fulani killer herdsmen.

Any right-thinking person need not be told whether to vote for him or not. His disloyalty to the Biafrans has been made manifest in various ways. The killing of Biafra agitators under Dave Umahi is enough to tell people whose interest he is serving. Ebonyi state would have been an Islamic state by now if not for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. In Ebonyi state, a Fulani man has contested for councillorship to show you how entrenched they are. The largest Islamic school in West Africa is in Ebonyi state. 

One wonders why Biafran politicians believe that they must work against the interest of their people to become president or get a political office. Late president Muhammadu Buhari started contesting for the presidency in 2003. From when Babangida overthrew him in 1985 till he became president in 2015, late Buhari never stopped fighting for his people. Many of us still remember how Buhari led a delegation that stormed Ibadan in 2000 to protest the killing of some Fulani herdsmen. 

We know how vehemently he opposed Goodluck Jonathan's war against Bokoharam. He went as far as saying that any attack on Bokoharam is an attack on the north. He was promoting sharia whenever the opportunity presented itself. All these pro-his people stances did not stop him from becoming president. Only God knows why this generation of Biafran politicians believe that they must work against their people to gain political capital. Their inferiority complex reeks to the sky.

If Dave Umahi feels he can win the Nigerian presidency with the blood of Biafrans, he should think again. The problem with Biafran politicians is that they quickly forget how Fulani used and dumped their predecessors. Dave Umahi will not be an exception. Fulani will try to use him unsuccessfully, though, to stop this Biafra restoration project. When he fails, his masters will dump him the way they dumped many others who tried and failed. Then Biafrans will ask Dave to account for these innocent Biafrans he is killing to please the Fulanis. It is on record that Ebonyi indigenes in the diaspora have warned Nigerians that Nigeria cannot survive one week with Dave Umahi as their president. An adage says, "Charity begins at home".

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