Late 2017, many thought it would have marked the end of IPOB struggle for total restoration of the sovereign state of BIAFRA. After the release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) which lead to the proscription and terrorist tag on IPOB accompanied with operation python dance 2 that left 28 defenceless Biafran youths dead, and many missing.

The struggle seems to be over for some people who merely admire and sympathize with the movement and its charismatic fearless leader. Others who felt that IPOB and its leadership are blocking them from excelling in politics of one Nigeria whom IPOB address as saboteurs  were very excited and happy about what has befallen IPOB and its leader,  they went so far to intensify their anti-Biafra activities by diverting the main goal of the struggle which is total restoration of BIAFRA to a mere restructuring call in order to make sure that IPOB and its course died a natural death.  Some were busy campaigning and urging many to go get their permanent voters’ card for election and IPOB is undeterred on her vision and ideology and will forged ahead formidably dismantling all that comes her way to distract her from making bold moves and plans that will lead Biafrans to their dream Land.

IPOB continue to wax strong and stronger even in the absence of the leader, one will argue that the absence of the leader of indigenous people of BIAFRA somehow affected the Biafrans psychologically because of the uncertainty behind his sudden forced disappearance without issuing any statement and that didn't change anything concerning the struggle.

As 2018 ushered in, expectations became high and many started predicting the where about of the IPOB's leader. As things unfolded IPOB started exercising its powers through public disobedience like sit at home. Proscription of political leaders telling them that they lost the legitimacy to represent the people they claim to be representing. IPOB also was invited by UN and also marked out a day to remember those who has fallen during the period of operation python dance 2. One thing leads to another as what is said to be at the appointed time was the emergence and reappearance of its leader far away in the middle East Jerusalem Israel. He addressed Biafrans and the world at large and fear grips the Nigeria govt and those who thought that Kanu died in the hands of the military men who invaded his home. IPOB leader continued from where he stopped but this time around he continues to insist that the man in ASO rock is not Buhari rather a certain Jubrin from Sudan as he continue to prove his assertion about the identity and variation between the main Buhari and Jubrin from Sudan. Many world leaders took an unusual stand by openly expressing their thoughts on why BIAFRA is due to go which has boost the hopes of BIAFRANS believing that Biafra is close than expected.

The case of Ending of the long practiced Osu and Ohu caste system endorsed by all the traditional rulers recently is also a sign that shows that BIAFRA is at our door step.

Africa should indeed be proud of IPOB who has achieved a great milestone and changing the mind set of Africans about politics and have taught Africa the true way to fight for self determination

Written by:
Isiuwa Prince
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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