Excerpts from Nnamdi Kanu's Broadcast: 52 years of Asaba Massacre

"Between the 2nd and October the 7th of 1967, men in Nigeria Army uniforms they became beasts, they became wild animals and committed crimes against God in heaven and humanity at large. More than 5000 people conservatively speaking were rounded up in Asaba and brutally mud down by the machine guns supplied by the British government. We have been suffering or should I say we had been suffering before then, we have continued to suffer up until this very day because they hate us, our enemies despise us because we are blessed, they do not want us to survive as a race, they do not want us to live in freedom, in liberty and in justice. That is why they came after us and that is why they will continue to come after us.

Conservatively speaking, over 5000 people were slaughtered in Asaba from soldiers of the second division led by Murtala Muhammed, but the man who supervised the senseless slaughter of innocent people, the singular act of the greatest genocide ever performed on the continent of Africa or should I call it the second Holocaust, after that endured by the Jews in Europe. The man responsible for this gruesome and heinous act is a Yoruba man, his name is Ibrahim Taiwo, they lined up our people, every able-bodied man in Asaba was killed in one single day. That means our mothers were left without sons and our wives were made widows. This Ibrahim Taiwo serving under the command of Murtala Muhammed became a widow maker and made women childless.

This they don't teach you in schools, that is why I feel very sad when I hear people from Asaba talk about BIAFRA in such a condescending manner. I get repulsed by it because they do not understand history, for reasons best known to our enemies, they have decided to keep the truth away from the people of Delta and that truth is being revealed this evening. The General Officer commanding, the GOC of the Division was Murtala Muhammed. His oppressional headquarter was Umunede. It was from there Taiwo went on his killing spree with his men. They entered into Asaba and the holocaust commenced. If you are from Asaba and you say you are not part of IPOB, or you are not part of BIAFRA, may shame befall you and your family for eternity because you are blind and you know nothing. This man called Ibrahim Taiwo entered into Asaba, and the holocaust began. There is a place called "Ogbeke Square" St Joseph's Catholic Church, for those that know, these were the places that the massacre took place, anywhere they go to, they ask the men to come out, that the war had ended and people will come out, they will line up the men and kill all of them.

The Europeans don't want to talk about it. The Americans don't want to talk about what we went through as a people. In modern history, that was the second most gruesome holocaust that any group ever had to go through after the Jews but nobody wants to talk about it. This was the place Britain and some parts of the World decided to wipe a people out of the planet Earth.

Reported by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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