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The Mayor of Enugu-north L.G., Hon. Emeka Onunze (Tata) was on Monday 4th October 2021 staged a kwashiorkored protest against the ongoing Mondays sit-at-home exercise. The Mondays Sit-At-Home anti-protest campaign kicked off at Okpara square at the early hours of Monday 4th of October 2021.

In his speech, the confused Local government chairman, Hon. Emeka Onunze stated that the Sit-At-Home exercise is seriously affecting the socio-economic growth of the South-East region particularly and Nigeria in general. He further stressed that should the Sit-At-Home continue, the people's means of quality livelihood will not be guaranteed. That the gradually dying economy of the country will in no doubt affect the lives of the people.

The hopeless Enugu-north Boss urged the people to come out in mass to protest against the spiritually activated Ghost Mondays, that the people should also summon courage to come out and go for their various businesses. The anti-protest rally ended without a single effect of the expected impacts on the people. Very unsuccessful event in the picture.

Now, this is my analysis on the whole thing:

1. The non-violent Biafra agitation as led by our Leader MNK since 2012 is never good enough to attract concern and support from the Gold-digger who wants to give himself more recognition from the Enugu State government by treading with his miserable life.

2. The incessant killings of Biafrans by the Nigerian Security Forces since 2012 has not called for his shameless anti-protest movement.

3. The unrelenting kidnappings called arrest of the innocent people labelling them different names, which the majority of them end up being tortured to death does not worth a protest from the Chairman of Enugu-north LGA.

4. The rapes and killings of our farming mothers and daughters, and the destructions of the people's farmlands by the deadly Fulani herdsmen heavily armed by the late Muhammadu Buhari's impostor led government doesn't warrant him staging a protest against the perpetrators of this evil.

5. The increasing level of unemployment, nepotism, and the marginalization of the South-East region is never a cause for protest against the level of injustice meted against the South-East region by the government of this evil contraption called Nigeria.

The Mayor never realized that the inhumanity of the system of the Nigerian government against the people is a crime enough to attract a protest.

6. How the Enugu-north Chairman in collaboration with the Enugu State government cruelly and inhumanely treated the poor and helpless Arịaria market traders few months ago. He never saw such inhumanity meted upon the people as a barrier to quality livelihood of Biafrans.

7. Now, come to think about the Ghost Mondays and its causes: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is illegally detained in DSS Dungeon just for asking for the Freedom of Biafrans. These Biafrans include the Mayor himself. For this reason, the people embarked on Mondays Sit-At-Home in demand of his unconditional release. But instead of the foolish Enugu-north Chairman to organize a protest against the illegal detention he was busy chasing his shadows. He chose to fight the noble cause meant for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu instead of the problems.

8. For those weak-minded followers of Hon. Emeka Onunze who wants to destroy their lives for a peanut of 1000 naira are for the sake of God, hereby advised to retrace their steps or else they will go the way of idiotic saboteurs.


Reported by:
Okoafor Odinaka
For: Enugu State Media

Written by:
Nelson Igube
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Obiageli Mboma
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media

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