By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

James book in the holy bible says, "prayer without good work is in vain". That draws my attention to the show of shame press release by Igbo vulture politicians, aka Southeast legislative caucus a few days ago. These selfish politicians were ironically forced by IPOB/Biafrans action of sit-at-home protest to come out and make this lousy press release with flippancy written on their pretentious faces except Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. 


My questions are, are these few politicians I saw in that video the total number of Igbo active politicians? What took the time to make such a decision? Why do they shift their blames, evil deeds, misfortune, corrupt activities, insecurity and killing of our people to sit-at-home-protest? Were they not in politics when herders and Nigerian security agents were killing, raping, molesting and extorting our people? Were they not in the corridor of power when IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped in Kenya and renditioned to Nigeria? Where were they when this man presumed to be president BUHARI called Igbo the dot in a big circle and even threatened to use language Igbo will understand? What happened to their allocations to fix our roads, electricity, hospitals and other infrastructures? What did they say when the Fulani administrator in IMO state called governor Hope Uzodinma was busy bombing and killing helpless Igbo people daily? etc. 


When you vultures answer these questions and practise what you preached in your press sermon, Igbo Biafrans will see you as serious politicians. You people have been deceiving the masses with these sugar-coated promises and lies for decades now. Until you learn to be active, people will continue to see your press blunder as a physical mockery. No one trusts the politicians again because you have made similar and countless press releases, especially when an election is fast approaching.


Those claiming to be our politicians are busy causing citizens artificial pains and agonies. While one prodigal son and political scavenger parading himself as an Igbo politician in Yoruba land is disgracing the Igbo race in the name of seeking political power and cheap recognition in the APC murderous regime. I will quote the APC/Fulani man known as Joe Igbokwe, who chose political position over his people's lives and well-being. He said, "Despite all my push for APC, Abuja has not given me a phone call talk less of inviting me for a coffee with the C in C. But here is a political charlatan and political prostitute being given a red carpet in the seat of power in Aso Rock". His Igbo originality is questionable, and his political career is a pure disaster to Igbo Biafrans. Despite his vast, steady and chronic betrayal, his Fulani masters and APC political party relegated him to the background by acknowledging former anti-APC and current PDP betrayal politicians.


It is evident, those politicians who claimed to represent the masses have exchanged the lives of ordinary people with a mere pot of porridge. Their selfishness has clouded their sense of reasoning. The problem of dying, innocent and helpless masses is not in their political program; they only represent their various pocket and families. Biafran politicians are like vultures that only feed on the carcasses of their people who stood under the sun and rain to vote for their slavery. This is more reason we must sit at home during the upcoming elections. If you go out to vote, you automatically and systematically renew your slavery licenses for thousands of years in Islamization, penury, and intentional death.


This time around, there is no license for nonsense; all Igbo/Biafrans should take the bull by the horns, and the masses should remind the blood-sucking politicians that mandate and power have returned to the people. Say no to systematic slavery and unfulfilled promise. Our politicians are vultures that feed on their people.

In Biafra, we stand.

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