By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

As a mere geographical location and a contraption, Nigeria has not handled or discussed any issue that concerned civilians democratically. The only option on the table is senseless killings to forcefully mute and intimidate the masses that oppose their harmful and wrong actions.

The battle to take over Anambra state by Fulani APC led federal government is hotting up. For decades now, Anambra state has been the main target and Priority of the Fulani government to destroy Igbo land from within tactically. The Fulani are working with the active connivance of Biafran politicians, especially those of Anambra extraction. These heartless politicians are ready to sell their motherland in exchange for positions or government appointments. Like the scavenger and political hoodlum, Joe Igbokwe unconsciously revealed, Biafran politicians sell their souls to the devil for an invitation to have a cup of tea in Aso Rock with the impostor. 

Fulani APC government is using every arsenal within their reach to conquer and capture the heart of Igboland. In my previous article, where I talked about the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, I said that Fulani never changed their strategy. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Have you forgotten that APC used the same formula of killing, widespread malpractice, intimidation and kangaroo court to slot in Hope Uzodinma as Fulani representative in Imo state? They use the same murderous process as a master key to unlock Anambra and box the masses and their political opponents to a tight corner.


The security agents' formula of arson and senseless killings have been their signature right from time. They did it in Aba 2018, where SARS set many houses ablaze, killed many people and rendered uncountable families homeless. The same scenario took place in the house of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer, barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor in 2019. Security agents invaded barrister Ejiofor's home, killed his guests and set his house on fire. They adopted the same barbaric measures in Orlu Imo state, and countless houses were set aflame, innocent Biafrans killed. Ikonso was also killed, and the murderous security agents burnt his house to ashes. 

The same signature killing is ongoing in Benue State, making governor Ortom run from pillar to post. He makes steady press releases telling the world what Fulani APC is doing with the umbrella of security. The case of southern Kaduna and Jos/middle belt have become habits and traditions, with no one to challenge them. The only man (Obadiah Mailafia) that challenged them and said the truth suddenly died mysteriously, and fingers are pointing toward the direction of the APC Fulani government. This murderous orgy did not start today. Remember the Odi massacre of 1999 and Zaki-Ibam in 2001, the same storyline of burning and killing.  

Nigerian government do sacrifice the lives of their serving security officers. They slaughter them and burn their Hilux vans in other to rope IPOB and ESN in their mess. They sometimes carry the corpses, even burn the bodies or pour acid to deface them beyond recognition and clean every evidence to nail them. Nigeria government has killed more of its security agents than terrorists. APC Fulani government are chronic and core vandals that are power-drunk and ready to suck blood at any given time to remain in power.

Don't forget in a hurry that DSS and Nigeria media are working hand in gloves. When the security agents are doing the killings, the media are busy covering their tracks with lies, deceit and Photoshop. They send the wrong signals, deceiving and feeding humanity with fake news and cheap lies, pointing accusing fingers at IPOB without facts. Often, the government go to the length of paying and parade touts, display weapons and guide them to claim IPOB or ESN membership. They stage cosmetic interviews and unintelligent press releases on television and social media. 

Right now, Anambra state is boiling thanks to the Fulani APC government, which have sworn to make the heart of Igbo land restive like the North. They are using everything they have to Apcize and Fulanize Anambra state like Imo state.

Trending sad news now is the assassination of Dr Akunyili (the husband) of the late former NAFDAC boss and minister of communication Mrs Dora Akunyili. When the demonic APC Fulani DSS killed him, the media used IPOB and ESN as a cover to bury their inborn atrocities of killing and lying at the same time. They should be asked if it was IPOB that slaughtered the Shiite Muslims on procession in Gwarimpa Abuja? All your brutal and murderous activities have been exposed.


The above evidence, facts, figures, and proof show that Fulani APC is the "real face" behind the ongoing genocide in Anambra state. This government is responsible for indigenous and religious killings in Nigeria. They are out to kill more because they need Anambra state at all cost, irrespective of death records.

All Anambra citizens have seen the exact reason why they should eschew and jettison anything connected to election. 

IPOB stand remains no election in Anambra state and Biafraland. November 6th 2021, is #ghost town day in Biafraland.

In Biafra, we stand.

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