By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos

"When the gods want to kill, they first strike with madness". Igbo politicians have gotten their share of madness for selfishly applying for over 3000 troops in Anambra state and Igbo land. A few weeks ago, Anambra Governor Willie Obiano replied to the federal government that Anambra state does not need a "state of emergency" because the state recorded 15 deaths for political purposes, far fewer than some northern, Imo and Ebonyi states. Igbo Politicians have forgotten that "he who fetches ant-infested firewood has just given lizard open invitation". They all agreed and signed three thousand terrorists in uniform known as the Nigeria army to guide the state during the upcoming fraudulent election for their selfish political reason. Do they not realise they have signed the death warrant of the masses and indirectly encourage Senseless killings because Nigerian soldiers only understand shooting unarmed civilians. Right now, military assassinations have accelerated with the speed of sound.

Awka elites, Nnobi, Nnewi, Nkpor etc., have received their APC Fulani official gift of killing innocent citizens with all-round molestation, extortion and widespread rape from Nigeria military terrorists. As it stands now, bullets are raining while many are scrambling for safety, including the senseless politicians that invited them to kill their people. The citizens can't sleep with their two eyes closed because flying bullets move in every direction as if there is war in Anambra state and Igbo land.

The military orders people at gunpoint to roll on the ground, kneel and hands up, including searching their mobile phones. At times they seized many telephones from the owners (poor citizens). When they complain, they will receive the beatings of their lives and bullies too. Many thanks to Igbo politicians and their APC Fulani masters for making their people classless citizens in their land.

A few weeks ago, the internet was awash with how the Nigerian terrorist soldiers mercilessly beat an aged Nollywood veteran Mazi Chiwetalu  Agu and publicly dragged him like a common criminal. The Nollywood veteran was humiliated because he wore Biafra designed cloth to shoot a movie in Anambra state. Many prominent Igbo men and women have been publicly intimidated, humiliated, and killed for no reason.

The myopic and senseless Igbo politicians foolishly and ignorantly signed another packaged "state of emergency" without knowing the plan of the Fulani. Igbo land is currently the NIGERIAN Defense Academy (NDA). The population of security agents in Igbo land outnumbers the total number of Security agents in other parts of Nigeria put together. Bokoharam in uniform will duplicate Imo state story in Anambra state because Nigeria military war jets will soon hover around donating explosives as usual. As the heart of Igbo land precious to this APC Fulani government, Anambra state will soon record more deaths than IMO state. APC Fulani government is working round the clock to install a Fulani slave in Anambra state as they did in IMO state. 

Igbo politicians have automatically fulanized Anambra state with a singular moronic mistake of inviting blood-sucking demons and military terrorists in their bid to suppress IPOB. The soldiers are doing their devilish job with the help of Igbo politicians and their APC Fulani masters. What do you expect when you make an appointment with the 😈 devil? The result will be disastrous, like what is happening in Igbo land in general.

They have given us why every Anambrarian will sit at home come the 6th of November 2021. They are out to kill, destroy and capture the hallowed land of Igbo and Biafra.

In Biafra, we stand.

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