By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The trending communique of Igbo politicians and clergymen has shown that both politicians and clergymen are the foundational problems of Igbo land. The Fulani #agenda that the politicians and clergymen read as communique has raised anger and controversy in Igbo land. Any time there is a joint press release, or communique expect genocide against ordinary people. The same thing happened when they issued a communique about insecurity in Igbo at the same Enugu in 2017. The next project was the military's invasion with all kinds of weapons in Biafraland. They then tagged IPOB a terrorist group, and senseless killings where thousands of Igbo youths were slaughtered and countless of them disappeared in tin air followed. The same communique was issued a few days ago, with over 300 troops matching down to Igbo land. When you see these danger signs, expect widespread and unlawful killings, rape, molestation and destruction of properties in Igbo land because the groups mentioned above are working hand in glove with their APC Fulani master.


In the communique, the numbers that drew my attention are two, three and six.

Number two, "the meeting condemns the sit at home order, which is called by people in the diaspora who don't feel the pains". When did those political hoodlums, genocidists and scavengers start feeling pains of common Biafrans? Although IPOB suspended the Monday sit at home, they pretend as if they don't know that Biafrans are voluntarily sitting at home for the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who Igbo politicians conspired with Fulani to kidnapped in Kenya? This sudden caring by Igbo politicians is suspicious because those criminals parading themselves as politicians, traditional rulers, and clergymen are people who exchanged the lives of their people for mere contracts and political appointments. Are they not the same politicians that syphoned public funds made for education, good roads, hospitals, electricity etc. The same set of politicians invited Security that killed their children and tagged them terrorists.


Secondly, the claim that they would adopt Ebububeagu as Igbo Security in item number three of the duplicitous communique is a pure mockery to Igbos. This Fulani Ebubube Agu is the same Security outfit killing IPOB members and fighting ESN that chased Fulani bandits out of Biafran land. They made a statement that they would relaunch Ebubeagu. What happened to the first lunching of Ebububeagu? A project is launched once, not twice or more. An Igbo security outfit with a majority of the members from Fulani with picture evidence is absurd. The DSS Ebububeagu will be the secret key to unlock (ala Igbo) from inside. Ebubeagu Security is on a deadly mission in Igbo land. 


Finally, on item number six of the deceitful communique, they insisted that Anambra state governorship election must hold. They have given Biafrans the reason behind the political assassinations in Anambra state. The Fulani always pitch them against each other, so Igbo politicians always die in large numbers whenever an election is knocking at the door. The killing is worse now because this APC Fulani government needs Anambra state to complete their Fulanization circle. Biafrans have voted for 61years still; there is nothing good to show. Instead, they receive agony, pains and sufferings as the dividend of voting. They queue under the sun and rain to vote for these charlatans and political mistakes as their representatives.


When these demons and bloodsuckers called politicians, clergymen, and traditional rulers talk about peace in Igbo land, ironically, they talk about war and genocide against their people. They are the real "circle of doom" in Igbo land.

 It is time to use our sit at home weapon of mass destruction to humble them, prove them wrong on the 6th of November 2021 and remind them that power belongs to the masses, not selfish politicians in Igbo.

In Biafra, we stand.

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