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■ 06, NOV 2020 


Dele Momodu: Mazi Nnamdi is here already no time to waste at all, good evening my brother

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Good evening to you my dear brother, should I call you Kabiyesi?

Dele Momodu: well, I have many titles, but I am simply Dele tonight because this is a professional job, so am simply Dele tonight, and I will call you Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I will call you by your title, thank you so much for joining me. We have our usual protocol here, and the protocol is that we will allow you to introduce yourself to our viewers so that there will be no mistake about it, is coming straight from the horse's mouth, please feel free don't be in a hurry take all the time in the world, Instagram is very generous.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: That's okay, so I should proceed? 

Dele Momodu: Yes please go-ahead

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Okay, my name is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I lead the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, and also I am the director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, my job and I must serve the people of BIAFRA upon till the restoration of the stolen sovereignty of Biafraland is restored, and also to an extent to also serve the Nigerian youths as well. I think since the whole protest started we have been serving them and serving them very diligently, every morning and every evening and it's the same thing that we should be able to continue until all the demands made by the young people are meet by Aso Rock.

Dele Momodu: Could you tell us about your background, schools attended and all of that, please?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: My background is quite simple, my late parents His Royal Majesty Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and my mum Ugoeze Lolo Meme Okwu Kanu, and I went to Library Avenue primary school which is a model primary school in Umuahai arguably one of the finest, and then I attended the best secondary school in the world I believe, Fisher High School then now renamed Government college Umuahai, the same secondary school attended by Chinua Achebe, Ken Saro-Wiwa and a whole host of other people has gone on to at least make an indelible mark in our society, and then from there I went to the University of Nigeria Nsuka where I spent about two years, and they weren't doing anything, that I felt enhanced my ability to understand what I was there for, I had to travel to England where I studied politics and economics at now London Metropolitan University

Dele Momodu: Fantastic, so growing up who your heroes were? Your mentors?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I think my father was number one, only two people in my life have seriously impressed me, one was my Dad that I was very close to, I learnt a lot of things from him, we never spoke that very often, but I use to sit around and watch the way he conducts his household, and most of the things that he does, most of the morals that he left me with, I remember on one occasion I asked my father, why is it that even after Sunday service when we get back home, normally if I go to my friend's house if you ask after their fathers they will tell you that their Dad is sleeping or that he is doing something, but in my house anytime there is a knock on the door my father will encourage us to open the door, and I kept wondering why? And he said if you have nothing to hide, then you should be able to answer every knock on the door, that that is the reason you need to keep your hand very clean, so my father is number one. the second person is the late Thomas Sankara because of how he managed to turn Burkina Faso from upper volta to Burkina Faso, and the miracle he was able to perform, so just those two people

Dele Momodu: That's very fantastic, it will be nice for me to ask if this is the real Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or the cloned one? 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I can pull my ear for you, you can see I am trying to exact as much pressure as I can, the clone in Aso Rock has two ears I only have one, you can see my glasses I can take it off you can see there is no other appendage anywhere, I can pull my nose for you you know it's me if you pardon me I have here with me the mask everybody is asked to wear these days, you can see that my ear is not bent isn't it? But the clone in Aso Rock when he is wearing his mask you will see his ear will bend.

Dele Momodu: I just wanted to establish that you are alive because I read somewhere that you are dead, so I wanted to be sure that I am not making history by talking to a dead man in Heaven

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Not at all, I am here live with you on this program

Dele Momodu: Fantastic, so could you tell me the books that you read that influenced you?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Growing up was Chinua Achebe THINGS FALL APART that's the number one because it reminded us of who we are, where we are coming from and where we should be heading to, so that every book was pivotal in shaping my understanding of my people and what needs to be done to rectify the damage that colonialism has done to our people, the second one I will say is Alex Hale Roots I also read Leon Uris Exodus, is about the Jewish holocaust and the re-establishment of State of Israel, and again a very decent pointer as to where BIAFRA should be heading to, those tree books Things fall apart Alex Hale Roots, and Leon Uris Exodus they are my three favourite books.

Dele Momodu: I have read a lot about your religious beliefs, but could you tell us about your faith?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I worship the one true God in Heaven that incidentally, every religion on this earth believe in or should I say worship as well, I am a follower of Yeshua (Jesus Christ), I worship where Jesus worshipped, I worship the same God that Jesus Christ worshipped, I praise the same God that Jesus Christ praised and one of my favourite prayers is the prayer that Jesus prayed when he was asked to teach the disciples how to pray, and he said our father who art in Heaven, this goes to confirm the Supreme Mercy of God Almighty In Heaven, bar none the name above all names and it's exactly the religion of my forefathers, my ancestors worshipped God and God alone, we answer Nwachukwu from the names we give our children we glorify God. I am a follower of the teachings of Jesse Christ, but I practice Judaism in the main.

Dele Momodu: I was privileged to meet the late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ọjukwụ in his lifetime, what was your relationship with him? Did you ever meet him and did you draw any inspiration or whatsoever from him?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Yes, he is our internal leader, and that was the title I gave to him in recognition of the very stellar work that he did, trying to save a people that didn't want to be saved. And also I had come in contact with him in London, we invited himself, Peter Obi, Chekwas Okoro to come to London that is in the year 2002 if am not mistaken, and I consider it an honour that where he stays the hotel where he stayed in London I paid for it, so I had sat with him but a few occasions and benefited from his immense counsel. We want to honor him by restoring BIAFRA, and only then will the whole world know in how much esteem we actually hold him, to us he is an icon, to us he is our Noses, to us he is the forebears, to us he is everything and Ọjukwụ to us it means a whole lot more than people can ever imagine, and a few times that I say with him and he spoke he said a lot of thing, in fact the role that the British played during the war he was the one that made me to actually realize what they did and the need for us be very careful, the journalist that were interviewing him especially from BBC, in their typewriters were, should I say listening devises that were transmitting everything that Ọjukwụ was saying all the way back to London, and that made it possible for them to sabotage that very effort or should I say to undermined especially what transpired at Aburi that we now have the tapes and records of, so I sat with him, and I discussed with and it was very very informative, very very fruitful and I learnt a lot from him something that will continue to guide me as we proceed on this very important and critical journey towards the restoration of BIAFRA.

Dele Momodu: Fantastic, now we get to the area of my bazookas, now is the time for me to fire a few bazookas at you, you have been seen by many as waging war against your country Nigeria by seeking a BIAFRA nation, what led to your decision?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: First of all, Nigeria is not my country. I was born a Biafran, my birth certificate reads BIAFRA, and no one has ever changed that. The fact that I was at some point in the position of Nigerian passport does not confirm upon me their citizenship, I saw a Nigerian passport as a mare travel document because my birth certificate issued at the time of my birth reads BIAFRA, nobody of a sane mind will condone or accept what is happening in Nigeria, I believe that general attempt has been made in the past trying to remedy the rep that Nigeria is today, but there was the unwillingness of the powers that be to do something about it. I detest suffering and pain, and I hate to see people suffer, I hate to see people in pain, the only thing that prospers me, the only thing that drives me towards this very agitation is not burnout of hatred for anybody but a desire to test Freedom in our time. Nigeria was not constructed by a Yoruba man if it were I would have perhaps accepted, Nigeria was not created by a Fulani man if that was the case who knows I may accept, Nigeria was not created by Hausa man either, it wasn't created by a Nope man, Nigeria was not created by Ijaw man, not created by Ibibio man, Nigeria was created by a man and named by white women, the name Nigeria means awful, bad, evil, it means Nigga which is a swear word, is a slur in America in America if a white man person calls a black person a Nigga they might end up being in jail. Then why should I answer a name that is abhorrent before God and before, man? Nobody came from all these ethnic groups, and they never got together to say as from today our name is Nigeria, I can not go to England and say to English people I want to rename Liverpool, I want to give it another name am sure they will think am mentally unstable and put me in jail, now the problem is this why should Africa accept the name Nigeria? It doesn't mean anything in Yoruba language, it doesn't mean anything in Hausa language, it doesn't mean anything in IGBO language, but yet we are Africans, so I see it as a vestige of racism, I see Nigeria as an abomination not just before God but before man as well, that is why I love Thomas Sankara, Thomas Sankara changed the name Upper Volta that has no meaning to Burkina Faso, now I wonder why very educated, very savvy Nigerians can not see it. Nigeria never existed until Florashaw gave her that name Nigeria before that you had Oduduwa, you had BIAFRA, you had Kanem Borno Empire and all those wonderful and well civilization. A white man can not come from Europe and then create an identity for me; only God in heaven can do that. The only things you can name are your children and your pets, they are not our fathers, they have no right been in Africa and name it, and that I will never accept

Dele Momodu: Military and security expert have said no country can fight two civil wars without monumental repercussions, have you considered this and what lessons did you learn the last Nigerian civil war?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: The lessons that we learnt from the last war is that we shouldn't have given up, even though we were overrun as a result of a global conspiracy of unprecedented propulsions, BIAFRA & Nigeria civil war was the III world war because in that war if you leave Nigeria and BIAFRA alone, BIAFRA will defeat Nigeria anytime, any day. Pound for pound BIAFRA will defeat Nigeria anytime any day, but Britain got involved, they imposed a no-flight zone over Biafraland, they imposed air land and sea blockade to stop us from getting food and arms, but they went behind the back of the world to negotiate with Russia to supply arms to Gowon, they even brought in Egyptians pilot to fly their planes for them, Nigeria has never won any war in its history ordinary Boko Haram they are begging Niger, they are begging Chad, they are begging Cameron to help them. The only thing they specialize in is killing civilians as they did at Lekki toll gate that is all they can do, Nigeria has never fought any war, an Army is meant to went go out to win territories for the country that it claims is coming from the same way that Lugard led an expeditionary force to come to create Nigeria for the crown in Britain Nigerian Soldiers have not done that before, anywhere they go they are humiliated, and they come back. So I won't describe what transpired between 1967-1970 as a Nigerian - BIAFRA civil war, is BIAFRA versus the whole world.

Dele Momodu: The IGBOS are marginalized in the political configuration of Nigeria, but they have done extremely well globally in business, in sciences commas and so on.. won't they risk a lot of this spectacular achievement if you decide to go the way you want to go?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I should have thought that your question should be along the line of had those people be in Nigeria, don't you think that Nigeria will be a better place? But it never happened and will never happen for the following reasons; resentment, envy and the need for the Fulani Janjaweed caliphate to dung down a standard of excellence so that everybody can become an Alamagiri, that is exactly what they have done. I am not shocked nor surprise that we are recording not just IGBO people or Biafrans, but Yorubas are doing the same thing as well all over the place is there, what I then want to ask people is this; why is it that we can not wake up one morning and hear that there is one Fulani Mathematicians in Florida doing very well may be working for NASA? Why is it that we have not woken up one morning and hear that there is one Fulani man or woman voted in as a mayor somewhere in Europe? It will never happen because that is not their orientation, that is not how they were brought up to see society, the recognition of people skills and talent is a pre-represent for the driving of any progressive society that has never happened in Nigeria because if you are not from the North may God help you. Why is Nigeria suffering today? Nigeria is suffering because of successive regimes of mediocrity and sub standardizations for the simple reason that people do things base on an ethnicity, people want to protect their tribe, even if they are performing very badly they want their tribe to become preeminent and in the process those men and women who are skilled, who are well-read, who are well learned they get forgotten and then, of course, they travel abroad, and you can see their excellence come to the limelight, and that is exactly what has been happening. What we are saying is that once we have BIAFRA they will all come back home and BIAFRA will quite rightly become the light of Africa and Black people all over the world, because without BIAFRA black Africa will keep travelling the whole world, and there can never be any progress.

Dele Momodu: Now, is BIAFRA your only option or you are willing to work with other so-called oppressed people to form a union like it's in the United Arab Emirates?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Everything depends on what the people want; I am a democrat, I am a republican by genetic disposition. Anything the people want is what they are going to get, my dream and my mission are BIAFRA, let's say doing a referendum people decide we want to be BIAFRA, yes BIAFRA is good we can answer BIAFRA within a union that comprises of Middle Belt, of Oduduwa and BIAFRA with a new name, who am I to say no? I am a democrat whatever the majority decides is what I am going to do. But as for us we are pursuing BIAFRA, and I will also help the Oduduwa people to pursue Oduduwa republic, I will help the Middle Belt to do the same, but one thing is paramount; should our people decide at referendum we want to maintain a semblance of union with Oduduwa, Middle Belt who am I to say no? I am a democrat, and I will go with it, but my primary concern is the restoration of BIAFRA.

Dele Momodu: An audio surfaced recently I think is about two weeks ago, it was sent to me by a family member in which we heard your voice audibly directing your operative to hit certain targets in Lagos, what led to this in a state that has embraced IGBO people and South-South extractions? If that was your voice, do you regret the action and are you willing to apologize for it?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: It's my voice, but what I said was cut and joined together to suit the very massage or narrative that our detractors were should I say determined to peddle. 

If you listen to the whole broadcast that I made you will find out that that very audio that those people, those charlatans put out there in the public domain is not exactly what I intended, but I have said this before and allow me to repeat, if by making the pronouncement that I made on that very day that I was misunderstood, or by the true intentions of what I was wishing or willing to convey was somehow misconstrued then I apologize for it, because I believe that it's very very important that we understand this, I wouldn't want to do anything either knowingly or unknowingly to inflame passion in the West, and I wouldn't wish to do anything that will cause my Yoruba brothers and sisters alike to think, should I say to become gentry about what our true intentions are. Did you make mention to your operative?

 I was addressing Nigerian youths right across Nigeria not just in Lagos, and given the heat of the moment people were being massacred am not sure that most of those commentators and apologists for Aso Rock have had their home invaded before when Fela speak you can hear the way Fela speaks all the time about Nigeria Army and Nigeria Police, why? Because Fela was present when his house was invaded and the mother died as a result of it. The same thing happened to me, as a result of Nigerian military invasion of my house my father is dead, and my mother is dead as well, so when people like us with first-hand experience of the brutality of very primitive security architecture in a country as backward as Nigeria you can then begin to appreciate where we are coming from, if I spoke out of the tongue if people who listened to what I said misunderstood the true intentions behind the words that I utter that night then I do unreservedly apologize because nobody can divide the Yorubas and the IGBOS anymore is not going to happen, they will try but they will not succeed that I can assure them. 

What is of concern to us is that those responsible for the slaughter of those people are held responsible, the same way that those who are responsible for the murder that Nwaike (Wike) ordered today going on in Obigbo will be held accountable, and will and must be held accountable. I do apologize if I offended anyone, but no offence was intended in the first place, I gave an order to Nigerian youths right across the board to do what they did because the Nigerian state is evil. They believe in killing their children, they believe in suppressing free speech, they believe in breaking up peaceful assembly with a force that type of nonsense must come to an end, and they must be thought a lesson, and that was exactly what we did.

Dele Momodu: What is the relationship between you and Femi Fani Kayode that every time I see both of you are in the same direction?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: He is very brave, he is obeying, he is polished and very erudite. He is a scholar and a conscientious one at that. You know in Nigeria you have schoolers people who just study for the sake of it, people who just read for the sake of it, he practicalizes what he understands to be human, and that's why I love and respect him, and I call him a brother. He epitomizes what any Intellectual should aspire to be, and he is detribalised as you all know and is sure that in time to come he will have a very great role to play if not in Oduduwa but also in Biafraland, if BIAFRA were to come tomorrow I will take him and am sure that he will have a lot to contribute in making BIAFRA a better place for everybody to be in, so I have not only love for him I also have regards for him.

Dele Momodu: Now I am sure that you are aware that there is an effort to start a movement that will bring the Yorubas and the IGBOS together and closer, are you willing to play a major role in that union?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Yes, we are doing ours on the ground. You saw the protest on the 1st of October right across the world, Yoruba one voice and IPOB, so we are doing ours, that was why I categorically stated, and without any equivocation that the bond between the Yorubas and the IGBOS can no longer be broken by anybody, they will try, but they will fail it can't be broken anymore. So I am more than willing and able to serve in whatever capacity that is required of me to make sure that these two great nations pilot the affairs of the black people in Africa going forward because without them Africa is doomed more or less.

Dele Momodu: Now I will plead with you to take the next question very softly because as a Christian I believe my faith teaches me to render unto Caesar what is Caesars, so which means I respect constituted authority, my question is about your best friend, our President and Commander in Chief Muhammadu Buhari, now you propounded this theory of a cloned man and that our current President is a Sudanese man called Jubril, do you agree that your information might have been wrong and are you also willing to apologize to him for that error anybody can make a mistake?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: No, not at all. Buhari is dead and buried in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia, Aisha Buhari was there she came back from what they called a lesser charge she was wearing black, and she was mourning. If you look at the pictures that were circulated then you will see the angry faces of the Northern Governor's, a minute silence was held at AU for a late Buhari, even Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the ll also send a condolences message to people of Nigeria before the cabal took over, Buhari is dead and is prepared to stake BIAFRA on it if you Dele Momodu can go and prove to me am not asking you to do anything too difficult, if you can go and ask this man you call Buhari whoever it's in Aso Rock to come outside, don't do very much address a panel of Nigerian youths maybe twenty of them, and speak Buhari mothers tongue which is fulfulde I will give up BIAFRA, I will apologize to him, and I will submit myself to any authority on this earth to do with me as they please. There is no Buhari, Jubril was there, Jubril followed Abba Kyari to Havana in Cuba and ran away from there and never came back. The man you have now in Aso Rock is from the Niger Republic, and his name is Yusuf Abubakar Muhammed that is his name, even Shekau knows who he is personally, and was mentioning his name as well. It's not Buhari, the old Buhari that you and I know the country can not be burning and he will restrict himself to only 12minutes of edited broadcast impossible, anybody that knows Buhari even if he is dying he must speak, the old Buhari will be in Lagos am telling you, but this little boy can not do that. Have you not see him with his fresh hands of a 35years old? These are the things that the world must understand and come to terms with, that the person you are calling Buhari is not Buhari and I can stake my life on it. If he comes out tomorrow and addresses any press interview live without Garba Shehu telling people to cut, cut, cut if he can come out tomorrow and address the youths, there and then you will know that Buhari is no more, there is no Buhari Buhari is dead and I stake my life on it.

Dele Momodu: okay, so do you have a map for BIAFRA? Where will it start from, and where will it end?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: First of all if I ask you now Dele how many states do you have IGBO people in Nigeria how many states will you tell me? If I ask you now how many states do you think that IGBO people are indigenous to how many will you say? Five South-East states are that what you will say?

Dele Momodu: Yes

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I have a surprise for you it's thirteen, IGBO people are indigenous to thirteen states of Nigeria. As I today you those who created Nigeria are in charge of Nigeria and other to weaken, to diminish, to render irrelevant every aspiration of an IGBO man Britain decided to advise the Janjaweed caliphate to keep redrawing the map until we now have only five states. IGBO people are in thirteen states and now let me answer your question, the map of BIAFRA starts from wherever women tie two pieces wrappers and ended where they stop tying two-piece wrapper, in other words, Biafraland starts from Kogi in the North, in Igala land, Idoma, Igede, Igodomigodo and going down to Bakassi after Cross River State and to Bonny, and Opobo in the South, all this are Biafran territories, your mother will tell you where you come from if you look at your mother when she dresses up to go to church or to go to function and she is tying two-piece wrapper one on top of the other then you know you are a Biafra. And that is what they do in Kogi, in Enugu State, in Benue State, in Cross River State you can go down all the way to Edo State it's there till tomorrow morning, wherever you have IGBO people they must be together as one we are not leaving anybody behind, it was the Fulani Janjaweed and the British that cause this problem, you can not come to my land you take an IGBO community you give them to Benue, you give them to Kogi, and you say they are from the North, Ohanaeze may tolerate it, but I will not tolerate it, I can't tolerate it I am not going to leave one single IGBO community anywhere they must be part of BIAFRA.

Dele Momodu: So who is going to organize this referendum you have been talking about and if it's not organized what is your plan B? 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: We continue with civil unrest and civil disobedience, a boycott of elections as one of our great hero said, we will boycott all boycottable until we get what we want. The British never want to leave Africa, but they did, Sudan never want South Sudan to go, but they did so that tells you all you need to know, it's not in their hands because you know what? Power belongs to the people anything we want is what we are going to get.

Dele Momodu: I want to ask this, do you think this dream is realizable without war and are you prepared to fight another war?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: This dream can be realized without a war. Let me put it this way, as soon as people the various ethnic groups in Nigeria realize what Nigeria means to every ethnic group they will subscribe to our position, so is realizable without a war, let me ask you this question before the white man came was there any Nigeria? Before the white man came, did Nigeria exist is a simple question that I am asking you?

Dele Momodu: No it didn't

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: It didn't exist? Then why are Africa people, black people dying for something that they did not create? Did any Yoruba create Nigeria? The answer is no, and no IGBO man created Nigeria, no Hausa man did, no Fulani man did. When you come to Nigeria, it's always a debate about it's our turn, and it's our turn to rule. Now there are about over 250 main ethnic groups in Nigeria if you keep rotating the Presidency every eight years to every ethnic group ×8 by 250 how many years are you going to get? So some people will die many times over, they will reincarnate time over the Presidency hasn't come to them. Nigeria is a joke and an absolute mess, and it was not created by black people. 

Therefore, it can not be sustained by black people, I want to see Africa where a Yoruba mega nation extends from Togo to Edo State that's all I want because that is authentic Africa, I don't know why Africans are so beholden to something that wasn't created by them, are you a white man? The Lugard created Nigeria is a white man what are you doing as an African defending something that a white man created out of a racist intent? Nigeria was an ordinary oil company, an ordinary business venture that the British converted into a nation and Africans are killing themselves trying to maintain something that a white man created, sometimes I wonder what type of God made Africa people I don't understand it, and that is why you have this neo-colonialism, that is why the British High Commissioner had to go to Tinubu ask him how do you end this protest? Because of this protest continues you are jeopardizing our oil, Nnamdi Kanu can use it as an advantage to go and get BIAFRA, and they asked the army to go in and kill people, you people have been ruled by your colonial masters, your faith is not in your hand, you are in a country you are 60 years old so to speak there is no electricity. 

If I am a Nigerian, I can't come out to say I am a Nigerian, and I will be ashamed of myself. For 60 years you have no electricity, for 60 years you have no good roads, no good schools, your politicians are travelling abroad for medical treatment I ask you what is there to be proud about Nigeria? Name one thing you can be proud of being asking you Dele?

Dele Momodu: Oh, Nigerians are among the brightest people in the world including the IGBO people of which you are one, you are a very brilliant man, that is Nigeria in your DNA

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Laughed, and laughed, and laughed I was born a Biafran, not a Nigerian. One thing that shocked me about Africa and their class of Intellectuals is the facts that they are willing to swallow hook line and sinker anything the colonial master give to them. And I have asked you this very questions, can you go to Europe and create a country as a black man? The answer is no, then why must you accept what a white man is doing in Africa? Do you see why we are poor and very backwards? Do you see why Nigeria can never, ever, ever have 24hours of electricity because the foundation is faulty? Why did Britain leave the EU? The same Britain that left EU is asking me not to leave Nigeria, Nigeria that is only a 60 years old, your grandfather was not a Nigerian so why must you throw away the history of your family? The rich history of Yoruba people? Because a white man called a place a Nigeria, why must you do that? We are doing our ancestors a disservice, your ancestors that existed before the white man was born they are in the grave, and you swept away their history and identity, you banish it you cause them by accepting this garbage called Nigeria, and you want them to be happy with you? That is why no black African country can see any development.

Dele Momodu: Okay, you are holding dual citizenship, you have an option what about those who don't have where to go to?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: The reason why you are interviewing me today is that I got lucky, my parents didn't get lucky, people who were at my house did not get lucky that very day they died, my dog also died jack they killed my dog. Now listen very carefully, why do I have a Nigerian passport? The same way that Chief Obafemi Awolowo held unto a British travel document did that stop Awolowo from fighting for Nigeria to be independent? The same thing with Nnamdi Azikiwe he traveled to US he studied, he traveled to the US with British papers as somebody traveling from British Colonial he went to the US and he read and he came back, nobody said to Azikiwe or Awolowo oh you went to England for free, you studied, you have their passport now you are fighting and saying they should go because in those days our fathers they had brain, am sorry to say this, this generation I don't know what is wrong with them is a social media indomie generation, I use to, I no go longer hold dual nationality for convenience sake, just for traveling out of Nigeria not for anything, and my hatred for Nigeria didn't start today I have always hated Nigeria is a very useless place, only a fool can say am a proud Nigerian but there is nothing to be proud of, you have nothing individually you are brilliant, yes very smart and very brilliant as an individual but collectively as a group the most useless 200 million people in the whole world, so how can I be a proud Nigeria? ordinary light you don't have

Dele Momodu: Now your Governors have virtually rejected BIAFRA, those are the senior-most representative of the people, how do you want to deal with that situation?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: How many Governor do we have per state? During the election, how many times does a Governor vote? 

Dele Momodu: Once

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Okay, so the people will decide not the Governor, we are not Fulani Janjaweed we are democrat you have only one vote, one Governor one vote and there is nothing they can do about it If in a referendum the people say they want BIAFRA

Dele Momodu: How are you funded? 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: We are the largest movement on the face of this very planet earth, we are IPOB the indigenous people of Biafra the whole world, and our people are very very generous they fund us no politician, no millionaire, no billionaire nobody. Ordinary people in diaspora and people at home they fund this well-oiled machine all-over the world that is why we are formidable, we owe it to them, we don't have any godfather that is why I spoke the way I do if there is anybody who can come out and say they are funding us come out and say it, nobody does, ordinary people do because everybody wants Freedom".

Dele Momodu: If you say you are asking for a referendum, how come sometimes you apply force, the use of force and coaction?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: That's the only language Fulani Janjaweed understand, Nigeria is a rogue creation, Nigeria is where vandals and bandits bare bound in political office, Nigeria is not a civilized society and can never be, you as the way they were behaving? You give rice to a Governor to give to people the Governor will steal it and keep it, a palliative that he did not buy, the. The only language they understand is breaking into that warehouse and take what belongs to you. The criminals and hoodlums there are the Governors, not the hungry people, I don't know why in Africa we always love to turn the narrative upside down.

Dele Momodu: You said you are democrat, does democracy allow the use of brutal force?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Is Nigeria not a democrat but they were in Lekki toll gate shooting people that their constitution say should not be shot? People praying and singing national anthem were shot, a constitutionally guaranteed right the state of Nigeria violated it; they are the ones that brought violence, not us. As they say, those that make peaceful revolution impossible they make violence revolution possible. -- John F Kennedy

Dele Momodu: Are you not afraid of your life, and what if anything happens to you now do you have succession plans?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I am dead already, this life is meaningless without Freedom, not just Freedom as I said before I travel to England to study for a very good reason and a very purpose, as I am right now I am already dead am only waiting for BIAFRA to revive me, and I feel and do pray that most other African should feel the same way that I do because Africa is a failure because we failed to address core and the key issues affecting our lives, we intend to change that, and by the grace of Almighty God in heaven we shall be successful. My life doesn't matter anymore what matters is BIAFRA everything else is irrelevant, and the zoo Govt they know it, everything is irrelevant the only thing that matters to me God is my witness is BIAFRA.

Dele Momodu: If you disagree so much with the English people for what you believe they have done in Nigeria, how come you accept their protection?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: They are not protecting me, am sure if they have the chance to kill me, they will kill me they are not protecting me. The only people that ever protected me was the State of Israel nobody else has ever protected me only Israel did, so if they have a chance to kill me they will me, what protection is the person talking about?

Dele Momodu: So could you tell me a bit about your project your Radio BIAFRA?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Radio Biafra is registered in England, when they Nigerian Govt asked the UK to shut down Radio Biafra UK told them you couldn't because it's, is a legitimate business, and we build our transmitter I don't know if you know that? The FM that you listen in Lagos we built it ourselves, everything we have we built ourselves because God is with us, and what we are pursuing is noble that is the history of Radio Biafra, and we will continue expanding, I do hope that before this month runs out that Radio Biafra will be in Katstina broadcasting in Daura, and they will complain, but they can't do anything about it because we are far ahead of them.

Dele Momodu: So you are so sure you can not be jammed? 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Who can jam it? Who is the person who can jam it? This is technology from Biafraland you can not do anything about it, that is why Catriona Laing is running helter-skelter to stop BIAFRA because they know that once BIAFRA comes maybe an African country can now put a man on the moon they don't want that because they know I can do, and am saying it out in the open they should try all they can to stop us, stop us eventually we are going to win, this is God project and not man, it's God that said Biafra must come not man.

Dele Momodu: On this note, I must say a big thanks to you for a very very elucidating session, and I am educated about you, I may disagree with you on several things. But a lot of people don't want this interview to hold, I hate censorship I was a victim of censorship everybody must talk if you don't talk nobody will know why you do the things you do, and those who have disagreed with you must still get to know more about you, and I must say I am very very grateful by you agreeing to speak to me and I hope very soon again when we have cause to speak, at least now we have established this contact, and I appreciate your agreeing to talk to me thank you so much Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Thank you very much.

Dele Momodu: My dear viewers I told you it would be the mother of all interviews and so it has been, I thank you all and good night

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Thank you very much!

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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