Biafra: Traditional Marriage Outside Biafra-land A Taboo To Biafra Tradition And Culture


■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 06, NOV 2020


In this life one must be recognised with his culture and tradition, first and foremost you are a member of a tribe before the society in general or the public, our tradition and culture remain our reference point, that's the symbol of our humanity and unity, we are aware terrible things happen in our climes but let it not redefine who we are, instead let protective measures be placed on the ground, traditional events draw their values from the specific environment of which relative's, traditional custodians, generational families and friends, homegrown values constitute this environment, so there are certain things we do and we end up disconnecting ourselves from who we truly are, this, in turn, robs us of our humanity.


It's very saddening and quite appalling that this current generation of my mama say I be Igbo are subverting our culture and traditions, our mother tongue is now at the verge of extinction, civilization has done our tradition and culture more harm than good, the corrupt religions brought to us by Europeans has eaten deep into our bone marrow that we now out of ignorance and stupidity abandon our culture and traditions, the current structure of marriage allowed by our parents nowadays has made our precious women so cheap that even those who don't deserve them have them for a free even without a bride price, most of our girls are getting denied and abandoned after getting pregnant for them thereby delivering mixed blood children that could pose a danger to our land tomorrow.



The adoption of marriage outside Biafra-land by some groups of efulefu is a taboo, those of them doing so is bringing an ancestral curse upon themselves because our ancestors never gave out their daughters for marriage in a foreign land, any Biafran giving his daughter out in marriage in a foreign land must be an outcast in his kindred.


It has become a common thing nowadays that our ladies don't care on which soil their traditional marriage is conducted, all they are after is marriage, marriage, marriage, no wonder some of those city marriage husbands don't know the road to there wife's villages.

If only our ladies and men know the importance of traditional marriage conducted in their ancestral home they won't allow their traditional marriage to be in a foreign land, traditional marriage needs to be done in your father's compound in the village so that you will receive blessings from the land and the land will know your your marriage rites have been paid for and leaving them for good, you don't settle your Umunna and ancestors in a strange land, you must abide by the laws of your ancestors, I don't believe in those janjaweed stories of your Umunna will poison you or eliminate you after marriage, these stories are instigated by your Daddy G.O to poison your mind against your tradition and Culture.


One of the reasons why there is a high rate of divorce is that these marriages were conducted outside their ancestral home, your ancestors are against the marriage, they are angry with you because you did not give them what belongs to them until the right thing is done you will never have a peaceful home, If you think you can cheat nature then you are joking, respect your Culture and tradition to have a prolonged and successful marriage.



Mine kindly advise to those of you planning to marry is kindly ask the elders in your kindred the meaning of traditional marriage and the consequences if done outside your ancestral homework, traditional marriage is greater and more important than your so-called white wedding, we must learn to preserve our identity, it's gradually fading away.



Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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